100 girlfriends / 100 kanojo

Chapter 96 is up

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Golden Week, btw, so no koreans this week and no chapter next week.

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Thanks for the dump

This will surely be useful.

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>Getting up from a broken spine
Is Rentarou the strongest romcom protagonist?

>soramimi cake intensifies

How many more lines does Hahari have to cross, as the certifiably most dangerous girlfriend?

El Monstruo de amar....

Will any kanojo EVER surpass the queen of degeneracy?

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There's still another 81 kanojo to go, so there's plenty of opportunities to dethrone Hahari

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Ahko a cute and a best

No, the artists self-insert is too strong.

>two weeks with without chapter
What should I read then?

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Rentaro's GF

She's a diamond.

He's a true monster. A few more kanojos and he's ready to enter a battle shounen anime.

Negima, so the next chapter is until next week?

H-he's a love demon!!




>gf thread

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Will Kishika keep becoming a bigger degenerate?

God I hope so

Dead thread dead manga, the fact that sales numbers haven't been waved around like early chapters really says alot about the series stagnating numbers and decline in readership.

So fucking cute

Wait,why no chapter next week?

Honestly pretty much every WYJ manga has had declining sales if you keep up with that sort of thing. Considering it was recently released in English, I'd say the manga is still in a fine position.


Declining series don't perform well in various polls, receive english print or have increase in fanart.

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Dumb foomer

I'm so tired of Hahari.

If the next arc is a Sports Festival, I'm expecting multiple zings with athletic kanojos. We'll be over 20 by chapter 100

Hopefully Kishika gets something to do. A sports festival sounds perfect for her to show off her good side. She seems like she would be a good Senpai type, so maybe she’ll encourage the less athletic girls and bond with one or two of them.

Or maybe she will expose her babyplay fetish to the school

As much as I enjoy Kishika being a degenerate and her despairing at how much of a degenerate she is, I'd really like to see her shining more often.

end, see y'all next week~

>thread is kill
That's why gook threads were a mistake.

finally adult kusuri

Thanks user, you just answered a question before i even ask it ありがとう

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Amd thanks to you too user, for the dump that i still haven't read and the answered question too, is just that i read the threads from the bottom

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I love Kishika