Do rich ceos really have a harem of women around them?

do rich ceos really have a harem of women around them?

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This must be chinese or korean since they're absolutely obsessed with CEOs

God I wish I were the chairman of a South korean conglomerate

it isnt

Yes. I'm a rich C.E.O ama.

That's not what Netflix statistics shown.
Burger pls.

Why would you want to be chairman of conglemerate that produces mediocre, undesired stuff?
No one would choose a samsung phone or a korean car over an iphone or a lexus if they had money.

Where do you source all the superhumanly strong female bodyguards from?

You're on Yea Forums, autist

Not him but i saw a video explaining the way chinese boomer think and i can believe that, they do stuff like fake calls where they yell to their employees while talking to their friends so their friends think they are busy, also they like to show their gross old man belly to show that they have tons of food


Didn't elon fuck that bed shitter? Besos divorced his high class wife to date some skank. Reality is boring.

There actually a "farm" in the Netherlands where you can order genetically engineered women from. Obviously it isn't open to the public.

For some reason people keep translating 社長 as CEO.

Wealthy people just have more people gravitating to them, relatives for one thing. How is this threadworthy?

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Yeah. Jerry Jones, Robert Kraft, Dan Snyder, etc... I'm sure all rich old dudes are fucking tight pussy. Well except for Robert Kraft but he's loyal to his first Asian bitch from the 80s.

Probably not at the same time.

as a patriots fan I’m infuriated Robert Kraft got busted for getting handies in strip mall massage parlors

What’s the fucking point of being a billionaire then? I could go spend $40 on a desultory handy from a 42 year old Korean lady wilting under a life of unrewarding struggle. He should be renting 10 $1k an hour escorts and a whole fucking penthouse for a week straight. God dammit.

I mean Deshaun Watson got in trouble for soliciting masseuses in Craiglist. Rich people are weird.

Yeah but they're mostly hired

Is it Korean or Chinese?

Either a stealth manwha thread, or blatant off topic

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Those who aren't feminized.

They do, just not in front of cameras, have you not found it strange that you did not know the lifestyles of industry giants CEOs and other billionaires?
Did you actually think Zuck, Elon and shit actually wear striped shirts and discuss barbecues outside PR?

Glorious Nippon.

>bully mc
>mc is suddenly rich
>goes full thot to avoid having to do porn
>mc isn't having it and instead forces her to spy on the other thots for him
>realizes the childhood friend is the biggest thot but MC is never going to believe it
>throws a good girl under the bus to save her own skin and earn more mc trust
Strategic, indeed.

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This would have been a good doujin, instead it's a shitty manga.

Man, there are a LOT of shitty soft core porn manga this describes

Not really because the women that surround American CEOs are not exactly good looking. For example, Jeff Bezos' girlfriend is filled with Botox injections.

If anything, more people need to ask why the girlfriends or wives of America CEOs are so average looking or just plain ugly in general.

Are there additional charges to order them in cunny form?

Zuck probably does. That guy is aspie as fuck.

Is the new chapter released?

It comes out on the 9th.

I hope she wins just because it would be a massive upset and because I hate childhood friends on principle.

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Rich people got everything easy so now they want to taste the thrill of challenge.

I just read this manga and its really bad. Are you guys only reading this for the softcore porn?

No. They can fuck anyone they want at any time but most of the time they need to get actual work done, so why would they surround themselves with annoying bitches 24/7?

Friend of mine's old money, and in one of their family/friends get-togethers that had a few CEOs of medium enterprises in my country, I got offered to fuck a hooker that makes more in a month than I do in a year, but I have to be the end of the train. Said no, so virginity protected.

>title literally in pic
>retards still has to ask what country it is, when they could just google and find it immediately

that the hell is this

I've only read the first two chapters but i am guessing the innocent girl you talk about is going to be the youtuber girl right?


I hope someday you can use those connections to get a nice and patient escort all to yourself for a night user. Sex is incredibly overhyped

Guess i was wrong

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of course

Yes, except they have harems of little girls. There is nothing that says "look how powerful I am" more than having little girls to fuck on your beck and call.

>If anything, more people need to ask why the girlfriends or wives of America CEOs are so average looking or just plain ugly in general.
Elon Musk's Ex is HOT.

>do rich ceos really have a harem of women around them?
If only you knew how bad things really are

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I literally cannot stop cooming to this chapter. I don't even know what's happening in the story because I don't read it

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They have hoes yes, they are passed around hoes tho, unlike the romanticised version of harems

and i cant stop to this one

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needs correction

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Same. I just enjoy her relationship with the MC, how she keeps trying to maneuver herself in an advantageous position.

hebe cunny is best

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hebes... creatures with all the downsides of a hag, all the downsides of a loli
and none of the upsides of either

I never bother with baggies, glass jars, tupperware containers. Plastic cling wrap, really a no-brainer.
I just like to keep all my flavours sealed in tight.
This isn't anime/manga you shitposter!


Stick it in your cooler (Cooler)

Unless he let one of those 5000 women do the list this seems implausible. Also for what purpose, just to keep track of his AIDS?