Take responsibility

>take responsibility
What exactly does this phrase mean in anime and why is it used so commonly?

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It can't be helped.

Marry the bitch after you knock her up, nigga.

If you knco me up pay for the kid.

also where do you torrent anime these days tokyo tosho has been letting me down

yeah I suppose americans probably wouldn't be familiar with it

It's usually a euphemism for marriage. The original idea is if you take a woman's virginity and make her undesirable to other men, you'll take responsibility and marry her. Or if you get her pregnant, you'll take responsibility and marry her.

Given that basis the phrase is now more jovially/flirtatiously used to ask for the guy to take care of her in some way, with both parties understanding the subtext of the phrase's origin.

It means the guy is supposed to do what your dad didn't do for your mom and you.

>Iroha overhears 8man's "GENUINE" speech
>t-take responsibility senpai
what did she mean by this?

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Marry me and knock me up.

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It Armageddon, so it’s Takashi responsibility to breed Saeko.

Those would have to be the other way around, as "knocked up" implies the pregnancy is out of wedlock.

Marriage first, then impregnate her.
Although holding out that long is unlikely.

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She was raised traditionally and wants to honor those values but is also horny as fuck and wants the man to take responsibility for letting her express lust.

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what is going on with her ass?

hips quivering with the desire for that man's seed

She is horny as fuck and losing control of her hips

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I mean, technically the ending can be whatever you want now.


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Holding diarrhea back.

Has there ever been a more horny animated girl than this moment right here?

Idk, stupid shit women like to babble about

She's a virtuous girl hiding a sadistic side that's been thrown into the apocalypse and is trying to adjust to it and is now hopped up on an aphrodisiac.
She needs sex.

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it's a euphemism for pregnancy that expanded to refer to sexual commitment in general. don't forget that a japanese woman saying "i want to have your baby" is synonymous with "will you marry me"


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thanks for reminding me that this is best anime ever made

>tokyo tosho
Man, I haven't heard this name since 2009 or something.

Fun ecchi that isn't afraid to be trashy while still containing a decent and serious story.
It's exactly what you think it is and is proud of that.

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You never saw a woman having contractions because of pleasure?

I shall stick my dick in this crazy.

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Worth it.

She's only crazy when killing zombies. You're good.

Sadly it failed and author died right? No one going to pull anything similar anytime soon. Not that it's unique but he hits the spots for me. Only missing on loli.

It didn't fail, the anime sold well and boosted the manga sales further.
Only problem was the author was lazy, had some reservations about publishing a story about an apocalypse after the big tsunami hit Japan, and then suffered heart problems and died.
Read Triage X if you want more torpedo tits.

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>decent and serious story
lmao no
its fun trash, but it's still trash

it was perfect, we've already seen every permuation of zombie film, i wanted to see big titty anime girls and heavy weapons mixed with dawson's creek-type melodrama and zombies and by god HSOTD delivered

I know why it hasn't been continued and is dead, but god damn do I want to see the story continue. Trashy moments aside HOTD had the best take on a zombie outbreak.

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It's decent in that it holds your attention and made you care at least somewhat about the characters beyond just their tits.
It's not a Pulitzer winner, but it's decent enough.
It will always be primarily remembered for the tits, but a lot of people really wanted to see where the story was going and how the characters would develop.

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Is this physically plausible?

Well check the manga even though didn't like the aanime much. My favorite mangas now are zingnize (the tits are amazing) but he seemed to censor them last chapters and Ingoshima is nice too where too much action is going.

No, but it's fun. Some wonderful autist did the math on how fast her tits had to be swinging and it was absurd.

And who Takashi ends up with.

The anime adaption was awful.
Butchered the designs and the characters.
The story just isn't anywhere near as decent as HotD, but the girls are hot and the action is fun.

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>Some wonderful autist did the math on how fast her tits had to be swinging and it was absurd.

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Now imagine the paizuri.

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she'd rip the skin off your cock

>also Yea Forums:

That's the one, thank you

>Ecchi series with constant pantyshots, boob bouncing, groping, stripping, and clothing damage
>Only one scene with actual bare naked nipples shown
I wonder if that was the author's decision or the editor's/magazine?
I assume the author since there's plenty of other smut in the magazine.

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Get a gallon of lube

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Why do I find Saya so fucking sexy. She's on the top of my fuck list out of the highschool of the dead chars.

16 year old with giant tits and a tsundere personality barely hiding the fact she wants to be ridden like a bike.

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>Smallest chest in the main cast
>Most popular girl anyways
Tells you all you need to know about her character

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Cute too.

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Very cute.

that size its perfect, its big enough to be in your hand, and small enough to be sensitive when you touch her nipples, and it will probably never fall.

They grew in proportion with her popularity.

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You have read the manga, haven't you, Anons? It continues the story a bit further. The mall arc is fun.

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