What's the correct thing to do in this situation?

What's the correct thing to do in this situation?

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Get her pregnant and take responsibility

No, you have to marry her first.

>Get them boipregnant and take responsiboility
Fixed that for you

Stomp the troons head flat then impregnate your girlfriend that's biologically female.


Chud detected

Take both of them to the top of the roof and throw them to their deaths
Homosexuality is a crime

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Run away and join a conversion camp, faggot

discord tranny detected.

Beat the tranny up until he's crying and bleeding then force him to watch as you love an actual woman in front of him. Once his misery hits rock bottom throw the useless bitch out and have your way with the tranny. Give him warmth and love, caresses his injuries and lick his blood, fuck him rough bodering on violent then cuddle with him.

Fuck now I'm horney again.

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Give me the sauce

reaching levels of based not even possible

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Get dick suck.

He did the right thing


>Trannies so upset that they'll never pass that they take it out on a fictional character

Grab her waist, lift her up and...

Damn it! I've been trapped again!


Looking up to you

I'm actually enjoying this manga a lot more than I thought I would, I wonder how he'll fuck it up

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Tranny spam thread

You get down on your knees and suck her cock. It's just polite.

just go

does this guy exclusively write women as crazy sociopaths and men as pathetic worms?

It's actually an interesting story with interesting characters, it's just that the themes in it are easy to troll and joke around of. I wonder how would Yea Forums react to Boys Run The Riot though

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It's why kei is perfect. It all makes sense now

I remember hearing that he said that he writes from his experiences but that might not be true

I have a pretty good track record of picking ultimately enjoyable manga/novels to read that moralfags seethe at, and this seems to have a lot of seethe for some reason. Here goes nothing, I guess.

you have a pretty good track record of sounding like a complete faggot

>purposely comes into the thread about gay shit
>proceeds to call other people faggots

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Well, wouldn't it make sense that most of the people in a gay shit thread are in fact faggots? At that point it merely becomes a statement of fact.

based sandnigger

bite her tongue off and run away

Turn A

He is the superior fujimoto

give him the dick

Grab his ass and push my tongue deeper into his mouth.

New chapter when?

That's kind of gay

It goes without saying that I would proclaim 'no home' before I did any of that.

But what if she says "yes homo"?

Tranny website.

I just recently caught up after like a 6 month break but how did Mitani know about the bathroom fling between Kei and Yo? Am I just a speed reader?

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i think its just aku no hana

thought this was something else from the thumbnail

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No, there's plenty of female characters in his stuff that aren't complete psychos.

But a majority of them are, it's true.

She was there for at least one instance where Kei forcibly made out with Yo, so it's pretty easy to assume she's referring to that.

I hit him with the 'no homo infinity' then I hit that ass with my dick, safe in the knowledge that I'm not gay bro.

>6/10 girl with serious mental issues
>10/10 boy that looks like a 10/10 girl that just wants to love you

Why is Yo so retarded?

He just thinks he's straight. Give him time.

I guess, though at this point he's receptive to physical intimacy with Kei (both sexual and platonic), he's realized being around Kei makes him extremely happy, and there's not even external pressure against it. Aside from a couple asshole upperclassmen and psycho-bitch, everyone at their school seems cool with them being together.

I'm just saying, dude shoulda made it official with Kei right there in the shower.

>Character passes so well that other characters don't believe he's really male

Hot tip: if you wanna pass you might wanna shave that stubble and work on that receding hairline before it gets any worse. No need for jealousy.

Unzip your glock and end their lives.


Garbage for trannies

>10/10 girl
He will never be a woman. Neither will you.

>all the troons' salty replies

Samefag detected. Just because you can't afford to transition doesn't mean everyone else is an angry, jealous tranny like you user.

You have to cope harder, freak.

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Yes and it's amazing

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