What's wrong with these scans?

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I dunno, meme translation or Ichido derangement or something.
That aside, post your absolute favorite character.
I love this old boozer like nothing else in the world.

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Hard choice, user. I like both Jack and Oliva a lot, they're awesome

You know what would be interesting? If they have aliens come around, but
>They’re not gray aliens, they’re inhuman and disgusting
>They don’t want to “Fight,” they just seek to kill whoever the strongest person is so they can dominate

Yeah that would be cool

I won't name Yujiro because that's unfair. Therefore my list goes a little something like:
>Orochi Doppo
>Biscuit Oliva
>Miyamoto Musashi
In no particular order. I'd love to read a conversation between these three.

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Frieza inhuman or Xenomorph inhuman?

Like, the gang has to fight life or death against several alien creatures with really fucking odd and outright disgusting bodies. Like how one of them is just a massive ball of exposed muscles in the shape of a face with tiny, thick limbs. Or how one of them has a spine that it uses as a fucking grappling hook. Or how another secretes an airborne paralyzing toxin and can hit people with tendrils.
The strongest one is the one who’s entire body works like a tongue.

Further. Like, barely humanoid

You mean like a whole species of the same type of being or something like the Thing, where each one is tailored to the environments it's infected?

Could Jack beat Hanayama?

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4000 YEARS

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For me its Yujiro
Intelligent, nihilistic, and a wicked sense of masculinity

On the MT, yes, easily.
Against convicts it's a much harder fight but Jack would still take it.
On Baki dou 1, Hanayama could probably beat Jack, but it would be hard for him, still.
By now in the sumo arc Jack should be winning again.

More like things that roughly resemble amalgamations of body parts

Jack’s had a lot of fantastic and absolutely iconic moments and his latest showing is legendary.
Oliva being an architect and a very sweet man redeems the rest of him for me.
There’s something about Doppo I just love even if he isn’t the strongest he’s got so many sick moments, I personally love convicts arc stubble Doppo.
I love Musashi too, I’m personally in love with that type of Baki arc where it’s a sort of spin on the traditional “new tough guy’s in town, everyone tests their mettle” arc, but it’s all fight autists trying to get their hands on him while Motobe is playing interference and Musashi himself is running wild cutting everything down.
Such a beautiful tsundere, rest in power.

Could? Yes. Always. Would? Hmmm... Right now, sure. I think Hanayama has only ever been marginally stronger than Jack in Son of Ogre and perhaps Dou I. His baseball pitcher punches and vice grip would prove devastating even if you use their Maximum Tournament selves. Jack's fighting style is much more effective in a fight I think. Hanayama's too kind... HOWEVER Hanayama's tenacity and fighting spirit are not to be underestimated!!! I'd say he has as much endurance as Jack.

Doppo benefits from how early he was introduced, his warranted swagger and his absolutely epic moments. When Doppo fought Yujiro, my knees faltered. When Doppo fought Richard Filth and Amanai, my knees quivered. When Doppo fought Shibukawa, I knelt out of respect. When Doppo fought Dorian, I dogeza'd. When Doppo brutalized a child killer, my head was buried nose deep in the asphalt. Plus he's married to the undisputed best girl of the series and he's got the bodhisattva fist.

We always talk about our favorite character... but what about the 'underrated' ones?
Like Jyaku, the fight he had with Retsu was so much fun!

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Yeah, Jack would win now. But damn, it would be such a great fight!

did the new chapter come out?

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No. Break week.

We haven't touched on the most important thing: would it merit a Standing Man flashback?!
Underrated, eh? Yuri refusing to lose in his heart made me almost tear up.

That’s a really good point, the power that both legacy and recent characters have respectively is super well done considering how goddamn long the series has been running.
The baby buddha fist is one of my favorite Itagaki fightisms along with Katsumi’s mach punch.
I’ve always liked Koushou Shinogi for his early threat power and gimmick combined with his fun fight in the MT.
I also adore all the convicts, Yanagi especially for the teapot interaction. with Shibukawa.
Favorite non-fighter is probably Diane just because of how much characterization and strain she adds to the Hanma story.

I remember being a kid and thinking Katsumi's mach punch was the coolest thing ever. It blew my mind, someone punching and edging the sound barrier.
>the teapot interaction
I loved how Shibukawa turned it around on him at Baki's school. Old man's cheeky, gotta give him that.

I didn't know Baki threads were so good

I'm going to break Itagaki's back over my knee

They're not. Return.

B-but this one looks so comfy

With golden week break and sumo dou ending wich are the best/your favourite panels of sumo arc?

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Eternally based

Reading it recently it was fucking astonishing how fantastic that entire sequence is, the build up, the walk out, the punch choreography itself, and the kneeling too.
>Old man's cheeky, gotta give him that.
I think Shibukawa is a real runner up for my favorite, he always manages to sneak by and do some crazy smug, downright dirty shit despite being an old coot.
Him being a part of the main group of misfits is such a necessary addition with all the conventionally strong fighters, having an old man with immaculate and tricky technique is a great dynamic.
Love me the sumo trying to lift up Shibukawa or Hanayama duffing his opponent in one punch.

Hanayama and Jack are my favourites, a shame they never talked to each other

The Gaia monkey and the Mongolian boxers should re-appear and be at least stronger thanthe convicts, the convicts should añso come back while their popularity is up.

Sumo Dou has only just begun, my uninitiated friend.

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Does this count?

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I like how the three most popular "underground martial arts" manga all start with an opponent that can cut without knives
>Tough-Kiryu's underling
I like this trope.


I love this old psycho. Being at the same time a practitioner of the most non-violent martial art and one of the most bloodthirsty characters in the main cast makes him super entertaining.

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Kosho returns with fingers that can cord cut Pickle WHEN?

Was there ever a Musashi equivalent in Keng*n? A new antagonist who mogs the main cast, the old main antagonist, the gets written out for being OP

I think the anime did that fight justice. The music, the narration, the sound effects, it all felt impactful.
>crazy smug, downright dirty shit
Gives him that seasoned fighter feel, eh? I hissed when he shoved his fingers into Kyogei's nostrils and ragdolled him. I love how unapologetic he is about it, too. My favorite "old bastard" Shibukawa moment is probably his rematch with Ali Jr.

Eddy, he was the Johnny Bravo looking one. He was winning against 5 guys that were around Shibukawa/Retsu/Hanayama level and then got beaten by a sneak attack despite being able to predict them throughoutthe whole fight.

Who wins
>Hanayama vs Oliva
>Katsumi vs Hanayama
>Doppo vs Oliva
>Oliva vs Shibukawa
>Katsumi vs Sukune
>Pickle vs Sukune
>Yanagi vs Guevara

>Hanayama and Jack are my favourites, a shame they never talked to each other
Something I love about this series and something that speaks to how it could actually go on forever is it has so many unexplored avenues for character interactions even among the major characters.
>The Gaia monkey and the Mongolian boxers should re-appear and be at least stronger thanthe convicts, the convicts should añso come back while their popularity is up.
I don't know how I feel about the first two being brought back since it's been so so long but I feel the convicts are significant enough to have at least one of them come back meaningfully.
I just love him so much.
I think it's a fun and easy trope to force in early on because of it posing an immediate threat to a fighter that's even better than him.
He has such a wonderful spirit that is so sadistic but you can't really call it malicious because it simply seems like he's doing it for his own fun.
I'll have to look into that fight I hadn't watched any of the netflix show.
>Gives him that seasoned fighter feel, eh? I hissed when he shoved his fingers into Kyogei's nostrils and ragdolled him. I love how unapologetic he is about it, too. My favorite "old bastard" Shibukawa moment is probably his rematch with Ali Jr.
He just has so many good moments and it doesn't feel like he's dulled at all since he's used at just the right moments.
Showing up after Ali got his ass handed to him to kick him further in the dirt, trolling a rikishi four times his size, throwing teapots at convicts, the fake eye, he just has my heart.

>Shibukawa/Retsu/Hanayama level
I don't know about that one.

Do you guys think Itagaki regrets having Oliva lose so easily to Sukune?

Now that we've seen Retsu's arm get grafted, are we going to start seeing mix-and-match champions from now on?

Imagine Gaia's head on Sukune's body, or Jack with Pickles indestructible body. I could see everyone in the main cast donating their strongest body part to build the ultimate fighter to kill Yujiro.

Hanayama's torso, Baki's head, Jacks legs and grill, Olivia's arms with Yanagi's hands and Sikorskys fingers, Doyle's cybernetic enhancements, Dorian's traps, Motobe's jacket, Ali's tear ducts, and Pickle's monster dong.

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Don't you think the heads of two of three most important assassin organizations could be compared to Baki's A listers?

for me its mt toba, just a pure entertainer and hes based af
also chiharu

>Hanayama vs Oliva
>Katsumi vs Hanayama
>Doppo vs Oliva
>Oliva vs Shibukawa
>Katsumi vs Sukune
>Pickle vs Sukune
>Yanagi vs Guevara

I don't like sumo
please let me out of this sumo HELL

Eh. There was a valid justification for it, even if a bit distasteful...
Oliva unless he sticks to turn based punchies
Should be a repeat of their MT showdown since they've both improved quite a lot to nebulous extents.
Could go either way, Doppo can cut through iron slabs so I assume he can damage Oliva, but Oliva is an absolute powerhouse.
Shibukawa already dominated Oliva, but the circumstances were suspect. I say Shibukawa regardless, he's more technical and Aiki bypasses strength to a great extent, especially since Oliva isn't that tall.
I could see Sukune powering through Katsumi's strikes and giving him a rib throw, although if they both focus on striking I'd put my money on Katsumi.
If Sukune gets a rib throw on Pickle and breaks a rib Pickle would probably retreat. If Pickle gets even a few decent hits in it should be lights out for Sukune.
Guevaru was very cocky and Yanagi's vacuum hand was an absolute menace. I say Yanagi wins in a vacuum unless Guevaru is serious from the beginning.
Erioh to Shibukawa? HEEEEEEELL no, they don't even have the same style. Raian shouldn't have as much power as Hanayama either, and they were the two big boys.

Gaia could canonically hide in it's colon to defend from Yujiro

>Yanagi vs Guevera
Guevera, what the fuck? That poison takes day and Guevera would spank him in seconds

>He has such a wonderful spirit that is so sadistic but you can't really call it malicious because it simply seems like he's doing it for his own fun.
Exactly, I like how Itagaki paints these little idiosyncrasies. With Shibukawa you can see that, like other characters, he likes to fight and to prove himself, but above all he just loves fucking people up. At the same time, he's not the kind of person who would enjoy hurting people just for the sake of it outside of the context of a fight. I would argue that Shibukawa is in a sense more sadistic than even Yujiro, but in spite of that, he is a far better person.

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Hanayama nearly defeated Musashi, while Olive got stomped by Sukune, are you retarded?

People always say that Baki characters are way beyand Kengan powerlevel. I've read and watched the two franchises' manga and anime and from what I've seen the only ones that are beyond the reach of the top fighters in Kengan are Baki(efter having fought Yujiro), Yujiro, Mushashi, the Shaori master, Pickle and maybe Jack, the rest would have a pretty even fight.

It's not an awful gap but Kengan characters seem to get thrown around more than Baki characters at first glance. Oliva weightlifts using army helicopters, probably doing reps all day. Hanayama's chest is bullet-resistant compared to Raian who gets bloodied by crossbows and needs a dumb overused power-up to be as strong as the heavy hitters of his universe, etc. Remember that when you examine Baki in its totality you have Hanayama being over 4x as strong as he was in the Childhood Saga by the Maximum Tournament, and how Gaia's squadmates, now unimpressive in the great scheme of things, destroyed tanks with his bare hands. Obviously in the event of a crossover certain things would be equalized, though, and that's when the fun discussion begins

Not saying Hanayama would lose to Oliva, but Oliva got shitstomped by Sukune because he fought like a retard. If he stands still and lets Hanayama charge at him with his haymaker, he's probably going to get shit on like he did with Sukune. If he takes it seriously, it could go either way.

>He has such a wonderful spirit that is so sadistic but you can't really call it malicious because it simply seems like he's doing it for his own fun.
He reminds me of a BJJ instructor I had, he even ha the same haircut, had glasses and was one of the oldest fighters.

One slice from Musashi to Hanayama's belly would've spilled the Yakuza's guts all over the street had he not been wearing a sarashi. Hanayama was only really saved by plot armor from the other slashes to his back

I think you've described a good bit of what makes Itagaki such a fantastic mangaka and Baki such a wonderful series, in that there's so many shades to every fighter and no two feel quite the same.
It doesn't just try to explore fights as action in itself but fights that mean something else, dirty fights, honorable ones, ones that lead to peoples' deaths.
You can see the character and their resolve reflected in the fights they take part in.
One of my favorite examples is Motobe and his pursuit of strength for safety and practical uses above most else, it helps make it a lot more impactful by kind of making him a joke early on in the MT. But seeing how seriously he takes the convicts, and later on down the road with Musashi, standing up to Yujiro and getting away unscathed, fighting Jack under conditions where the odds are heavily in his favor, all to prove what fighting is to him.
Compare that to Shibukawa like you said who gets in somewhat more reckless fights not to prove a point about safety, but purely because he loves it, and that ability and love for stunting on other people only extends to other fighters, and often he isn't looking to teach a lesson and show off his strength like Yujiro would, he's simply enjoying the fight.
All of my BJJ instructors are 50 or younger so I can't imagine what it would be like to have someone like that.
I imagine they would focus on small stuff that goes ignored like limb control or wrist locks.

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