Did Miko really mean this? I don't think I can eat that much for her...

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If you're ugly enough she'll think you're a ghost and you can just rape her.

But I'm not...

And she'll pretend nothing is happening.


How would you Mikomax? What routine will allow her to notice me?

>Did Miko really mean this? I don't think I can eat that much for her...
Miko is canonically asexual, if being in such a precarious situation with Yulia does nothing for her, than nothing will

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>Miko is canonically asexual
So holding hands, hugging Miko and cuddling Miko is still an option? Joy!

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a sexual what?

Wow, so the animators weren't to blame for that retarded looking chokehold. How the fuck do you choke out someone by hugging the side of her face?

Didn't know we had an expert mixed martial artist in our midst

The doujin was hot I'll admit, but miko did act surprisingly out of character.

>How the fuck do you choke out someone by hugging the side of her face?
It just takes a little common sense to question this.

>small (like 1 apple high small)
She'll call you cute at the very least

god damn I love it when miko suffers

It's a blood choke. Miko's right arm is applying pressure to the blood vessels to constrict the flow of blood to the brain, depriving of it to oxygen to induce lack of consciousness. The left arm is controlling the tightness of the right arm, not "hugging her face."

Miko has about 40 pounds on Yulia, given the size difference.

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Do creepy (Swedish) exchange students really?

Fuck you I just fapped like 2 hours ago

They can't help themselves

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Aahh gomen gomen

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Until a passerby comments "uwaa, what are these two doing in public?" at the awkward moment where I'm cumming inside her

is she swedish? hapa I presume because she has a japanese name

White hair (obviously dyed from blonde) and blue eyes as well as tall...gotta be Swedish

>hey dude check out this meme I found

Can someone post the webm of Miko trembling

Up down

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So she's okay with lean and muscular! I'm over the moon!

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Wouldn't that be lethal?

they should take the joke a bit further and have her fit a few tapiocas between them

Not sure about the lean part. She's big into pro wrestling, so I guess that's the body type you should be aiming for.

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> How the fuck do you choke out someone by hugging the side of her face?
You don’t? She’s using her right arm to help squeeze her left arm into her neck to choke her, you moron

Is that even attainable natty?

Might be a lot easier if it's your fucking job, so you have a lot more time to spend on it.

I have that body, so how do I talk to Miko?

Don't you have to have that body before even getting hired?

Travel to Japan and scope out high schools in speedos.

>implying I don't already do that

You can't wear speedos in public! And I don't know Japanese! I'm doomed, Miko will never fall for me!

Miko getting caressed by tentacles

This is what will happen to Miko once she eats a lot.

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Licking Miko's armpits and p____ after a shower into bath

Swedes are arabian these days

Is the manga dead?

Yes. Miko died in a traffic accident. The end.

No. Miko is actually a lesbian.

No she likes big macho girls with strong auras

I hope not, started reading 2 days ago trying to read no more than 4-5 chapters per day to draw it out a bit

Well, from the looks of it, I'd say it's based on a white girl in a horror movie.

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haiwan I will make you eat those words

Yuria's black nails

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>I don't think I can eat that much for her
Yes you can, you just need to find high caloric dense foods that also have high nutritional value. Like Walnuts or Cashews, Full Fat dairy products, natural peanut butters.
Of course you also need to work out so you don't just get fat, doing 10-20 sets of a body part a week with cardio. No cardio doesn't kill your gains it actually helps the recovery process as long as you don't do something like HIIT cardio. If you're smaller because of cardio that just means you lost fat.
You're gonna make it brah.

Join a wrestling club. I did, it's great fun, and one of the best workouts I've ever gotten.

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