Healer Girl

Are these two, you know...

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Super Best Friends? Yeah.

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They smash clam

what's going on with the perspective here?

the hand on the cat belongs to the lady on the floor

Shishou needs to button up her night gown

Hetbros... why yuri everywhere

Getting gangbanged by little boys? Who isn't?

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Can’t wait to see what sort of glop they’ll be eating next episode.

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>Russian food next episode
Well, it was nice knowing you guys. Unfortunately this show is getting cancelled.

Hey kid,

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Ballet practice


I bet they peg the two younger shotas while making them kiss each other.

Fuck, I know who you're talking about. Shit sucks.

These two fucked A LOT.

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>proposal in a field of fireflies

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Body status this week: Healed.

Dad is definitely getting some on the side. No way she pumped out that many kids on her own and still looks like that.

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I want to fuck this watermelon

Love Hibiki's tits. Wonder who will claim her in the end

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>can't even cure a hangover
Literally what is the point of "healing" singing then

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>Wonder who will claim her in the end
I will.

I wonder if Ria uses her songs so the two of them can go all night long

>bitch shouko tries to set up the shota with reimi so sensei doesn't get stolen from her
Hope that cunt gets cucked in the end

It's very unclear how the magic healing works exactly but honestly worrying about the specifics of it is really not the point of the show.

I am more worried for the shota. Imagine learning that your childhood crush was a lesbian.

Hope it corrupts him into jerking off to the thought of reimi and his sister fucking

I wish mine ended up being a lesbian instead of just growing up to be a generic roasty.

Why button it up if it'll be off again soon enough?

This episode strongly suggests Kana.

They prefer the two lolis' cunnies.


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You can't corrupt someone to enjoy yuri

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That bit did feel weirdly abrupt to me. It's like a climax confession moment but there hasn't been even a tiny hint of anything before this. I guess Kana just really really loves fireflies.

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Fucking the shotas offscreen

fellow /ss/ lovers?


Sonia is Russian name actually. Will she be central girl of the episode?


Shotafags should rope themselves.

Yeah but I've never heard that name in my entire life. Also in russian Sonia (Sonya) means "sleepyhead". That's just bullying material.

Healer girls are for /ss/

>tfw no healer girl at my colonoscopy

I think there is someone with that name at my job. But it's rare, yes.

I remember watching episode 3 relieved some of my anal fissure pain. Was pretty nice.

Kill yourself.

>/ss/ and shotafagging bullshittery
No wonder this shitshow is flopping

>Hetfags, /ss/fags, and Abefags are raiding the the thread
There are lots of hetshit shows every season. Watch those instead of shoving your hetshit autism in anime that doesn't have it

has it occurred to you that maybe there's a bunch of people who like both yuri and /ss/?

Kill yourself, /u/tard.

Gonna celebrate when the shota and by extension, anons, inevitably lose.

Learn to coexist or you can fuck off to /u/
>in anime that doesn't have it
Watch the latest episode first before posting here

> wholesome healing show
Guys if you don't actually care about the show you're welcomed to fuck off immediately.

We already won
One thing can ruin everything and this time it's one of them

>18,049 - Love Live Nijigasaki S2
>5,470 - Machikado Mazoku S2
>271 - Healer Girls
What the fuck, /ss/xirs? I thought /ss/ is better than yuri

Baiting is happening in two threads at the same time.

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That applies to /ss/hitters and hetshitters in general