Dragon Ball Super

How did they become the strongest?

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By training under ME.

Hard work.

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...and plenty of juice?

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Trunks looks more badass without the jacket.

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You know it.

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ROIDgetabros??? I thought we were natty...

REAL new thread:

Bring me KEKgeta

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Daily fuhrer tip #1
Want to get rid of waifushittery?
Use religion.

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Hail FEMku.

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Agreed 100%.
Religion makes them seethe hard.

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This thread is off to a bad start, if anyone wants me I'll be over by the CUTEgang's thread.

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This thread is lame. I'll be in the /trash/ thread if any one needs me.

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What do you think tienbro? Do we do as the fuhrer says?

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>why, yes, I'm the only DBS villain to have achieved my main goal, how could you tell?

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Because you're based.
And religionpilled.

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0-2 Kakarotto
1-1 against Freeza
0-2 against Cell
0-2 against Moro
0-2 against Jiren
0-2 against Buu
2-0 against Beerus
0-1 against Broly (Super)
0-2 against Ginyu Force
0-2 against the androids
1-0 against Hit
Pretty good Win-lose ratio

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>2-0 against Goku
>0-2 against Freeza
>0-2 against Beerus
>0-1 against Broly
>0-1 against Hit

>out of NOWHERE

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Who the hell is Kakarot?

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I make the depths seethe like a cauldron.
I make the seas stir up like a pot of ointment.
I leave a glistening wake behind me.
You would think the deep had white hair.
Nothing on earth is my equal-
A creature with out fear.
I look down in the haughty.
I get the jump on the proud.
I come down on a cloud.
I don't touch the ground.
One word from their mouth,
I flex and an aura surrounds me.
They're crowning me king in their hearts already.
They're cowering before me.
Mindbroken by the anointed one.
The boundary between man and divine falls
When you find your Dragon Balls.

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Are these song lyrics or something?

The greatest martial artist of all time...

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TFS used to be funny.

Huh? You posted a gif of Son Goku. Who is Kakarot?

Gokubros... We jobbed to lack of FRICTION???

still is

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>literally the first joke in DBZA is a dated reference to George Bush (used to disparage southerners and farmers)
WTS is better.

Jobkubros... We job to Josuke???

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>Edited crap

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Bubble-sama..... I kneel.....

Look at him go

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It's slightly better, but WTS did resort to "haha Yamcha has sex with Puar" jokes which is omega cringe normie shit

Religion has always been a based tactic to make them seethe with anger.
It was always successful.

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Wasn't hitler a nietztche atheist

Actually, you're wrong. The "Turn into Bulma" joke of the "Yamcha - Ruined" video is only in the "remaster" which was done by different people iirc. It's not in the original.

I miss ARDBZ, bros...

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Does it still have the retarded line about Vegeta killing Yamcha and stealing his girlfriend when he didn't?

Yeah. That's sort of the whole premise of the video. I still think it's funny though, even as a Yamchabro. It's OOC but all these videos are.

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No. It's epic poetry from the perspective of Son Goku AKA the greatest fighter and best character.

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Hitler was a devout christian.

Bejita fucking laid the smack down

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Eh, it's just a dumb try-hard joke started by secondaries. I'm not even a huge Yamcha fan and it's fucking tiring. I remember how annoying it was when people used to shit on Krillin or Gohan all the time.

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Shortwimp lost

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I wasn't around back then. I can imagine the Krillin stuff would be spurred on by TFS, but why would people shit on Gohan?

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TFS had that dumb Krillin Owned count, yeah, and ARDBZ had one joke about the term "Mystic" Gohan that he turned into a running gag and every fucking retard that hadn't watched the show in ages just ran into the ground

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Bitchtits lost

>Here is your main villain, bro!

Threadly reminder that Magenta is stronger than Jiren

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This is what I do to SHITgang EVERY DAY. Their blood, vomit, tears, screams... I live for this. I live to punish these SEWER RATS that INFEST these SACRED HALLS TOO OFTEN. Every time I see one of them and the jannies who defend them, it makes my blood boil SO much. I live for their screams. I live for their TORMENT that WE CHADS DELIVER. Better start whatever coping mechanism you have for torture, SHITgang, because I am FUCKING coming for you and I will deliver NO mercy.

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