Is it okay to marry 12 year old boys?

Is it okay to marry 12 year old boys?

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Only for men.

only if the cake is a virgin
otherwise cake needs to become a lampshade or soap

of course, only a burger could find anything wrong with this

I wish I had been molested by an attractive older women as a child

Based onishotachad

Why, so you'd be traumatized and likely homosexual?



>having sex with girls is gay

Oh no, what is this yurisisters?

>directed by Ingmar Bergman

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Tired of using their mom and sisters, they moved on to the new girls

Only if you're a 16+ year old girl. Opposite is also true.

shut up faggot pedo

>/u/ had a meltdown over this
those people are idiots hahaha
even more hilarious after some of them proudly said that they didn't have to watch or read subtext/bait series anymore because there are already lots of gachi yuri manga nowadays.

Holy based. Also time to pick up this show now that /u/shit was thrown out the window


>falling for it

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So why this world haven't weaponized the healer girls yet? This show is lacking worldbuilding.

/u/sisters... we are being laughed at again...

Meanwhile, in the real world, the closest thing to a romance for her is with the shota.

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>holding hands
If that's the closest thing to romance, the girls must be having an orgy every night.

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It's one sided crush

bimonthly wait hurts

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Why don't /u/ have the same opinion then? It's actually the best episode so far, but /u/ was shitting on it because of the /ss/ bait, calling it a bad episode and all that.

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I haven't seen a single person calling it a bad episode, you disingenuous wanker.

There were one or two anons complaining about (most likely concern trolling), but their posts got deleted.

/u/ don't allow male characters so of course they are like that
we are in Yea Forums though

Real question is why was Shoko trying so hard to get the kid to put the moves on a raging dyke? Did she just want to see him suffer? Does she feel threatened by her?

Good question. By Occam's razor, the answer would be that they are all straight.

Here: >Nobody says it shota now, we don't know but most likely this is just a bad joke inside a bad and useless episode.
>best episode so far is also a top tier /ss/ bait

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Occam's Razor leading one to believe Reimi is straight would be like it leading one to believe that an elephant is an insect. There may be far more insects in the world than elephants, and any random living thing may be far more likely to be the former than the latter, yet the weight of evidence that an elephant is not in fact an insect suggests otherwise.

Most intelligent post on this board

She just wanted to meddle with his crush. The only other thing to do out there is drink.

This didn't top the sports episode, but it was nice.


Healer Girls are for shota marriage, simple as.

Reimi's love for Shishou isn't sexual.

Why did she want her as first kiss

Kisses aren't sexual. Reimi just wants to kiss her shishou, cuddle with her, hold hands with her, stare lovingly into her eyes, exchange passionate whispers in each other's ears, live together, spend the rest of their lives together, all in a completely no homo manner whilst getting plowed by shota dick every night
This episode should have made that obvious to you.


>Kisses aren't sexual
Next you'll tell me holding hands is chaste an-
>hold hands with her
You sick fuck.

meh, just sleep with a japanese woman 20 years older than you. similar healing feeling.

Mommy Yukarin...

Is it bad if I really want to see them do it?

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Yukarin is very nice baba
Needs love

Start with the Greeks!!

sell me on this show slave

do what?

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cgdct with musicals

>Love Live but with useless pricks and hetshit
>Hetshitters trying to own this bastardized """"cute girls""""" anime because of some /ss/hit
When will Japan ever learn

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>using hetshit
mental illness, you don't deserve to post KF

The most popular idol franchise in Japan is a fully hererosexual dating sim you silly schizo. LL is just a poor emasculated copy.

Cope and seethe

>Being sane
"The most popular idol franchise" also a legit tr*ns too

>A nice show about healing girls is now ruined by that /ss/ piece of shit
>The threads are now ruined thanks to hetfags, /ss/fags, and Abefags
>You're gonna have to deal with them from now on
There are lots of hetshit shows every season. Watch those instead of shoving your hetshit autism in anime that doesn't have it.
At least this show is flopping. Japan must have fed up with yuribait shit

Where's the meltdown on /u/?

You seem like one of the wackos that spam /jp/ with 3DPD [insert idol franchise] seiyuu generals. Please take it easy and stop being so obsessive. Asuka is still getting content. Nobody cares about the lives of VAs. It's perfectly okay to like a yuri franchise that caters to mentally ill Westoids, but you should stop trying to smugly pretend it's the biggest example of that genre in Japan.

Pretty much. LLshit is cancer and will never be real yuri beyond schizo delusions