What the FUCK did Orochimaru put in her curse mark?

What the FUCK did Orochimaru put in her curse mark?

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slow release bacon

still would

High test desu

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Pain, Trauma and Loneliness. She ate lots of food as a coping mechanism after Kakashi and Naruto let her abuser become apart of Konoha again as if nothing ever happened.

>Is conically lazy and likes to eat
>No major threats after the 4th war
Come on now.

Naruto was lazy and liked to eat too and most of his work as Hokage is stamping his name on papers but he didn't turn into a fat chick.

Its sad that Kakashi never tapped this; Imagine all the architecture jokes we'd have today.

Men and women basal metabolism rates are not the same, retard. More muscle mass = more calories passively burned doing absolutely nothing. And since Naruto has a nuclear reactor in his core he can never get fat.

>fatten me up!

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she went from birthday cake to birthday bakery hahA

She put all those snacks in herself

lardasses become lardasses because they eat mountains of garbage. They get there either by never addressing disgusting habits or mental disorders but usually a mixture of the two. Gender can't account for the gap between a normal person and a lardass.

any woman with the figure on the left is destined to end up with the figure on the right

only after the first dozen babies

I mean Kishi himself said Anko would inevitably become a fat pig

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Anko is a pure virgin maiden

That's stupid. There's a threshold above which the human body is no longer processing the calories and it's flushed down the shitter. You think these competitive eaters pounding 20k calories in an hour need 10 days to burn them?

not supposed to hit that threshold

Naruto eating Goku levels of ramen is anime only though, Anko canonically only eats and breaths dangos.

Kabuto sucked out her fat eating genes during the war

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Boruto ruined every hot chick desu

mirin' that mass

>There's a threshold above which the human body is no longer processing the calories and it's flushed down the shitter.
I think that depends on the person. Some people get diarrhea or vomit and then obviously the calories won't count. The existence of so many very fat people though is proof that sometimes someone eating a lot of calories will actually process them successfully into fat stores.


but you can't expect someone that runned like 50 kms each day to compare to someone that barely did that much.
>Anko mission 3 days running to reach the place
>Surviving on soldier pills.
>Lot of sex
>Lot of physical acitivity
>Only ate when she was in the village (which was rare,remember when she showed up nobody had seen her in months just living on soldier pills)
>While femalebody metabolism is different to the men they still burn more calories with sex or masturbation than a male

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>A snake telling someone to chew


architectural supplements

She caused one of my first non-random boners as a kid. I looked at her and wanted to fuck. I remember being ashamed that I was attracted to a drawn character.

Quite the upgrade, if I do say so myself. All she needs is to find a nice Akimichi man to marry, and empty out buffets with, and have strong hefty babies with.

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>A mangaka telling his readers to chew

I got depressed looking at this remembering this happens to people IRL

I just want an arc where everyone need to fight again and Anko had to get involved and in the end she became fit again.


i want to see fat anko kick some ass

A 180cm man needs just 3600 calories daily to maintain a weight of 200kg assuming little to no exercise. Double that amount and you'll eventually plateau at half a ton.

>barely looks that much different past 143.4kg
He really paced this way too fast and too slow at the same time I wish he just end it, I don't want another friend spinoff unless it involves them hooking up or something.

God, that's hot.
I wish a girl would tell me that. I would make her so fat. I would spend all my money on her.

Kage bunshin uses half of your max chakra and chakra is made out of your stamina, so it's probably a good way to burn off calories.

Yeah, chakra is good to burn calories. Putting her as chakra teacher and forcing her to demo how to use her chakra is a good idea to make her fit again.


did she even do anything after the chunnin exams?

here ya go



>Orochimaru and Kabuto were both forgiven and now sell ice cream and run a daycare center
i think i quit anime because of this

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If she wont ride a snake, she'll turn to cake

"Say no more."

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How tall is she to be shaped like that at this weight?

user, her height is shown in the pic.

The Brimley Insulin Seal

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I feel the same way.

This still gets me every time.

This didn't age well with the obesity epidemic and how Lois would have ended up getting one of her feet amputated from type 2 diabetes.
Maleanons, please don't do this to your gf.

WTF?? Hal has always presented Walter tendencies and was an Architect the whole time??

>death forest and lady too scary for zoomers
>gotta make her funny fat girl who eats a lot

bitch, take responsibility for your own fucking body