How is one IP artwork so perfectly aesthetic...?

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This visual novel is what started the fall of VNs because now they think they need to pander to the west to make money.

>Need to pander to the west
>Official translations for nomral sized VNs take 1 year minimum at best

Which neko would you para?

The choice is beyond obvious.

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Coconut is best catgirl. I wanna cuddle with her after sex.

nothing says "pander to the west" like underage inhuman servants getting railed by their owner until they're obsessively in love with him

My wife

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This fucking horny slut

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forgotten franchise

Solid 9/10 show. Made me go buy all the games immediately after. I still haven't played them yet.

I got the non porn versions. I want to keep it pure, like the show.

This is your mind on Westoid propaganda.

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Cats are for hugs, not fugs.



Tell me about Nekopara.
Can you make choices in the VN?
Can you wife one of them, and befriend the rest?
>Do you HAVE to fugg everycat?

I'm pretty sure the story is linear and you're just there for the ride.

Just fap to the H-scene CGs, its the only thing its good for

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Thanks, user.

needs more piss scene

you mean the eroge or galge (is going for too long there are 5 eroge already)

nope the games have routes because they are ADV so you have several endings (why you think they added so many pussies)
>first game 11 endings (1 for each girl plus harem ending)
>2nd game has more girls added
and so on

>fapping to contextless pictures
what the FUCK user

Its funny how sayori's fetish seem to self insert as kashou's sister.

I am incapable of having sex myself so it is unrealistic to see it depicted in a game. Having the SFW version is much more relatable.



I haven't played the game yet, is the green haired loli catgirl from the anime in it or was she anime only?

This show desperately made me want cat daughters.

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How many so far and where are they?

I think she's anime only

This cat is my favorite cat.

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>he doesn't know about the timeline

When is S2?

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What about doggirls?

Fuck dog girls.


Please do!

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the designs are pretty shit

I don't like them as much as the cats yet and I would rather they put more focus into making more nekopara, but I'm slightly hopeful with how this will turn out.

I like the Husky girl

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Good taste

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Yes and maybe piss as well.
Anime only, I believe Cacao was created to give the anime an actual plot device, instead of the anime loosely being based around the girls lives of working the cafe and their interactions between eachother.

>fap to some random artwork over a decade ago cuz cute gothloli cats
>start following the artist
>watch sayori's girls develop into a multimedia franchise
It's a strange world. Chocola and Vanilla have come a long way.

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>neko sucks

>Koikuma anime never

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unfortunate text design
please understand, catmom tries very hard

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Sayori is obsessed with autistically drawing cute catgirls.
All of this so she could self-insert in the VN as the sister of the MC and get fucked by the MC. Dressed as a catgirl, of course.

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>no large breeds
>STACKED pomeranian

Still, pic related will be an instant best girl if she turns out to have a hidden tomboy side to represent the poodle’s original sporting intent.

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Yeah, that works, Poms have big fluffy chest fur

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Wonder if she’s actually cute in 3D?

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just started the VN. After how many hours does the good stuff happen?

The first VN is like 4 hours so he fucks them pretty early

damn I'm slow. Just a bath scene so far.

It doesn’t matter. Her works are all that matters. I literally cummed gallons to Nekopara