Dragon Ball Super

Who is your favorite character and how often do they job?
Fuck the SHITgang thread btw.

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Has never NOT jobbed in a fight.

Infrequently relative to most of the other active fighters

Serious question. Do Shonentards watch anything outside of shonen? Concerned citizen here.

>bejitos pocket pussy.

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Rope yourself, pedophiliac child-rapist moeshitter.

Yes. But DB threads are the only ones I have fun posting in.

serious question




I haven't watched anything but dragon ball for the last 3 years

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Shut the fuck up, moeshitting piece of moeshitter shit.

I don't even watch other shonen. I've barely even watched other TV shows period.


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I don't even watch anime. That includes Dragon Ball. I just like stirring up the animals.

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No one is gonna admit they watch anything else but /dbs/ here.

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This is what Broly sees whenever he closes his eyes
Cheelai too

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>Struck a nerve.
lmao at least I grew out of it decades ago. Some people really think Goku is the pinnacle of MCs as balding lonely adults with a huge collection no one cares about that their parents will auction off once they die of heart failure.

Holy fuck, I wish I was Vegito.

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Bring me Toyotaro.

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L U R K ! !
M O R E ! !

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Could you make the Cell games gets cancelled comic, I asked a few weeks ago?

Why are you so angry about shonen?

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Here and there.
Asked him to draw something then.

Not angry. I mean, Pan posts out most of your for the most part.

Working on it. Sorry it's taking so long. Don't wanna make any excuses.

Based. You're walking the path to perfection with us, King.

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>Pan posts out most of your for the most part

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>Pan posts out most of your for the most part

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I only watch Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Z, Dragon Ball Super, Dragon Ball GT, and Super Dragon Ball Heroes, along with the associated movies including Dragon Ball Super Hero coming out later this year.

It's okay, you have been really fast with my other requests which made me really happy, don't stress it and take your time. I would not want to put pressure on you for no reason.

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Reminder that the SHITrentard unironically can't tell the difference between the right ear and left ear

I mean, CP posting tends to be regular here, animation or regular. If anything, you're both probably still guilty.

Okay, so, the note I took from then was:
Cell Games are canceled because of:
-Movie 8
-The Bug Exterminator
-Cell Overslept
Did you want to remove any of these? Or replace any?

Goku jobbed to Gohan and cost Gohan his confidence as a fighter. He never had a "student defeats the master" moment, cause Goku just threw him up against cell. And he jobbed to Vegeta by not expecting the mouth beam from Oozaru Vegeta. Dropped the spirit bomb and had to get BAILED out.

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>you're both probably still guilty.
Yeah fucking no you disgusting fuck.

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and despite all that he is your favorite character?


They never jobbed.

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Keep those for now maybe ask other posters for some suggestions.

Am I the only black person here?

Yeah, that's why I posted.

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Add a good ending to the list where Cell gets a change of heart.

No, everyone here is black and mexican.

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>Who is your favorite character
> and how often do they job?
Very often.
>Fuck the SHITgang thread btw.
They're ok, Bejitafags are way worse.

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What's up bitches, I am back from a long period of work.
How are the threads doing...
They don't look too good.

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Perfect way to cap it off. Thanks!


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What would these threads be like if Vegeta didn't exist for you to seethe about?

Goku offers ChichiĀ“s lips out of fear from the idea of fighting Cell.


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No problem.

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Nothing would change.

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Tenshinhan? An alien.

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He..... HE....... HE IS......

>They never jobbed.

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No wonder there aren't any other 3 eyed "humans".

GG lads.

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Holy based! What a BEAST!

...said the Jirenbro, after masturbating for the 18th time today.

What an unceremonious end for the two strongest U11 fighters after Jiren. God I hate the manga version of the ToP.

I only read Baki.

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How come they never interact with each other?

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Who is this faggot and why is it posting genderbent versions of the CHADs?
Go back to your tranny board you fucking kike.

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The movie can't come soon enough.

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That's the face I make when I see schoolgirl Pan.
Guess my favorite character.


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>Guess my favorite character.
I will not. Instead I'll drop a fat G on your post.

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It's too awkward, what would they even talk about?

>Moeshit for pedophiles
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The hybrid genius... Son Gohan!

>He can't stop thinking about his PRINCE

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