Allow Danzo to fuck about

>allow Danzo to fuck about
>not kill Danzo after the failed assassination attempt
>allows ROOT to continue it's operations
>ignores a mothers dying wish to protect her son
>deprives Naruto of a happy childhood by not having someone adopt him
>allows the Uchiha to be ostracized which leads to resentment and a failed coup and the slaughter of innocent people who had nothing to do with the plot
What did Hiruzen mean by this?

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He needed an scape goat.

If he’d just finished the job everything would have been fine, his only mistake was leaving sasuke and itachi alive

It's all good. Danzo is a dick, so that absolves anyone else who could improved how the Leaf handled things.

I just remembered the whole hyuga situation with Nejis dad.

hes a neolib

1. Danzo is a fellow student of Lord 2nd and a life long bro.
2. It was just a prank bro, they are ninja, it happens.
3. ROOT doesn't exist, also they are ninja, black ops are a thing.
4. Imagine caring what a women thinks.
5. Naruto was a weapon and asset of the village, allowing a single family to raise him would have cause political issues. Also Naruto didn't help matters by acting out so often.
6. The Uchiha have always been a problem, ask Lord 2nd. Every attempt was made to calm them down, but they were about to start a damn civil war out of pride. Reminder that Itachi was meant to be the next Hokage but caught A.I.D.S.

Shit series.

Everyone agrees he was the second worst Hokage after Tsunade. And Tsunade literally allowed the entire village to be obliterated.


He's essentially the Ronald Reagan of the Naturo universe. Fuck him to be quite honest senpai (short for family)

more complex political drama than LOGH

That sounds like typical politician shit

Danzo was a cool ojisan daddy-bayo.

Kishimoto hitting to close to home

ROOT did exist. ANBU Black Ops are under the command of the Hokage. ROOT was basically Danzos personal Spec Ops.

Yeah, him and Tobirama are the only kages who feel like real politicians; The rest were just retarded stronkmen which is why they died young I guess.

Show me in the Leaf Villages documents were ROOT exists. Show me their budgets, member roster and assets. That is right, you can not.

Nigga you totally missed the point of Black Ops, I was making a joke about off the books missions.

Naruto's pretty political in Boruto. He just acts like a retard around low rank nobodies to make them feel better but holds his own in the political intrigue discussions with important people.

Yeah but I wasnt counting that shitty fanfic

Boruto is just a high budget fanfic. Like disney starwars.


I refuse to accept Boruto as canon. It's a spin off.

He's a literal town mayor not god. When you achieve a modicum of power you realize human beings are always trying to destroy themselves and others for no reason and there's very little the state can do to change it.

>town mayor
That's more like the feudal lords. Hokages were at least demigods like Hercules or Cú Chulainn.

Tsunade is the perfect middle ground

Naruto should have been raised by undercover anbu then. He acted out because of wanting attention, which would have been fixed with parents

Everyone hated Naruto, how was Hiruzen supposed to fix this?

The third was the best one desu, his era had the most stable economy with the lowest inflation , the highest being the 2nd kage's policies putting a wall between the uchiha and the village and printing zenny to further kill the economy , that's when the 4rth came in and started to reform the village and sacrificed his own son's childhood for the longest era of peace .

thank sandaime , minato and thank you itachi ,

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>lowest inflation
do they ever discuss inflation in Naruto kek
serious question

yes unironically, it's incredible how much world building naruto has which gets ruined by shounen-niggery

Could have not hidden that Naruto was Fourth Hokage's son the same way he didn't hide the identities of his own son and grandson.
He managed to somehow hide what would make everyone like Naruto (that he's the heroic Yellow Flash / Fourth Hokage's kid) while making it public knowledge he was carrying the nine tails fox that everyone hated.

By not telling everyone he has the nine tails.

>That one what if episode where Naruto's parents are alive, Uchiha never planned a coup, Itachi like is an older brother to Naruto, etc

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Damn it Danzo

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That filler sucked ass

>He just acts like a retard

Hard disagree on the Naruto front. He should have had a more involved childhood.

Cope Danzo

The real redpill is that Hiruzen is worse than Danzo.

At least Danzo fully committed to his plans.
Hiruzen waffled back and forth and ruined everything. Don't know what Tobirama was thinking appointing him as successor.

>people who spend time analyzing the politics and society of a series with incredibly fluff worldbuilding like Naruto

You and a lot of people in this thread sound like the people who analyze bikini armour and think they're brilliant for pointing out it's flaws

But I like bikini armor

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Did anyone else enjoy this crossover?

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One of the light novels mentions that Danzo actually leaked that to the public, it was never meant to get out.

episode number?

Putting the entire shinobi intelligence and military operations under the command of a guy who leaks sensitive information and has a grudge against you isn't much better desu.


I don't get why Naruto fans hate Boruto, it's pretty tonally consistent with Naruto, look at dragon ball super, they could have made a much worse continuation

The real redpill is Hiruzen cared a lot for Naruto and all of his students and villagers.

Boruto is exactly the same as Naruto and Naruto Shippuden, yeah. Kind of crazy anons exist who deprive themselves of what's basically more seasons of Naruto.

Not really Boruto starts off far more boring than naruto did. It may be better than shit pudding but that isn't much of an accomplishment.



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Friendly reminder that in one of the novels, Naruto literally knelt and pressed his head to the ground before the Tsuchikage and the Mizukage, and was willing to give away Konoha's secrets.

He absolutely didn't.
He kowtowed to the Cloud Village when they kidnapped one of his clan heirs. He even rewarded their actions by offering the heads of one one his best ninja to appease them for the "greater good"
He treated Naruto like shit and let him grow up as an orphan, despite that being against his father and mother's wishes...despite them being the literal only reason the village was still fucking standing
He greenlit the genocide of an entire ethnicity of people in his village because of a faction of (justified) secessionist.
He failed to secure Sasuke an adequate upbringing after the boy witnessed the murder of his entire family and clan. He literally let the boy raise himself.


He thought it would be funny