Boku no Hero Academia

>Mogs on every other girl in UA after being invisible for most of her existence.

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we won

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afo isn't into incest though

Can Hori pull it at this point?

not really but I still hope it happens.

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>60K hits
Can someone explain to me what is unironically wrong with tododramafags?

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internet was a mistake

>Can someone explain to me what is unironically wrong with tododramafags?
for starters they like tododrama

with how old afo is the twist isn't gonna be that he's deku's dad, he's his grandpa

Yes he is.

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double-twist: he raped and impregnated Nana after defeating her, she gave birth to Inko, and then he went Woody Allen and groomed Inko into his wife and put Deku in her womb

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Keep AFO away from shotas...

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Dabi's quirk is confirmed to be: blue fire.
Hori talked about his inspiration for the villains in Hawks' villain report, and Dabi is zombies, with no mention of Frankenstein.
Mirko says when Dabi comes around everything stinks.
Hawks says out of all villains, he's the one you should absolutely never trust.
Dabi's stats
Power: B
Speed: C
Technique: D
Tenacity: S+
Intelligent: C-

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Why do so many anime fail at having decent stakes? What's the point of having these war arcs with the most dangerous villains in history just for nobody important to die? I'm hoping with the anime coming close to the end some people actually die and things feel serious, i at least want All Might to die a grusome death just to show Night Eye was right when he warned him, and a student or two but i doubt any will die.

She's really fucking cute.


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AfO is way too small here. He is a BIG boi.

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The fact that the only notable death In the last war was midnight a fucking side character for sex appeal is fucking ridiculous. Even Gran Torino and Aizawa lived after getting mutilated by Shiggy for no reason whatsoever at this point

All Might will die a gruesome death trying to talk to Shigaraki, and you need to stop obsessing over death. it's not like the big 3 had any important death

the fact that Shiggy will kill All Might makes the fact that Endy is probably going to kill AfO even lamer. Should have been Deku after he sees All Might get killed.

all chinese users

Endeavor will kill the Original AFO, and Shigaraki will kill All Might. there is a difference here.

I still can't believe Gran Torino survived that attack from Shiggy, he should have died there on the spot, or at least in the hospital when Deku gets his cape.

yeah i know but deku's vestige defeating afo's vestige in the shadow realm just isn't as cool to me as if he killed the real deal.

>it's not like the big 3 had any important death
That's my issue, anime should have more death instead of just a couple of side characters or 1 main dying over 500 episodes

I want this faggot manga to end so he can reboot oumagadoki no zoo.

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No, he will defeat AFO in his new godly vessel and save the tiny Tenko vestige.

then read seinen manga. why are you obsessed with death anyway? is there a specific character you want him/her to die?

the best would be Deku freeing Shiggy from AfO's control and taking getting taken over himself, and then Tenko redeeming himself by teaming up with 1-A to stop All for Deku and free the one who saved him.

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I was disappointed as well but at least he retired because of his injuries. Last arc of BC was the lowest stake war arc of all time

Wtf are you even on about? I'm not obsessed with death i just want there to be stakes more than stupid side characters dying. It makes fights boring knowing nobody important will get hurt or die because they have plot armour. For example Mirio losing his quirk just to get it back is bullshit.

True, i guess he did retire but there was no way he should have survived.

death isn't the only stake there is

Deku unironically would never hurt or even kill his own father.

I want Deku Blanco solely for the Uraraka and Bakugo suffering

Name the stakes in this series then

Of course, people can lose their quirks too! Just like Miri- oh...

Just Blue Fire? Feels like a missed opportunity.

losing limbs, losing mentors, reputation ruined, losing peace...

Nah, it's good, and it's got a silver lining: we get to enjoy phoenixfag seething

he probably killed himself, it's the steinfaggot who is still seething.

>losing limbs
>losing mentors
You mean Mentor without the S?
>reputation ruined
But we already know Eeveryone will look at Endeavour like they did at All Might by the end so this doesn't matter, and nobody cared abou Bird Guy killing Twice.
>losing peace
The League were in hiding and society barely seemed to be disturbed other than thugs going around. These stakes are pretty lame with how they were done.

user even in universe mentor deaths don't matter don't try to act like they did. We know they're not going to lose peace so don't bring that up as a something stakes worthy. Plus deku's possibility of losing his limbs was dashed once we learned oh his body got stronger with each percent. Nobody's reputation has been ruined hawks isn't even looked at like a murderer for shaking the hell our of twice.

>Mentor without the S?
Night Eye and Midnight
>But we already know Eeveryone will look at Endeavour like they did at All Might by the end
Will he tho? You posted this with confident
>society barely seemed to be disturbed
Did you miss the point where civilians hiding and living in ruins

>Nobody's reputation has been ruined hawks isn't even looked at like a murderer for shaking the hell our of twice.
I was talking about Endeavor

What are you smoking?

I doubt endeavor's reputation will take a nosedive because of dabi's pathetic ass

It kinda did, people attacked him after war arc.

She is a teacher at UA, she helped the students multiple times

All she did was make the students horny

I wouldn't count it since she's not a character in the main series but she was sort of a mentor figure somewhat to Pop Step from Vigs.

I haven't been keeping up with the manga, is invisible girl no longer invisible?
Is she still nekkid?

she is still invisible, Hori's sketch is from some pirate AU. they have shown her face in the main manga, but this is our first time seeing her fully.

She’s still invisible, Hori just revealed her face after she absorbed a bunch of light. I guess he took that as an excuse to do a full-body portrait.

What killed the hype

you did
why user, why?
I trusted you

That would be kino, I want it just to see Deku finally snap after being crapped on his whole life.