Drugs someone so she can rape them

>Drugs someone so she can rape them
She is the scum of the earth

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Leave, election tourist.

This anime is tits and nothing else. funny thing is those that obsess over it you can tell have never seen real ones because these are literally disease tier.

She killed millions and this is what bothers you?

>no dragoness has ever drugged and raped me
Woe to my unworthy flesh.

Unironically ok because she's a hot woman and the "victim" wasn't in a relationship.

Incorrect. It's equal parts chorogon antics, heartwarming family bonding, and huge tits. You have shit taste and nothing else.

This is what I thought too until I actually watched it.

Is this show better to watch sub or dub, I find dubs usually work better for comedies, but I also like the cute Japanese voices

Definitely the sub, it's not even close for Dragon Maid. I'm not a purist, I can enjoy some dubs, but this one is genuinely irritating.

episode 2, so no major spoilers:

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The thing I hate most about the dub is how they try to "sassify" kobayashi. The fact that she's mild mannered and awkward is the whole point of her character. Shit like "don't slut shame me" and tearing into shouta by calling him a "twerp with daddy issues" feels disgustingly wrong and shows a flagrant disrespect for the source material. Same with having fafnir say "kill me, I'm dead inside" when hatign everyone that isn't himself is what defines him as a dragon.
Shit like the patriarchy scene is at least only annoying in isolation, but completely rewriting characters domino effects into completely ruining the entire series.

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>mentions /pol/ out of nowhere
rent free

>I wasn't the one she raped
She truly is lower than dog shit.

>show promotes lesbianism, sex positivity, accepting people from different cultures, defying traditional norms, etc.
>western liberals hate it cause muh boobies
why are westerners this retarded?

>Shit like the patriarchy scene is at least only annoying in isolation, but completely rewriting characters domino effects into completely ruining the entire series.

I'm shocked that you consider that distinct. When dumbass translator's with no creative background think they are allowed to rewrite any dialogue to suit their whims that's what you get.

bad bait but made me reply

Because they think that even if it has the proper 'message', if it has themes which they don't like, it undermines it.
>Lesbians? But they are only there for male titillation because they are hot, it doesn't represent actual lesbians.

That's just twitter retards.
Anybody with half a brain knows Japan portrays social issues and queer representation way fucking better than the shows full of half hearted tokenism peddled in the west. Literally every lesbian I know loves Dragon Maid.

those "people" will never be satisfied, never ever

I didn't even get far enough into the dub to make these connections, but from the clips I've seen I have to agree. They completely missed the mark

I want Tohru to drug and rape me

Accurate lesbian representation

I don't care, didn't read, post elmas

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The Dragonmaid dub is famously awful. I don't even care about the fact they change the written lines, I've never cared too much about that stuff, but their voices are just terrible.
Eng Kanna can't do a little girl voice, she sounds like an adult woman doing an uwu cutesy asmr not an 8 year old.
Eng Lucoa is an entirely different personality because her actress can only do one voice and it's the wrong one. Goes from Warm and Bubbly and excitable mommy dragon in sub to vapid dumb valley girl in dub.
Eng Tohru can't hold a single candle to the ridiculous amounts of energy and personality sub Tohru has. She's the most over-the-top dragon and her original voice fits that to a tee.
Eng Shouta was...good. Very very very good. Fuck's sake, a western little boy who sounds like a western little boy, I loved it more than I loved Sub Shouta's voice.
But then S2 came along and they replaced the Eng actress and the fucking new one, oh jesus christ the new one is so goddamn awful. She is the worst of the bunch. She doesn't even put on a voice it's just her regular woman's voice projecting through the mouth of a little boy it's uncanny and horrible.

>these are literally disease tier
But OP's pic boobs aren't that big, I can see equal or bigger boobs in real life just going out for a walk anytime

Can you believe you can actually walk into my local library and pick this up? Any fucking kid could read this filth and check it out. I shit you not.

Your librarian is based. Buy him/her a beer for me.


We're past the age where soccer moms and old ultraconservatives have a say on what's socially right or wrong, get on with the times
You have to say it's sexist and homophobic by making lesbians the butt of a joke, maybe that way they'll do something about it

Fuck, it does sound like we spics dodged a bullet with our dub.


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You are the scum of the earth.

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I really enjoyed Dragon Maid. I was expecting it to be low quality coombait and even ir it kinda was at times Iwas pleasantly surprised by how it managed to make adult life seem... tolerable? Not sure if that's the right word, but it sure felt like that

That's... honestly a much more reasonable reaction than I was expecting, I thought the mother would be outraged.

The dragon wants to turn your daughter into a lesbian

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Homosexuals aka child rapists doing what they do spreading their degenerate mental disease huh...

Fuck off back to your containment board faggot.

your fat and your pussy stinks

I watched a little bit and noticed that they kept all the honorifics, that's rare for a dub.

Found the "Youth Minister" and his projector.

I don't like Kanna's voice in the Latin American dub.
I know literally no one can capture the cuteness of the original but she's just not even close, all the other characters sound alright I think.

she's not from Earth

the author just wants to be a kid again
swallowed by size G boobs
boob diaper

If people only cared about the tits then they would just read the manga where they're regularly shown uncensored

how come no pretty girls have drugged and raped me

Maybe you don't remember. Make memory, have you experienced any missing time lapses of late?

Have you looked in a mirror lately, user?
Stop slouching.

It made me yearn to have a family as cozy and loving as Kobayashi.

>every single fetish of mine in one perfect image
my god. it's full of stars...

Just waiting for it to get to the part where Takiya wins the Kobayashi.

You're pretty vanilla, user

Reminder that dubs will ALWAYS be universally shit regardless of how well the voice actors pull it off. IF they pull it off. Especially english ones. English voice actors cannot voice for shit and I don't know if it's because it's something to do with the language difference in general or if the voice actors are just terrible and unskilled. It feels like they all use the same ones across all anime.

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This is because VA in Japan is highest payed role in the anime while in murica it's basically min wagie only in this town. So few people willing to try that it's all shit also Funimation is incestuous as fuck.

Video games are where you see good English voice acting cuz they actually pay well while Japan pays well for anime by default

I won't deny it but I get my fetishism tickled on the regular so there's that.

>Ever considering watching dub in any media

there is literally nothing wrong with rape.

>don't slutshame me


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I want to smell her pantsu so bad...

She's an eel, you can guess what she smells like.