Hajirau Kimi ga Mitainda dump

Hopefully Spanish user can continue to dump of the remaining chapters with the translations Starting with Chapter 13

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Been reading the story and holy shit does it go places!

Ok so I was at 11 then

>Where those second years? Why are they speaking about me?


>Ekoda... sensei...
I give up im just gonna use sensei from now on.

>Got a moment? I want to talk to you

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>just a moment

>ok... if its only a moment

>Lets go to the counseling room

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>*counseling room

>Im not in charge of class... why so sudden?


>what is it you wanted to speak about?
>I got something to do after class
>Something to do?
> with a friend?

>or with honjousan?


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>why honjou?

>oh dear
>I dont have an umbrella


>Could you tell me? Shirasawakun

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>I want to know...
>What are you doing with Hojousan?

I made her come teacher, you want some?

Guess were moving on to chapter 14?

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Thanks user

Chapter 14 coming through, lots of text here and odd page layout so I hope its readeable

>I want to know. What are you doing with Honjousan?
>could you tell me? Shirasawakun

Fuck I forgot the image

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Thanks, but damn the teacher is hot.


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>Why does Ekoda-sensei has the proyect...?
>When did she get it?
>From where?


>Could it be that Honjou...
>No that is not possible
>What should I do right now?

> forbidden to film - suspension? - expulsion from school? - teacher described it - parental meeting - - deception- detained for filming underage porn -Honjou´s promise - Take away the movie contest prize

>If you dont want to tell me, let me guess

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>Is a submission for the next contest... right?

>Shirasawakun is trying to make a new movie...
>And you thought about asking Honjou-san to take part in it
>Or am I mistaken?

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>Did she say next one?
>I see Ekoda-sensei knows i won the contest
>I placed the school name on the contest submission, so its no wonder they got in contact

>- very well

>-then I can get away with it

>Actually... you are correct
>I suspected as much

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>Honjousan agreed to this?... this content?

>What a relief
>see... one of the students found it and gave it to me

>I told them it was a bad prank

>I dont know much about it
>Is this how contests are?


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Now here it can mean a lot of things, daring or brave but I think in the context, naughty is the correct word

>No... no it isnt like that


>It should be the work of a student...

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>>What a relief
>>see... one of the students found it and gave it to me
Lying whore.



Some 4D chess about to take place!

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>*Lets try it!
>*Eat the scenery!

>*Rank 1 anime movies that make Shirasawa cry
>After winning the contest...! I have always been afraid!

>When we were filming the movie for the newspaper contest... we were just having fun
>*Rank 1 western movies that make Shirasawa cry
>But... But...

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>When I heard about the prize
>A lot of people told me they had their hopes placed on me

>*Rank 1 japanese movies that make Shirasawa cry
>At first I was happy... but when I arrived home I couldnt sleep

>So... I had to do something incredible
>I dont care if its radical or not
>I need to stand out!
>I thought they would get bored...

>Thats why

>I see...
>So thats why...

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>I... Im glad it was Ekoda-sensei who picked it up
>that it was you... who listened to me

>Im so sorry for being a bother



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>It must have been so hard...you really gave it your all...
(its hard all right!)

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>you know... when I was in college, I was in the movie club

>I used to date someone that made movies

Dont know if she meangs hang out or date, leaning towards date

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>Ah... I see
>that was 8 years ago

>-Whats going on??!!

>*Wait... arent we headed in the wrong direction?
>*Shes so close
>*and she smells so fine
>*her voice is different

Wrong direction? son youre going for the jackpot

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>You know Shirasawa-kun... you kind of look like him
>Always felt under so much pressure...always looked so weak

>and still...
>The filming couldnt stop

>I could remember.. while talking with Shirasawa-kun
>Oh I see... hahaha

>W-Well! its time for -

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>If you could film this project... could you win a a better price next for the next contest?

>eh! well... who knows!?
>at least the judges could think they have found a bad boy... haha

>Tomorrow morning... there will be a meeting with the board... about you

>About... me...?

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>At school magazines and tv have requested interviews
>They want to know about you

(The panel of male teacher gets referenced here)
>Thats why the school has chosen to back your project completely
>That will be brought up... in the reunion

>Eh? what does that mean?

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>I too... want to support you


>This project that Honjou-san rejected...

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>Would you allow me to take it?

And thats it for chapter 14, its dinner time, if this doesnt sink ill see if I can get you the other ones.

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Thanks user. Hopefully the thread survives.

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what's the manga about, from the OP image I was getting ready to fap and got blueballed

There's a dump in the previous thread, starting here . Read that and then come back for the end of Chapter 13.

Does this mangaka have other works?

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it's their debut work

Thanks for the dump and translations, user.

Thanks user, how many chapters is there still? The girls are hot will keep reading

How many NTR baits do you anons think this will go through before it reaches its ending?

Oh another sensei to simp, nai saaaaa

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The art does things to me.

Student / teacher romances are the fucking best.

Back from dinner, lets see the 14.5 omake

>Shirasawakun I want you to get everything
>of me

>Since that day

>I became the exclusive photographer of my schoolmate honjou natsuho

>Taking photos of her exposed acts


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>At that moment in the department of female lingerine


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>How the hell did this happen?

>One hour before

>SD card, batteries, light stands
>Right I bought it all

>How is it Honjou? never been in a photo store?
>The cameras were nice
>Yea [nice]

>Well... I think we should part ways
>We dont want anyone from school to see us together

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>What is it?

>I want underwear

>I would use it for another shoot no? and in the previous project i sold it, so there isnt a lot

>I want to know
>Which one Shirasawakun likes


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>So thats why this is my first time in the female lingerine department
>Ive heard that couples come to this place
>But im the only man around

>No but for the shooting...
>as a director I have to tell her which ones I like

>Oooh.. amazing
>Who would use it

>-Lets use it for our project - The outfit should be for a forest girl - Its so well crafted - is mori girl still a thing? - I would like to pick a mori- girl outfit

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>You like that one?

>eh no
>its not that


>Ill try it on, follow me

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>Hey I dont think I should be here
>Do you even need to ask?


>come on make it quick

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>What is it?
>I thought you would like to look whe-
>I cant do it

>Whats the point of trying clothes if youre not going to look
>No wait...its not a good place to be in

>Then send me a photo through lime. Then I can see it
>What a drag
>Just do it

>Come on
>Ive seen her a couple of times. Even when were only recording I can barely stand the tension
>But in such a public place

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Hmmm Yumy tummy

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>Its bad in a different way
>-I think its fine-

>Right Ill put the next one

>Getting some wank material


>What is it?
>This is bad, schoolmates are coming

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>We cant let them find out that were recording
>store only has one exit. should I make a run for it? No ill make a scene and people will notice and it will be worse


>eh honjou

>this way they wont get us
>and it will be less of a pain

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>Ok ill change now

>its kind of expensive here
>ah look how cute!


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bumping because its interesting

>Honjou´s scent...
>Its everywhere

>Does Tanaka-kun like these kind of things?
>He seems to have some fixation

>Ive put it on
>Look at me

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Get a cleaner and typesetter and share to the world!

Ive yet to see a girl that uses chockers and doesnt suck dick like a queen.

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>I think..
>the size is a bit smaller

>Its not that I gained weight or something

>Hey want a picture like this too?


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>An unexpected date that was too much for a virgin

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>me making a dumb thread about an insignificant detail in some obscure series lead to people storytiming it in my thread and helped develop interest in it on Yea Forums

I mean I can translate while playing DaC and listening to podcasts so its coolio, you can totally tell that this is a series for dudes.

Guess were moving to chapter 15, gonna take a 15 min break

This is the only boner induced manga of its kind that has given me a heart boner. Especially in the latest chapter, I care for these two weirdos.

>Those extra stories from the readers
Jesus Christ.

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Things are going to take a turn for the lewd folks

>yes...good, its ready

>ah there you are

>You are totally a film boy, no? Shirawa-kun´s icon
>eh, yea... hahaha...

>Hehe... we can keep in touch through Lime...
>Ah but not in the middle of the night, ok? sleep is important!

>*-the film boy and the beatiful teacher exchange contacts in secret around a scent of danger*-

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>*chapter 15: change of heroine?*

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