Ladies and Gentlemen, the elf has been deflowered

Ladies and Gentlemen, the elf has been deflowered.

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As she should

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Why did Apothecary-san do it?

with a sword?

After we saw the state she was in when Apo-kun found her it would've been a miracle if she still were a virgin.
It wasn't him you fool. That happened before he found her. When she was kidnapped.

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I'm not gonna lie, I busted a huge nut to this page. Can't wait for the creampie page.

TL when?

Well, they did the worst on her, it was like a full body penetrative rape, so sex or not, she would be
Purityfags filtered now, I hope?

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That's the least surprising development from the prequel. I'm more worried what they're gonna do to make her arm rot.

Sauce on this? Saucenao wasnt being helpful

drop the chapter, or is this from the porn?

thats because saucenao isnt helpful with crops

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she will be ok

used goods

ugy mutt

If I want a bittersweet ending where she doesn't become a wife and is separated from apothecary but it's cool because she got healed enough to be able to return to her home and go on with living (while maybe visiting and writing in the future), I'm probably asking for too much, right?

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You know what hurts me most about the prequel? Her picnic basket. It's such an innocent thing.

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I'm putting together a team. We find the ones who did this. Who's with me

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Used goods are useless.

If he's bullshitting about feeling bad about this he's doing a good job, I was wondering about why he started posting random one-shots and other bullshit leading up to this page, it's almost like he got writer's/artist's block

I want the scarface dude's balls be cut off and used and choke him with while he is still alive, tho.

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>tfw there'll be a 3rd story about punished erufu killing those bastards that did those things to her.

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Hey reddit.

door-to-door evangelism succubus looked cute tho dem hips

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This shit is so confusing since author started from post rape
Is it a manga, a hentai, what

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Don't worry the lolibaba probably grew it back with magic.

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Is a 1-page per chapter twitter manga-esque story I guess? I dunno how to call it to be honest.

Wasn't expecting the x-ray cut-in, it's gonna be the best kind of lewd and brutal

if you mean the frankengirl, she is canonically not a loli. Author wrote on fanbox that her(his?) body is of an adult woman, just smol in build

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lol no Frankenloli already said it would take a major risk/toll to fix, she's way more busted than just losing her elf hymen

and that was about being functional enough to have children probably, no virginity bullshit

Fanbox updated with a page of her demonstrating her faith it seems

>the x-ray cut-in
And it sort of looks like he is literally tearing that pussy open.


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It’s a self-published (doujin) series, both the prequel and main series, the author is releasing all on Twitter, each chapter is a single page, since he isn’t attached to any publisher he can just do all the rape to be as graphic as any hentai manga out there.

Many like him usually strike a deal with an actual publisher down the line though, don’t be surprised if a "safe" remake happens sometime in the future.

As if there was any doubt about it. I guess the purityfags are losing their shit.

according to her backstory isn't she supposed to be some renowned sage or magic caster? it's completely retarded that she would be that unaware and unprepared to threats like the one that resulted in her capture.

So if he is doing it on Twitter (international platform), and he can do all the rape he wants, then what's with the censor bars?

be careful with what you say around her. shes evil and intends to do us all harm. it was her plan from the start

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Should have followed Lord Elrond to the undying lands :3

Can someone edit in heart pupils?

I'd imagine her situation down threre is akin to a fistula. Perhaps even a full blown cloaca.

He still lives, works and the primary audience is Japan, so he has to comply with japanese censor bars. Twitter doesn’t make anyone a sovereign citizen.

>when you see an unattended 3 year old

>Implying she even had a chance to defeat the Fat Ugly Bastard.

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TFW he made her look rather dangerous in the penultimate issue

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wish she wasnt so fat

but then immediately yo-yoed and made her extremely soft, moe and round in the last page

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I want to rape this stupid elf like you have no idea

This "dog" breed needs to be exterminated.

Awww he is smiling xd

It feels like the world has become a bit better of a place :)


This brings back some interesting memories.

The elf hunter has apparently immersed himself in their culture and customs. Nothing specific about her, but he seems to understand they're all pretty capable magically

She's determined not to waste what was given back to her but let her have her little victory, she's earned it

I went from loving this artist to hating him.
Who draws a doujin of that shit?

Such as?