Why is it so popular?

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Normie FOTM

Cute girl and hot mom
That's all you need

you could have asked in one of the threads already up

your adjectives are misplaced

The Americans but japan

Anya made the manga popular, which in turn made people excited for the anime. And then normies saw people excited for it and decided that they would also be excited for it to fit in.

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It's comfy

>cute daughterfu
what's not to like

Dog there is like 3 other threads for this show. Read the fucking catalog you faggot.

Series peaked here

its the most original story in a while

Read more than 3 stories before posting again

i have and i stand by that

because it sucks and anime fans are retarded as fuck

it's just good all-around, perfect for FMA-enjoying normalfags


I hate anime normalfags holy fuck just end the anime already so threads can go back to normal

wholesome but probably will get ruined soon

The manga was already super popular so it had the number of people talking about it to make its social media chain reaction go critical instantly
Plus it's appealing inherently
Don't be such a goddamn stupid faggot all the time you dripping idiot cunt



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Reddit and twitter trannies love it.

You can't /thread your own post you dumb faggot, especially not with such a shit, contrarian take.

>mod deleted the thread with higher post count

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it's alright spybro, csmfags will take all the attention away from us during the second cour

Hana Yori Dango!

Based The Americans enjoyer

>he thinks csm is airing this year
oh nononononononono

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probably because OP decided to write "edition"

Jannies have to live up to their shitty reputation somehow

it's been leaked to be airing in the fall no?

What happened to the last thread?

Does Japan even have an espionage division like FSB/MI6/CIA?

this is the face of intelligence

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The world's best assassin (and mother!)

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>Red eyes + black hair + assassin
muh dick

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I must have sex with Yor. It's urgent!

Go away, Loid true self.

It's a different setting with some half decent production values. That's all it takes. The bar for anime is so low anything that isn't follow the FOTM with competent writing and directing, and acceptable animation, becomes popular by default.

You wouldn't survive it Loid.

It's somewhat different from the usual shonen shit.

With enough preparation, any mission is possible.

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I will fight Yuri for Yor's virginity!

Loid is fucking this?

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No, that is fucking Loid.

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no idea, read the manga a while ago and it was just tired cliche after tired cliche. What could have been a fun SPY esper thriller turns to terrible romcom shenanigans.

it's family simulator for guys and a thirst-trap for girls, all bound together by cute moeblob daughter. frankly i don't know how ti took this long for someone to figure it out

>Yor goes ballistic so she can return to her family
>She doesn't want to leave Loid
>The self sacrificing windowed man
>The single father doing his best to raise his daughter
>The stressed psychiatrist working overtime to help people suffering from PTSD
>Yor wants to be there to help this generous man that thinks she's pretty
>Yor devotes herself to Loid's family
>Loid doesn't exist
so, who's gonna tell her the life she wants is a lie?

Good premise that combines wholesome cuteness with action.

So is her name supposed to be Yol or Yor?


>Learned the truth
>H-He is just like me

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confirmed to be airing this fall

I knew it was headed for this the second volume 1 dropped

>Has a 9.1 with 142,000 reviews on MAL

I know we hate MAL, but that's impressive even by MAL standards, it really doesn't look like anything special or entertaining, but there are only three episodes out. I guess I should give it a chance or at least read the manga, I'm personally not into romcom stuff. I had a feeling it was more popular with girls or homosexuals.

Read a few chapters and see if you like it.

It's not a real romcom, and the manga is better so far.
Go read the manga.

So, now that is confirmed that this is a Shoujo manga. What Shoujo shit do you expect to happen with Yor?

Do the dad and the mom fuck