I have to wonder how Komi is still alive as a manga at this point

I have to wonder how Komi is still alive as a manga at this point.

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Among us

Wtf is this real? What happened

why do i still read this shit

Yes it is. Author is just stalling the absolute fuck out of it with random shit.

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didn't they just have a big group waste of time arc with that atrocious nerf war thing

Well you're in luck, it's unironically the among us arc, two chapters and it's still going.

>9 pages of characters wackily introducing themselves like an autistic crossover fanfic
>fucking amogus arc

It's been good riding this trainwreck with all of you, but I think it's time for me to get off.

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I couldn't believe my eyes, what is wrong with the author.

Author is being sus amogus

>making a game "crossover" chapter like 2 years after it's peak popularity

Oda is honestly fucking retarded nowadays

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>has to actually make notes during the chapter of when characters were introduced
Wow, its almost like you have too many worthless side characters that no one cares about.

There are plenty better series in Sunday you could be reading

I'm not even reading it properly anymore, I just check out the new chapter to see what's going on, and then the very first page is an among us parody.

It's funny that it's been bad longer than it's been good.

Whenever I see Komi I can only think about that porn where she took a massive dildo up her ass.

It was good for around 150 chapters I'd say. Then the """"romance"""" with Manbagi started to be a throbbing tumor on the side of the series that it never recovered from.

This is now a thread for suspicious images

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I honestly think this is the lowest low of the manga, only embracing the manbagi ntr memes would be worse.

Why are you sperging out about them playing a video game? They played video games before.

Komi-cucks... I cringe!

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Baggy is cute, it's a shame she was introduced purely to lose. She never even had a chance, he just felt like he needed a love rival that would be crushed.

For real, even with the reminder notes I have no idea who half these characters are

Why do people still support this manga exactly?

Sunk Cost

threesome end should've happened

Damn. I've been buying the Volumes since last year. I currently have 16. When does the story go to complete shit? 20?

I dropped it during the bb gun war or something

Oh my god.

I was about to make a thread about low points in series history with this chapter

I still like the occasional chapter. Most of it is drek though

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I'm so fucking glad I dropped the living shit out of this garbage manga a hundred and some odd chapters ago, and I sincerely feel sorry for anyone that's still reading. What a fucking disgrace.

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amogus among us sus

Is it selling well or something?
Jesus this is worse than Rumiko milking Inuyasha.

is Komi a virgin?

Sunk Cost. People still support Kusokari after the 8 pages of cuck fantasy, so I'm not even surprised.

These chapters briefly made me think that "kenposter" meant "one who kenposts."

Better than most of the magazine, at least

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Kakeau Tsukihi is okay. I really liked their previous series. Shame it's not doing well.

I heard that the manga has sold like 7.4 millon copies total

so you're not gonna post the porn? cmon user

pretty much always been one of the better sellers in the magazine recently, the anime boosted that as well

7.4 million in circulation. Circulation is not sales.

Avan's book...!

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Fucking kek this can't be real

This makes it look like Conan is all that's carrying the magazine.

I think Detective Conan has had an upswing recently, did Rei finally turn it into a gay sex manga

>Better than most of the magazine
What else is even in the magazine? That's a very low hurdle

Is Komi a good girl?

ඞwhen the manga is susඞ

The absolute state of this shit, and to think it was one of my favorite manga years ago. The only people still reading this garbage were the ones who fell for the sunk cost fallacy.

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jesus christ

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lol this shit so seem hilarious frfr, why y'all mad tho?


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fuck off back to plebbit

I still like Komi

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>falling for this
certifiably not bussin

That's because Frieren doesn't have a new volume out.

Fr fr tho, gotta be cap, no lie

So I've started reading this to be able to hate it like you cool anons do, and started noticing how the author feels the need to narrate everything like us readers are complete retards. Literally wrote a 4th wall breaking character to justify narration too. That's like explaining every single joke as a comedian. Whatever happened to show don't tell?

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Man she's so fucking hideous

I’m so fucking embarrassed by how many issues of this manga I own

It's so unfunny it hurts my eyes. I'm like 9 chapters behind, I don't want to catch back up. I know Tadano just fingeredKomi in a manga cafe or something but I just don't care.