Why does every town in Anime have an ugly concrete river like this?

Why does every town in Anime have an ugly concrete river like this?

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Japan is surrounded by water

Natural beauty BAD, concrete slabs GOOD.

No it isn't

Because towns were built near rivers. Not a coincidence.

Because they don't do their washing in the river like you do

I only remember Ippo having one.
And Binbougami-ga.
And Hinamatsuri.
And Ahiru no Sora.
And Dynazenon.
Ah fuck it really is everywhere.

Because every Japanese city does

Yes it is

the wind.....

What the fuck

Fair point.

OK, but why?


>Burger education
Humans settle near fresh water sources like rivers and lakes, that is why most towns and cities will be near a river.

Presumably to prevent erosion/flooding. Although it's a double edged sword.

My guess is for flood control?

So the banks of the river aren't washed away in a typhoon.

They have a gazillion typhoons per year, it'd flood everything otherwise

This is the worst thing I've laughed at in days.

based debateCHAD

OP is clearly asking why the river is covered in concrete, not why there is a river.

How do their capybaras get out of the river?

No they dont I live in Pheonix.

Are you sure? He just argued that Japan is not surrounded by water.

>Although it's a double edged sword.
What's the catch?

>Phoenix was settled in 1867 as an agricultural community near the confluence of the Salt and Gila Rivers and was incorporated as a city in 1881. It became the capital of Arizona Territory in 1889.

shut up

rivers can also flood

To prevent erosion and also to deal with changing water levels throughout the year.
Infrastructure standardization is a pretty common practice, I don't see why this is so hard to comprehend unless you live in a place without it.

fair point

Because during the bubble economy, Japan spent huge amounts on infrastructure projects, many of which were not needed. See also enormous unused train stations in the middle of nowhere.

Actually that river is made of water not concrete

cities too lazy to put in work to make natural-ish river banks
but there are some videos on restoring some
think nhk did one

Isn't that specific river and bridge a place in Tokyo that damn near every manga artist and animator uses as reference?

I get the prevent flooding part, but how does it prevent erosion and is erosion really that big of a problem?

What about this river?

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>how does it prevent erosion
the course of the river won't change since it's concrete unlike soil
>is erosion really that big of a problem
yes it fucking is . where the fuck are you from? Fucking rivers will meander through homes , roads and any infrastructure if left unchecked.

but it's common around the globe?

If the river was covered in concrete that would make it a road

He's right you know

It could still be a subterranean river.

Erosion is a huge problem. Running water will violently rip away chunks of earth in its path, that's how rivers were created in the first place. In Japan, where the rainy season is intense and typhoons come around every once in a while without proper construction the rivers would eat away at the area around them. If you've seen any big jp city there's usually a few major rivers running right through massively populated and dense areas where river damage would be catastrophic

Japan is a bunch of volcanic islands. About 60% of the islands are forests and most of those forests are on mountain or hill slopes. Meaning the only place to build cities and towns are along the coast and on floodplains and valleys where rivers are located. Being an island and especially a thin island with monsoon season flooding can be an issue so flood protection should be deployed to ensure that these floodplains the cities are built on do not flood themselves and damage buildings and properties. So that is why most anime towns have a river with a concrete flood barrier along them.

Meanwhile in am*Rica

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Mob psycho

Yeah, a river underneath a road, or maybe a very wide bridge

>pizza hut
>taco bell

If you move the water twice as fast during rainfall the places downstream get twice as much water at any given time during the rain.

That river isn't made of anything

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This is almost assuredly a truck stop. They have these hyper-dense places in the middle of bumfuck nowhere, hundreds of miles away from anything else, for truckers to stop in on long hauls. Gas stations, motels, fast food, convenience stores, whatever.

this but unironically

Water isn't called the universal solvent for no reason, user.

That's just a movie set they built for Grease.


I miss Pizza Hut. So sad it went under.

It's Breezewood, PA, that picture's fucking everywhere

It's US-30 where I-70 fails to connect to itself in Breezewood, Pennsylvania.


Another angle of the place, doesn't look so bad iMO.

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someone post the zoomed out version

>the commie who memed the picture was being dishonest
what a surprise

many such cases

Post the mutt version at least

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