ITT: Real people whose life would make a great anime

ITT: Real people whose life would make a great anime.

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you ;)

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Too based to ever have an anime.

what's his story

I'd watch an anime loosely based on The Lusiads

It would legitimately be incredible, they wouldn't even need to bullshit the story since what he actually did is literal battle shounen tier nonsense.

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If we include the esoteric and alien lore it will be nice

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Chibi Elon Musk 4-koma in which he wanders around the world buying buildings, companies, factories and comically oversized lollipops.

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>Louverture is best known for leading the only successful slave revolt in history, which culminated in Haiti’s independence from France in 1804. But as Girard’s biography adroitly shows, Louverture was a more complex and contradictory figure than history has made him out to be. He was a brilliant general who fought doggedly for black independence, but he was also a former slave owner who didn’t hesitate to collaborate with the white establishment when it benefited him.
Based, victory at all costs

based stirnerfag nigga

Gay nigga with daddy issues but great brain for militar strategy

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his life is a shonen

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Why does this image look like somebody photoshopped his head on?


You aren't used to seeing an animal in human clothing.

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Why were Romans so gay?

Okay, but seriously, why do the resolutions/quality of his head and the rest of the painting look so different.

Not so much a person but time period in history. I'd love to see an anime focusing on the conquest of the Aztecs and how they'd design girls. Even if it's a Girls und Panzers type of show just as long as there's cute brown girls doing cute things.

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he's a cool guy but an anime wouldn't work

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Genghis with his generals and descendants +most of the heads of the burmese dynasty since they were all quite extremely militarist society.

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I just need a classical period slice of life like Olympia Kyklos

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>Upon learning about what later became Demon's Souls, Miyazaki became excited at the prospect of a fantasy action role-playing game and offered to help.[1] The project, up until he was assigned to it, was considered a failure by the company. He believed the company's outlook on the game allowed him to take full control of the project as any further failed ideas would not hurt it.[1] Although the game was received negatively at the 2009 Tokyo Game Show and sold far under expectations upon release, it began to pick up after a few months and soon found publishers willing to release the game outside of Japan.[1] After the release and success of the game's spiritual successor Dark Souls in 2011, Miyazaki was promoted to the position of company president in May 2014.[5][6] It was considered unprecedented for a person to change careers in Japan and become company president within 10 years.[1]

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fuck that picture is so fucking inspirational, it really captures the post-ecstasy moment of doing something you're good at.
Just emanating energy and soul.

It could work as a tragedy, with political and war elements.
>start every episode with his old self, living in exile, before going back to the past.
>show him trying to guide the nation while compromising with corrupt politicians
>make an epic out of the Paraguayan War.
>dramatize the betrayal of the imperial army to Shakespearean levels.
>last episode is about him hearing about what a shitshow his Empire has become
>end with him, in his last moments, still wishing for the glory of his country.
It would be K I N O.
The republic was a mistake, btw.

it could happen, especially in the commemorative paintings of political personalities involved in constant commitments, that the painter portrayed only the face of the client, while for the rest of the body he used a model, making him wear the necessary clothes

heh, i was going to post this

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Who is? Shaka Zulu?

Maybe they just painted his face over a white man's painting?
It would be very fitting tbqh.

King Shaka, yes.

Sounds like a mecha protagonist

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It is photoshopped, the painting of the body is from a portrait of La fayette, the head isn't even from a Louverture portrait to the best of my knowledge, they just photoshopped a random niggers head onto la fayette.

eu sei

Lol he died soon after and ever since the revolt Haiti has been a shithole with constant bloody revolution, authoritarian nigger despots, and general corruption and niggery

It was bound to happen.

slice of life with niggerman and universe ending monsters when?

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Any of you niggers heard about Stede Bonnet, the Bilbo-looking aristocrat who decided he was gonna be the greatest pirate captain who ever lived, got himself two bumbling henchmen - one loyal, one treacherous, set sail onto the seven seas, teamed up with Blackbeard, got fucked over by Blackbeard, taught himself to actually sail in a Shonen-training montage to rescue his shipwrecked crew, then set asail with his now loyal crew who he'd won over by becoming a real pirate to wage a bloodthirsty war against Blackbeard for leaving him for dead?

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Girls und Smallpox

Who's that?

could work if his mental state decayed so much he starts seeing creatures from his mythos... as cute sexy girls

>i wonder why an island nation who was isolated diplomatically and economically and forced to pay reparations in retaliation for their war for independence, and was invaded by the united states, isn't doing well politically or economically?
>it cant be that, it has to be the niggers fault

Dom Pedro appears in anime called Time Travel Shoujo

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Yes but he won.

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Goddamm that would a great watch. We need more anime based on historical events.

Just post this image next time

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Ah, One Piece

Isn't Oenomaus an original character?

Any American/Euro as long as no niggers are added.


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sounds boring and overused

>this much cope over historical facts
I was born in the right timeline

John Paul Jones

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The Magnificent

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weve already had animes with him

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no, he's historical
also he could be black if some sources don't explicitly state other ethnicity

was gonna post this

literal harem too

Robert de Beaumont looks like some guy they found off the street

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onion haed

Still no anime about the Roman Empire. What are the nips waiting?

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>anime about the Roman Empire
>it's just cute girls hanging out in Rome

Holy shit you're right

Had to look it up, but you're absolutely right. Seems like there's not many portraits of Louverture made while he was still alive. The portrait on the right was done after his death.

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Kongmin..... oh wait

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Rome's been done to death.

They should adapt Shut Hell. Showcasing history of a rarely focused on historical period outside of Europe/America.

>defiling Joan

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>Gets exiled for absolutely no reason by the military coup which forcefully turned the country into a "republic"
>All because he had the gall to abolish slavery
>The country becomes a corrupt shithole right away after he leaves
>Even though he was betrayed by the country he was born into and raised to rule, the country he loved from the bottom of his heart, his last words were still wishing glory for Brazil

>carl gustaf emil
holy fucking shit did they really used a black guy to represent a finnish general

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>Gets exiled for absolutely no reason by the military coup which forcefully turned the country into a "republic"
>All because he had the gall to abolish slavery
Sounds like they had a reason

>Scrawny asthmatic kid strengthens body and mind till he becomes president
He was also a weeb

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Shouldn't have imperialized the Dominican, Trujilo didn't go far enough

It's 2022 now buddy.
Get replaced plz.

Themes: Action, Military, Gore, Horror, Comedy, Vampire

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castlevania exists

she wasn't real anyway

Brock Lesnar.

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>Tags: Rape, incest, mindbreak

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