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>ITT: fanon ships you wish were canon

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>he doesn't know

Is this a thinly disguised bait thread?

Too bad she lost.

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Lets be real, its supposed to be real, but for story purposes, isnt.

rem is a kek

Remfags are probably the most delusional people on Yea Forums

later in the series doesn't it turn out that rem has a dick

Thats kinda gay for Subaru. Maybe thats why Rem hates crossdressing: She doesnt want Fembaru to become real so that they can start their gay relationship.

So Rem x Subaru is just a red herring?


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Definitely Rem and Subaru, or Rem and Me.

They're a close second but Emiliafags exist

Even we know Rem wont win!

Husband-kun and Wife-chan are married, just ask Flop.

it's an act

If it was an act why did he pound her so hard she can't feel her legs?

Shudrak aren't easy to fool

New chapter?

tomorrow maybe

god thats cringe


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Is Rem still in a coma?

No. Kind of. She has amnesia and her legs don't work very well.

How is that "kind of" a coma?

Because there's debate on why her body is up and moving around in the first place. And her legs are still asleep

Is she awake?
>Yes, she's not in a coma.
>No, she's in a coma.
What else is there to it?


Well what's your definition of Rem? If Rem's soul is still a screaming ghost yelling at a retard to do things and her body is being controlled by some empty soul does that count as Rem being out of a coma or not?


Why would she scream at Subaru to do things if she's alone in the Hall, she can't see him. There's no empty soul.

If theres no empty soul, then who is new rem?

>Why would she scream at Subaru to do things if she's alone in the Hall, she can't see him
That's not the retard she would be yelling at to do things

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What happened last chapter? last i knew Taititty or whatever her name is revealed her backstory was just a rip off Rem and Ram's only that her Ram died and had a kid or something i dunno

Are most of us going with the Rui-Rem theory?

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Rem but without memories, without name. There are more soul components. Or Rem is dead and it's Rai or Rui.

Subaru does like licking her horn in the Rem If

Rui wouldn't listen to her. If Rem spoke to Rui she'd ask Rui to put her back in her body but Rui has no interest in Rem body.

I don't know about most, but it's a theory and we don't know enough about how this works to say either way. For poetry purposes it's what is happening to her, but that's a pretty tenuous basis to lean one way or another. Although of the two theories it's the 'simplier' one using mechanics we already know about. Rem having Rem's soul but it's incomplete involves weird explanations like why it took a significant delay to return when Emilia's name returned immediately (time it was eaten? having eaten both parts vs just one? killed Rai the wrong way/shouldn't have killed Rai? combination of the above?) and then why if it has returned it's returned wrong (again, maybe the same explanations) none of which we know anything about. We also don't have Crusch as a reference for anything, nothing from her side is being shown to see how that compares or contrasts to what's happening to Rem.

No, I don't want that! Rem getting with Subaru....?! I want her to think about me and no one else for the rest of my life! Even after I die...I want to be at the front of her mind for a while! 10 years, at least!!!

Rui has been listening to her. Rui has been doing what the previous Rem would do or want to do. And broadly Rui likes Rem as well, she just prioritizes Subaru, which is also how the old Rem feels about herself.

I'd give her horn a lick wouldn't? >_>

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Best girls need best guys

The ideal homerun.

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Heinkel vs. Madelyn tomorrow?

>bait thread
>Spec debating with himself that Rem is actually dead

3d rem

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Plus any time-based theories have the issue that it has been a significant period of time and she hasn't improved in any way. All she's done is compensate for her legs not working, but she isn't getting any memories and her legs aren't getting better. Maybe that's an issue that her soul is broken up and if she has some character moment it will put itself back together and it isn't time based, but we still don't know shit.

It's Lye, legs aren't functioning because the Lye soul is not fit for her body.

I like the banner that says "don't touch".

yeah it's for some popup event
unfortunately EMT only got a cardboard cutout

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Please stop making fun of us rembros. It's very hard to cope these days.

Rem memories are back inside her as the healing coming back has proven it. The healing came from inside her not from Rui. Rui didn't stimulate her to use magic, Rui is a gluttony so she did something gluttony related. Yet, it came from Rem.

Rem memories are sealed deep inside her.

Rem having her memories allows her to be awake but they're locked.

Picture Fembaru, half-naked, running down the halls of the Capital Building at night. Tears are running down her face as she gasps and sobs. You hear an rhythmic noise, quiet at first, barely there but soon it becomes louder. marching, and clinking. Constantly from multiple sources. Then they come around the corner...

Imperial Knights. A dozen of them, with Julius at the lead. Their polished shoes making loud rhythmic thumps and their sheathed swords clinking as they marched towards her, their smug self satisfied smiles plastered on like masks, with their eyes locked in a grimace of anger. Fembaru is barefoot and is quickly caught and surrounded by these royally cladded attackers.

Before she can cry out, a embroidered handkerchief is shoved down her throat as several Knights take out their own handkerchief's and begin putting them onto their throbbing erections. She's bent over one of the Knights while two others come at her from the front and behind. They quickly penetrate her and begin chanting the sayings of their proud family Houses in rhythm with their thrusts while the idle Knights perform mock duels, and sword polishing(heh) as they wait their turns with her.

The clinking of their swords begins to speed up as the Knights near orgasm and increase the rate of their thrusting. Shortly after, they all pull out of her and ejaculate into their handkerchiefs. They quickly remove them, mockinly offering them to the exhausted and broken Fembaru as other Knights move in to take their turns.

This goes on for nearly two hours. Fembaru is exhausted and bruised, trembling from the cold and the trauma. Most of the Knights have left, save for Julius who was fucking her throat raw. He pulls out his freshly polished "sword" and blows his load all over her face, then stands back to admire his handiwork.

Fembaru looks up at him, tears in her red eyes and tries to talk.

He hits her in the face with a wooden sword

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Doesn't Subaru pretty much not have a libido anymore going by comments from novelfags? Is he just going to end up foreveralone?

>Rem memories are back inside her as the healing coming back has proven it.
Because Rui gave it to her.
>The healing came from inside her not from Rui
No shit retard, it's using her gate to do.
>Rui didn't stimulate her to use magic
She literally did. Why did Rui glow and have to touch Rem for her to do it? Why didn't she do it herself if Rui did nothing? Why did Vincent tell her she needs to focus or she'll lose what Rui is granting her?
>Yet, it came from Rem.
Because it's all her physical organs using it you retard. Rui isn't healing Subaru, Rem is, because Rui shared with her the capacity for something she already had. And she still blows at it, there's no indication she can even do it as well as she did before because Subaru can't assess shit since he knows about as much about magic as provisional Rem.

He wants more than anything else to get with Rem and Emillia, he's not forever alone. He made comments on possible baby making and on Rem being cute and attractive so I think he'd like to enjoy them in a physical, sexual manner too

As amusing as this is, don't spam it or it will start getting flagged and deleted. Keep it either to hilariously appropriate conversation or rarely.

It's the most popular theory in nipland

He blushed when the big titty ara ara foxmommy kissed him.

he probably just needs to stop dying so often and have a few years of SoL with Rem and/or Emilia, then his libido will probably end up returning at some point, also, i don't think emilia will be that enthusiast about having sex with her current mental age and rem (after recovering her memories) can wait for him to be ready. Right now subaru's lack of libido is an advantage to not get distracted in complex situations