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"The Forgers Can't Draw" Edition

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Has anyone tried to watch the dub? youtu.be/QWUjvOCsvuQ
Western competition for VAs when?

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Is it safe? Are the shitposters gone?

>Western competition for VAs when?
When they become unionized so the studio has to pick the best instead of the cheapest.

it's honestly crunchyroll's/funimations fault for trying to churn out a dub as fast as possible instead of trying to make a quality dub. It's sad cause I don't think dubs are inherently bad it's just that they are so cheaply made it makes most of them dogshit.

They will never get better, not with the current state of america's politics. You know, forcing their ""ideologies"" onto everything they touch

Doesn't help that the biggest licensor of anime adaptations is Funimation either. Shit company run by idiots.
>Is it safe? Are the shitposters gone?
Most of them were busy in the other containment thread, so it must be for now.

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I like everyones voice in the Dub especially Yor since thats what i originally expected her to sound like. I feel Jap Yor is a bit too soft spoken

Only terrible dub is Anya i cant stand it sounds way to old for a 4 year old

I watched the last episode and cried

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>unionization promotes competition
t. actual retard

What did she see?

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Western dubs will never be good, because the only type of person who would ever want to voice an anime character in the west is a blue haired femcel or fat fucking incel retard. Any real talent is filtered out because lack of people applying, or nepotism not allowing real talent in.

the last thread about the fan book was pretty good I thought. Didn't really see any shitposters/animeonlys

The event that led to her little brother being born.

Me on the right.

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i honestly have no idea how the dub of Baccano came to be. It totally made me have a completely positive first impression on dubs. Right now i just want to relive that feeling of hope and appreciation.

It was pretty good because it fit the setting and it was made before the time of simulcasting.

>Unions will lead to better labor
tl;dr your logic for me. Unions protect workers not corporate interest.
I've worked with literal morons that can't be fired due to unions.

>Bro having to pay voice actors more won't make. Companies more selective with who they're paying
>just look at what happened when Hollywood unionized. All those amateurs who'll take peanuts getting million dollar contracts
I get that the companies who think for you said unions are bad, but expecting quality when a company can literally pick anyone and profit are retarded.

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1)the world is bigger than your low skill work
hiring bottom barrel voice actors is a corporate interest. If they're forced to pay more going "You get what you get" to a customer becomes a lot less favorable.

Baccano had a large enough cast that the number of regular VAs was insufficient. Once the ADR director got approval for auditions, they went with the best of the auditions for the whole cast instead of just the number required after filling the production with regulars.

Everyday it's harder to tell fandubs and official ones apart, they used to suck in very different ways but now they are the same

Still confused as to how unions will help that situation, but I won't press it. You seem to be illogically convinced corporations are the enemy

>anya NFTs

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Axeman has read too many NTR doujins

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Loid for the sake of world peace you must fuck your wife already.

Baccano being made before the era of global cuckery helped

What are some good dubs that are equal or better than the subs.
Kill la kill
Gurren lagann
Dead leaves
Samurai champaloo

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Can't wait for the change in episode 4 where Roid goes into a Rage because the misogynist said women belong in the kitchen. Hope he calls him [a 2014 reference]

Well done retarded generalnigger


>That portuguese Loid

>Q: Are there any manga artists that you admire?
>Tatsuya Endo: I have a huge admiration for Togashi of Hunter x Hunter. I want to draw a manga like that just once. But I know that I will never be able to be Togashi, so I try to create works that are in the range of my ability.

You're welcome Spybros

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I want to have sex with you.

They have taken untold millions that they never toiled to earn
But without our brain and muscle not a single wheel can turn
We can break their haughty power, gain our freedom when we learn
That the union makes us strong

Let me spell it out to you really slow.
Without union. To make a profit does it make more sense to
A)pay someone 100$ dollars for a low quality performance
B)pay someone 1000$ for a quality performance
Modern dubs being awful quality is just good business.

Now, with a union. you have to pay for an 1000$ voice actor or else you will not get one. Would you take
A) the 1000$ quality voice actor
B) the 100$ low quality voice actor
In this case quality is the deciding factor rather than being willing to work cheap. There's a reason funimation doesn't do auditions anymore. Some random persons freind works as well as an actual voice actor.

It's really basic. To me it seems you're illogically pro-corporation. You'd rather a bad product than a slightly less rich corporation. tl;dr your logoc.

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in reality you with a union, you will be paying 1000$ for a mediocre VA. Unions just protect the incompetent.

Why Yor dresses like a whore?

You reminded me that girls and traps should be wearing boxers

I watch the dub every week as well as the sub
Not an elitist at all, I prefer to watch the dub and sometimes the dub comes out even better than the original.

That being said, this particular dub is not great. Not terrible, but definitely not great.

>It's really basic. To me it seems you're illogically pro-corporation. You'd rather a bad product than a slightly less rich corporation. tl;dr your logoc.
You haven't provided any selection pressure for quality. All you've done is ensure the already terrible VAs get paid more. A union isn't the answer for quality voice acting.
>That being said, this particular dub is not great. Not terrible, but definitely not great.
I'd personally rather watch a dub for animes set in the West. However, if I don't like Crunchyroll/Funimation, I don't have any options at all.

The artbook made me realize that 99.99% of artists didn't get Yor's hair right, just like pic-related.

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Well Yor''s hair is also incredibly odd and not apparent unless told. Which is why they should stick to drawing cute sweater Yor with her hair down.
Pic related is also official art

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Fuck you. Don’t bring that evil in here

what killed the hype?

you sick fuck.

>what killed the hype?
The season is still ongoing user. Incidentally, when Episode 5 comes out, there's a new chapter out the following day. SxF threads will most likely be overran with retardation. The calmer pace is better than the alternative.

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>I'd personally rather watch a dub for animes set in the West
Honestly me too, but I'm way too excited about this anime to wait a week behind.
I think Loid is dubbed really really well, but something about Anya's dub I'm not a fan of. They also change some of the dialogue which is meh. I'm pretty excited to hear the dub for the headmaster though, think that one will make-or-break the dub for me.

If you're gonna watch any dub for this one, I'd recommend German since it's pretty good and it's setting-accurate.

What the flying fuck did I just read.
If I'm willing to pay the $100 low quality actor without the union in the first place, why would I spend time to sort out and pay $1000 quality talent in the 2nd scenario. If my goal is to optimize the bottom line, I will outsource the work, find a scab, or work with another guild for cheaper.

Here's how the real world works
>Big Daddy Investor wants me to make a product that will sell real well under a budget
>I work to make sure every dollar spent is as worthit as possible
>I cut costs where I think it cut costs
>The product sells just enough to keep Daddy happy
> I get to keep my job.

English VAs are horrible because there's not enough outrage or people who care about it, so dubbing gets the short end of the stick. If a Union forces me to pay premium no matter how talented the actor is, I find the "good enough" option and optimize something else. Why the fuck would I spent time finding quality in a sea of shit if they all cost the same anyway?

Talent sorting happens with or without a union. It's just instead of it being based on a quality/cost ratio. It's just Unions fucked up the cost aspect, so I only sort to the first good enough actor no matter how shitty because they all cost the same anyway.

That might be too complicated so let me dumb it down even more
>Good actors cost a lot, bad actors cost less, I pay the guy that's best for the quality/budget ratio
>Good actors and bad actors cost the same, I pay what I get away with
>I don't waste time finding needles in haystacks.
>I don't magically care more about quality because Unions make me.

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>If you're gonna watch any dub for this one, I'd recommend German since it's pretty good and it's setting-accurate.
I did like the dub for the first two seasons of JoJo, because they made an effort to cast the characters accurately (even if they were caricatures). It all went to shit at Stardust Crusaders though.
I've personally never understood why Scandinavian or Germanic characters are given British accents in Western productions though. That's the type of VA casting you'd want dubs to avoid if they aim to improve quality.

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>in reality union takes away the poor little corporation's ability to pick who they hire! And the bad guys will win! Union and corporations trying I'd bad! Deal with funamation garbage to beat the bad guys!
Listen, you can spin that corporate brown nosing shit for McDonald's where it makes sense, but for entertainment actors, directors, and screenwriters formed guilds and producers became selective. Some intern's friend isn't writing scripts for Tarantino.

>you haven't provided any pressure for quality
That's what the union is for, dumbass

>the poor little corporations will be FORCED to hire the bad voice actors they've been paying shoe strings for. Corporations are just too nice to heighten their standards to match their budget!
Did someone actually convince you putting less money into a work will make it higher quality if we ask the corporation hard enough?