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Were supernovas a mistake?

Only Kid, Law and maybe Bonney matter for the plot.

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Urouge is pulling the strings in the background


No. I think it was cool of Oda to start introducing other hotshots. I don't even think they all needed to be relevant to the overarching plot, it was just nice to know that others were making their journey the same as Luffy.

everything post thriller bark was a mistake

Bonney is so goddamn sexy it's unbelievable

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- Chapter 1048 : 20 Years
- Momonosuke keeps pushing Onigashima to avoid Luffy's attack.
- Kaidou transforms into a fire dragon, the technique is called "Great Flame Fire Dragon" (or something like that)
- His body touches Onigashima's horn that was still whole and melts it like butter.
- Luffy uses an attack called "Gomu Gomu no Bajrang Gun" (Monkey God Gun).
- Kaidou uses a new attack called "Shoryu: Kaen Hakke".

- The scene changes to the interior of the castle.
- There the samurai want Kaidou to be defeated.
- Kawamatsu remembers what happened after Oden's execution 20 years ago. A flashback begins.
- Kaido finds out that Oden has a son.
- Kaido goes for Momonosuke and eliminates all the townspeople who stand before him.
- We see how Oden's castle has burned down.

- The Wanokuni Daimyo band together to fight Kaidou and Orochi.
- We see a vignette of each Daimyo, they are Tonoyasu and the 3 samurai that Yamato met in the cave (including Shimotsuki Ushimaru).
- They are all defeated.
- They start enslaving people and the country falls apart.

- Back to the present, Orochi is still on fire.
- He tries to take Komurasaki with him.
- Denjiro arrives and cuts off Orochi's head.
- We see that the wishes of the people are already flying through the sky.
- "May Orochi disappear" or "I want to escape from this hell" are some of them.

- At the end of the chapter, Luffy and Kaido are about to confront their attacks.

Drake is kinda relevant even if he is a massive jobber.

>fight will still go on after this

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Imagine having a date with her

>Also STILL hasn't used his Awakening
>Also STILL hasn't had his Flashback
Kaido's got at least three aces up his sleeve left while Luffy's running out of tricks

The dragon's got this

>Different attacks
You mean various swings with a club and black haki lighting?

>Monkey God

Oda is literally writing spic fiction

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just a quick reminder to ecleb fags the raid is going to succeed and yamato is joining also kill yourself

He's the god of the sun and of monkeys

>best Pussy
Bonney because she can turn younger and give you tight cunny
>best anal
Bonney for same reason
>best feet
>best armpit
>best Blowjob
Robin, her mouth was strong enough to hold onto the concrete while someone pulled on her, also multiple tongues
>best boobjob
Robin, multiple boobs
>best handjob
Robin, multiple hands. And you know from Frankie she's not afraid to grab it
>best snuggles
Robin, can cuddle with two of her at once
>best fertility
Carrot, you know how many babies rabbits can produce?
>best Dominating
Robin, did you see what she did to Franky's balls? Also the black leather outfit she seems to enjoy
>best fetish
Nami, exposing herself
>best femdom
>best loli
Bonney of course
>best overall
Robin. Waifu material, cute, and a kinky power

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>oda is trying to get the spic demographic
going for that cow i see masterful move godasama

>iphone filename
Every time

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>mildly successful vs carrying jump on his back

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Bajrang is an actual deity and it's a literal monkey man, user. Oda just writes it as "great monkey god" because it's part of its lore that
>it's a monkey
>it's a god
>it can grow in size (like Gear 5 Luffy)

Why the fuck is Oda holding on so long to Kaido's Awakening?
Doflamingo busted it out before Gear 4th was first used, around the middle of the fight.
Katakuri similarly busted it out early, it was used to almost defeat Luffy outright before he got Gear 4th working.

So why has Kaido still not used it at the climax with his fight with Luffy at the very end?

Isn’t the entire dragon form the awakening? Considering it’s like the carp fruit.

>Bonney matter for the plot

It’s vague. The fruit that Kaido has is the fish fish fruit model azure dragon. Some people think he is awakened some not. Momo turned right into a dragon so since it seems to have been based off Kaido’s fruit maybe that implies it was the same for him or maybe it’s just based off the already awakened fruit
Basically yeah it’s up in the air

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what would a fish-dragon awakening even be like
wouldn't it just let him swim through things
would it turn everyone around him into dragons
how would it even be of benefit in a combat scenario (other than the hypothetical swimming through matter)

>his awakening is the hybrid-looking form with different teeth and swirly eyebrows
>being a dragon is the awakening itself and Kaido is a Magikarp reference (Oda actually likes Pokemon)
>the flaming dragon state is his awakening
>he never achieved his awakening
Pick one of these four and deal with it.

If Oda wouldn't have introduced them as supernovas they'd just be normal characters and you'd like them. Oda just made them special cause an editor was being autistic. The plots of all supernovas could've worked without a single one of them appearing at Sabaody except maybe Law and Kid

Luffy is canonically supposed to be a huenigger

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Chapter 1049 Spoilers

Confirmed by redon

Chapter 1049: Square One

- Luffy wins the clash with kaido crashing down

- Flashback to the mountain god and what happend to the mountain god after it recovered from oden's attack

- It's revealed it takes 7 hours for one of orochis hydra head to heal, orochi heals up the head that kaido chopped off

- Denjiro does not notice and escorts hiyori to heal ashura douji

- Kaido awakens becoming 3x larger

- In an amazing double spread, kaido knocks luffy out with his new technique "lightning dragon: god of destruction triagram"


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Carrot is so goddamn sexy it's unbelievable

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>nothing happens
>break next week
I want to escape from this hell

Luffykeks we lost...

I don't like complaining, but ANOTHER pointless samurai flashback and Orochi decapitation? Fucking hell, Oda. His method of stalling for time is easily his worst aspect as a writer.

She looks like she fucks human men

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No escape from Wano

oda is so inconsistent with awakenings we can't conclude anything

> Magikarp
Eh its the whole fish gets to the top and becomes a dragon shit. But it would be funny if it went full Magikarp (making the reference more obvious then the metlans on kids arm)

I'd call Akainu a flaming homo in a gay shirt right to his fave just for the chance to sniff her asshole.

I've gotta see more Ulti's from this artist


>Because japanese refuse to watch anything without luffy we dont get movies, nor even anime episodes for cover stories without SH focus

Why are Japanese like this?

Splitting the crew was actually okay conceptually but TS fucked everything up

Kaido literally has a red koi scales tattoo but its dragon form is blue, it's totally a Gyarados reference not just the koi->dragon tale

It's retarded. The fruit is called fish fish fruit: model azure dragon

It IS the dragon fruit. The model name matters not the classification.
Just like Dalton and Kaku actually have the same devil fruit but Kaku is a Giraffe and Dalton is an ox

> Don't even get some cover stories voiced or animated
> The Caribou one is a slideshow

You just know

That was KnY and now JJK. One piece barely still sells but "carrying" jump is an overstatement.

I still cant get over the giant-sized straw hat in the mary joa freezer
What a fucking random thing to show

What fucking order am I meant to read my post number in?

Ah shit you're right. Nice!


Please explain why so many people have been saying this stupid shit. Did some retard fuck youtuber say it and all his fans just parrot it without actually reading the manga and realize that we've had tons of Model: X zoans that were given their forms right out of the package? Kaku didn't have to awaken his cow/ox fruit to become a giraffe.


Checked. Nice Trips

Why are they so obsessed with Luffy anyways? I don’t hate him or anything, but I’m also not SO autistic that I immediately lose interest in the series the moment he’s not on-screen.

C'mon, give me a 14, so I can impregnate Nami

Look honestly I think you’re completely correct but basically I don’t know is the stuff Kaido can do in dragon form are just base azure dragon abilities or if they’re from his awakening
I’m more inclined to your thinking by the way mostly this is devils advocate


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Checking those trips.

I dont know thats why im asking
Other anime doesn't have that problem like i remember watching filler arcs in naruto for months without naruto

And isnt DBS doing a movie about picolle now?

Noice, witness me.

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Don't know why no one has drawn Carrot working out with Zoro and being a peppy spotter for him? Considering how her initial interaction with him was dodging his sword, as well as currently being the only physical girl on the ship, you'd think someone would've had that idea by now.

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You got your 14 but I'm petty sure you have the order backwards.

Fuck it.


I think it’s the last two so footjob from Yamato in your case

This lmao


Carrot and Zoro have never interacted past that initial meeting, if Zoro had come to WCI you might have seen that kind of art.



No, because fuck you

Will zoro wake up before the feast?

Luffy's wife

Dude you fucking called it I’m actually impressed

It should be vaginally with Perona

You got it backwards, retard. Suffer Yamato paizuri and die.

No, he mocked grim reaper 22 years ago, now he is gonna pay

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Eh whatever rolling

Bunny feet bunny feet bunny feet

If you kiss Ulti does she keep the mask on or take it off?

That man was Mihawk and he already met Mihawk so Zoro is ready to die now

Had oda an autistic urge to re-reference this line from Arlong Park?

I'm gonna eat pasta off her soles.


>Its real
It was a reference to this?

*Who’s Who’s

>Either a buttjob from Ulti or anal with Black Maria depending on how it works
>Not particularly into butt stuff
I’m not upset but still

I'm going to say no as Oda will just have it be like Thriller Bark where he wakes up after the party and then visits the samurai graves. But it'll be a flipped version where Brook comes in and they talk about Ryuma

The last good cover story arc

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I can see it

I got your roll nerd, now I will impregnate her!

Bonney is the most irrelevant Supernova, what the fuck are you talking about? Yes, I am saying she is more useless than Urouge.

notice how the carrotfag instictively feels threatened by Bonney even though she has received 0 panel time so far into the series

this is because Bonney will join the crew. more and more flavor of the month nakamafags will start exhibiting this kind of behavior soon.

I still think the reason why Shuiesha rigged the last poll is so the Nips wouldn’t chimp out upon seeing that Luffy didn’t win #1 for the umpteenth time.
Like, would it really have killed them to just let Zoro have his rightful win and just handwave it as “Haha those stupid gaijin and their shit taste”?

Oda had absolutely no reason or obligation to create Ulti and make her this cute.
We should thank Oda every day for UltiaWA0S

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Kiku's vagina

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How could you do this to me? I thought we were friends.

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Fuck you faggot I already got what I want the other way.

Will we ever see Johnny and Yosaku again?

I’ll see what fate has in store for me

Gimme bunny or gimme oni

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Ulti is very considerate for covering most of her ugly face

Bonney was in the levely while Urouge is doing nothing right now and majority of supernovas are yonkou bootlickers, she is fine.