Daily Shoulder-a-Coffin Kuro Side Story: Nostalgic Travelogue chapter

Chapter 3

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Done. I like watching people play chess. I'm terrible at it, myself, but watching as a neutral observer is always fun.
Do you have a favorite tabletop game? I bet the king would enjoy role-playing games. What a nerd.
See you tomorrow!

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Oh hey, it's 4D chess.

If this manga was more popular, some based autist would have already made a real world version of this game.

I like pure luck-based games, so Parchís for me. I do like Uno and more skill-based but I just suck at them so I play for fun. Role-play are the best too.

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thanks OP

This reminds me of the pumpkin kingdom.

>Just nope out of the episodic conflict early
I don't know why that makes me laugh

Genius strategists

Thanks Op.

I just realised the town on the cover is the one from these bonus pages.

At some point one starts accepting when the author doesn't expressly show you the way out, because you know that there wouldn't be a story if they took it. It's somewhat funny when they point it out, instead of trying to hide it.

>Do you have a favorite tabletop game?
I always wanted to get into Warhammer ( Fantasy ) when I was a teen, but it was obviously way too expensive for someone relying on allowance. Now 20 years later I still haven't gotten into it, guess PC gaming is just too cheap and convenient in comparison ( also all the nearby table top / trading card shops have been closed ).

We're gonna need a refresher on the picture they're painting.

I've heard GW games are a great way to be parted from your money

I always chose my units in Fire Emblem based on how hot they were.

this feels less and less like chess with every page

I like chess

I don't have a favorite. Thanks OP

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Can you find the mate?
White to checkmate in 2

I really like tales about eccentric royalty and elaborate tasks

Good for you, there are countless fairy tales with that thematic.

Thanks OP. I'm also really bad at chess, but watching is rather entertaining. The era of board games started and ended in my family with Monopoly, and I hate Monopoly, so I never really had a chance to find a favorite.

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I'm fond of many different card games; my most favourite would probably be Irish Snap

That just sounds like the name of a drink.

GW doesn't want you to know this, but if you just want the wargame side and your mates are up to it you would be better off just pirating the books and using handmade cardboard tokens for the game play. You're shit out of luck if you were specifically into it for the army building and painting aspect.

But that's illegal!

Thank you, OP!
Did you accidentally post the first page of the next chapter, or is the significance of this page just lost on me?

As far as I understand, these pages are vvolume extras, and they don't seem to be related to their immediate chapters, in this volume at least.

It's a sequal to this one

Thanks OP. I don't like chess, myself. Never found it appealing.
>Do you have a favorite tabletop game?
I can enjoy any game where I can play with good company.

Ah, I just realised the the previous chapter also had an extra page like that. I guess it's just another story we'll get to read piecemeal.

>not preparing his son for a civil war
that first succession crisis is going to bite him in the ass
thanks, OP. i don't enjoy DnD as much as it is a ruleset to have roleplay, I like Dark heresy's mechanics a lot better.
i think my favorite board game is Subterra, a co-op survival game about exploring and escaping a cave while monsters want to eat you and you're running out of supplies. I always play as the soldier who has the most HP and a gun, so i get to focus on being needed to kill monsters while the others can try to deal with all the other hazards

The game will be the succession crisis.

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Those are always fun

Who is she spying?

The only people who hate monopoly are the people bad at monopoly.

>another story we'll get to read piecemeal
the ol kuro specialty

What a lad.

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It might not be the game's fault, and I actually like the beginning of Monopoly games. It's more that my brothers are the rest of my family were cheaters, or they'd get bored and games would devolve into underhanded deals and shitposting via real estate.

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So they defended against mongols?

>Based on experience, the man on the throne is gonna issue some outrageous demand.
Even Sen sees it

That sounds fun. The best part about monopoly is extorting weaker players.

Man, he's got them crazy eyes.

You sunk my battleship

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King me.

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And all I had to do was check your first mate.

I've heard good things about Wingspan. I myself like Codenames.

Dixit is fun as heck.

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fucking broken

All royals are evil.

where's my nigga mo?