Legend of the Galactic Heroes

How would you fix this character?

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Keep him alive longer.

let him retire with a pension

Give him sunglasses.

Yang Wenli was perfect.
It was the universe that needed fixing.

Kill every character introduced within 10 episodes.

At least have his wife be pregnant with his son by the time he dies.
It is just a shame that his blood would not be continued.

You don't fix perfection

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make him drink more alcohol and fight drunk vs rheinhart

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his blood couldn't be contained to the end
there's a reason we call him Bloody Yang

Make him less of a pussy and have him fire at Brunhilde in ep 52.

Make him grow up drinking the empire's water.

No idea

It wasn't cowardice, he didn't fire out of ideology. The military has to obey orders from its commanders.

Yang needs to be louder, angrier and have access to a time machine

His personality it's perfect at it is, he only needs to exchange designs with Reinhard

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>Naively underestimates his enemies, got many of his top soldiers killed as a result.
>Sacrificed his love interest to one of his closest friends because he was too scared to pursue a woman that obviously preferred him.
>Didn't have sex with Frederica and probably backed out of it when she wanted it.
>Became Trunicht's plaything despite saying he wouldn't.
>Follows unjust orders because he sold out to his paycheck.
>Spared Reinhard when he himself does not support autocracies because he wants to "co-exist," which would only cause more tensions.
>Dirty, irresponsible slob who probably had maggots in his dishwasher when Julian wasn't there and had an obvious lice problem because he most likely uses shampoo but doesn't scrub.
>Such low self-esteem he embarrasses himself constantly and is self aware of it.
>Never grows as a character and admits it.

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He could have said "I had already destroyed the flagship before you called me to cease fire"

He knew killing Reinhard would only fuck up everything. If anything, the ceasefire order was the excuse he was looking for to not have to do it.

Put Schonkopf in charge. Obvious choice.

Have him nuke (((Phezzan))).

Let him reluctantly take over the rebellion and eventually becoming the president elected for life of the free alliance.
He become a king in everything but title.
Ending is his daughter marrying the kaiser's son, unifying humanity in exchange for making the empire a constitutional monarchy.

Yang was too much of a coward to do it. He was even willing to exploit an Empire's soldiers death which betrayed his own principles.

>Rob an opposing formidable force of the only level-headed leader they'd have in a thousand years
The Empire would've burned the Alliance to the ground in reprisal.

I wouldn't. He serves his purpose. Flaws are purposeful.

They'd have collapsed into a civil war

He's literally me.

Neutral third party here.

He should have sex with his adjutant.

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Yeah, and he should stay alive well into his 90's and when he does die, it would be while sitting out in the sun reading a book before being found by one of his many grandchildren.

I'm going to living out of a hotel for a couple months and finally watching this. I know there's a new remake and I can guess what Yea Forums's answer would be, but do I just watch the original? Google makes it sound like there are movies to go with it, what's the order there?

The original is finished and a complete story, the remake will not be finished before the heat death of the universe. The movies are optional, all discussions and memes are always about the series.

>Reinhardt offers him history research retifement job in some rural area
And then he would refuse because it was not an offer by an elected official like Trunich...
The problem is that he is an uncompromising idealist, which is going full retard.

The original hands down

His seed was weaker than Reinhard's and that's why he lost.

Like half the screenshots are from the extras.
Also Schonkopf is shown having sex

But then he orders Merkatz to seize ships that his commanders intended to be scrapped.

He requests that Merkatz act freely because Merkatz is not bound by orders.

He was supposed to win.
It's not fair..

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Thanks. I'll go find whatever has the most seeds on nyaa.

It's probably the Central Anime version but in case it's not that's the one you want.

My Conquest is the Sea of Stars and Overture to a New War first. Then the OVA series. Only after that do you go into the new adaptation. Regardless, if you are impatient just dive into the OVA series first.

Reinhardt wouldn't need to give him that. It's something he can gain for himself. What Yang needed was plot armor and an order that forbids him from military service for life so he can go live the comfy life he wanted without being burdened by responsibility.

I don't think he's retarded for being ideological. It's only that his ideology was totally unsuited to his historical moment- he would have made a great Heinessen.

It wasn't. Theirs is all split up into different seasons. I'll go with those instead.

He only got that far because of plot armor. Reinhardt had her sister push him, and Kircheis helping him. With the empire pretending to be meritocratic and the kaiser and pm favoring him too, he pretty much had a straight road ahead.
Yang on the other hand constantly lucked out near death situations, had talented subordinates flock to him for no reason and always have a trick up his ass.

He never had plot armor. He even addressed this in the series. As a tactician alone, he said he couldn't do anything except through the fluid execution of the whole fleet and it's admirals. He made this clear after Fischer. He was nowhere near a Maru Sue and very flawed. What held both sides back is the incompetence of the older admirals. Both Yang and Reinhard overcame this though there was more to it in both circumstances and outcomes.

he's a moralfag character you can't fix him

Yeah, except yang managed to single handedly stop the empire multiple times, and predicted everything they would do. If he also had power, he would have won every single battle with overwhelming results.

Not before annihilating the free planets. Every would be Kaiser would've made it his mission to make a show of avenging Reinhart.

>single handedly
Why try to comment on a show you clearly didn't watch?

he never joins the military and becomes a historian

Reinhardt died of literal space cancer at the age of 25. That's the opposite of plot armor.

Make him a cute girl and that's about it.

Have him pretend to not receive the message and take the shot.

>Yeah, except yang managed to single handedly stop the empire multiple times
You're hitting yourself..

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Make him kneel in front of his Kaiser. also less semi-circles

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Make him learn basic first aid, specifically how to apply a tourniquet.

The problem is that Reinhard's admiralty is not the only faction in the Empire and not every prospective Kaiser is a military man (Even Reinhard is only a duke at that point).
The initial biggest problem is the expeditionary army's supply lines, which are long and rife with potential interruptions.
Phezzan might rebel against the occupation, Odin might recall the fleet in order for the admirals to prostrate themselves before the baby Goldenbaum kaisar. Annerose is the legal heir of Reinhardt's estate and somewhat vulnerable. Remnants of the high nobles or Goldenbaum loyalists might stir up trouble as would Terraists or even the lesser nobles that saw their standing much improve under Reinhard. Even the powerful Mariendorfs might oppose a military dictatorship if it's not helmed by Reinhard.
The invasion of the FPA is untenable without broad and reliable political and logistic support from within the Empire which will be lacking with Reinhard dead.
Reunthal the most likely candidate to consolidate Reinhard's legacy would have trouble controlling the more aggressive admirals such as Bittenfeld and Fahrenheit even if Mittermeyer were to back him up. And he's not on especially good terms with Hildegard or Annerose who are both vital to keep Reinhard's faction united.

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Make him a little less omniscient in the first season. He always seemed to know what Reinhard was planning, but failed to stop it every time due to the constraints of his system. I know that it reinforces the audience's perception of him being an equal to Reinhard while also adding to the commentary on the failing democracy, but it at points felt contrived.

Other than that he was a great character. He had plenty of flaws, acted as one would think his character would act given his abilities and the information he had, and he ended up being a pretty believable human character.

ngl, I really wish they did show how much Fischer and the other secondary characters helped Yang in battle. It did feel a bit half-assed when out of the blue they say "the yang fleet is now less effective because the now dead Fischer was key to fleet control" and barely mention it outside of that. But I guess at that point, I'm effectively asking for more episodes.

You fool! Giving the Magician access to the legendary drunken fist technique is just asking for an Imperial defeat!

chill bro attenborough was the true MC of logh
i bet finally got loads of pussy at the end too unlike permavirgin yang

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Convince him that he's a victim of political brainwashing designed to keep incompetents in power with idealism and that the best form of government changes with the times and the situation a people find themselves in.

>lifelong bachelor
He was gay, user

Who wasn't in logh?

Thing is, Reinhard could have bought Yang with the right offer. He just didn't know enough about Yang's personality to grasp his motivations.

If Reinhard had offered Yang an honarary doctorate in history to go teach at the Empire's naval academy, Yang would have accepted. The whole Lenenkampf affair wouldn't have happened.

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Hilda's maid.

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