Do you actually think Sistoro has/had her own Senpai?

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Pardon my hackwork, 774

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Based effortposter

Gamo whore

>Senpai... stop laughing...

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Added a hint of her mole, her hair is in the way anyway but it feels bare

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So... Did her Senpai and she became a couple, or he became the boyfriend of another girl?
Good job by the way

Sistoro senpai got tired of her shit and started dating her big tittied judo rival

Sana and Shikki supremacy

A lot of people say Shikki will take Senpai away from Nagatoro.
But that already happened, Shikki's older cousin fell in love with Sistoro's Senpai, and he fell in love with her.
Now they will get married, he considers the idea of inviting Sistoro to the wedding.

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She's still kinda tan, might be my monitor
I'll just post more fix attempts in future threads to not clutter up this one

Alright Gamobros I got /fit/ so I can properly self insert as Brotoro. But ngl Senpai and his friends are looking kinda good right now fr.

I'm effay too btw, not sure if that matters.

was browsing through some pics and found this i took a while ago and forgot to post
but which one of you is this...?

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cool shirt

Holy based

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The Nagatoro who beat me would have never dropped her McNuggets

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Kek reminds me of this gem

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a devout follower

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100 % Based

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On a cloudy rainy school day, Senpai would be in the art club room as usual, attempting to work on an art project of his, though he couldn't focus today. The more and more he spent with Nagatoro the more he began to like her, he enjoyed her company and was enjoying how comfortable she had been getting in the art room. Thoughts of her raced through his mind, his heart pounding and his face turning red as he began to have lewd thoughts about her. He had remembered she left a bag that contained a costume she wore when modeling for him one day, and it seemed she wasn't going to bother him today since she hadn't shown up like she normally did, he had opened up the bag to look for a specific piece of her clothing. Lucky him, he had found a pair of Nagatoro's white panties. He looked over at the door and listened to make sure nobody was near, and since he thought nobody was near the room, he held her panties to his face and began sniffing the backside of them. He then stopped after the first sniff for a moment "Eh!? Did N-Nagatoro fart in these? It smells so bad... but really good too!" He had quietly said to himself, he'd then proceed to bury his nose in them again when suddenly...

The door swung open and the short tan girl walked through, "Senpai-" she then froze in place and her face immediately turned a bright red, she had never actually thought she'd catch him doing perverted things like this. "N-N-N-Nagatoro! It's not what it looks like!!" He told her, extremely embarrassed to have her ser him like this.

She would walk over to him, standing right over looking tall as he was on the ground with her panties still in his hand, "Geez Senpai~ i knew you were a pervert but I didn't I'd ever find you sniffing my panties, I let loose some gas in those, I bet they reek! And i think you know that too" she'd tease, she didn't want him to see her embarrassed so she decided to make his fantasy come true. She pulled down her skirt and got even closer to him.

"Do you wanna sniff my ass Senpai~ or maybe even better, do you wanna sniff my farts" She would ask him, her body so close to his, a visible bulge had grown in his pants from Nagatoro being so close to him. "N-Nagatoro I'm..."

She quickly shut him up, "no need to apologize Senpai, just beg for what you want, and I really will do it for you~" she said with a moan at the end, Senpai then hugged her waist and begged, "Nagatoro! Please, please fart for me! Let me smell your butt Nagatoro! Please!". Nagatoro looked at him in shock, she didn't expect him to do it so quickly, but she didn't back out of her deal.

"Hahaha! Gross Senpai! But you did what I asked so I guess you deserve it". Nagatoro turned around and placed her ass up on his face, rubbing her panty covered ass all over it, suddenly stopping to give Senpai his first fart.


A long bassy fart was let loose from Nagatoro's ass, she giggled as she heard him sniffing her fart, and also from his breath tickling her bum. She already was starting to enjoy doing this for him, she didn't mind Senpai being a perverted fart lover. "Mmm Senpai.. maybe I'll make you my cushion to fart on, you'd like that wouldn't you~" She teased once more. He nodded his head, sliding his nose up and down Nagatoro's ass.


A long wet and bubbly fart blasted into Senpai's face, he deeply inhaled Nagatoro's gas, rubbing his face all over her ass. "S-Senpai... your making me f-feel good down there..". Nagatoro's legs began to feel weak as she was being pleasured by Senpai's face in her ass.


"Mmmm, ahhh~ that one f-felt good to get out.." Nagatoro moaned, she was bent over hands on her knees looking down watching senpai as he masturbated to her gas

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We're out here on the "range" today with a special presentation on small caliber hunting rounds and in particular the HMR17 and its effectiveness against the specified targets in question today. Namely medium style game and other small rodents. Recently in the comments section, there have been some disagreements with my methods of testing, and "apparently" more precise demonstrations are required in order to fill in some of the gaps missing from our last presentation, in which I thought smaller details would have been inferred from the data i had presented to the audience. So today I have a more hands on approach to measure the damage and effectiveness of said calibers, namely a smaller version of a test I like to call, "The Meat Target". This meat target is scaled down quite a bit from our normal presentations to fit the calibers in question. Todays "Mini meat target" . . . Is a layer of taxidermy faux rabbit skin and fur, wrapped around a cornish game hen, filled with mandarins to simulate lung and organ tissue, and as always is followed by the new and improved high tech fleece bullet stop. And Ill be starting today with CCI Varmint Green HP TNT 16grain jacketed hollow points in caliber 17 HMR , and Im gonna shoot this from a distance of 30 yards to simulate a real life small game hunting scenario. So lets get started with the testing.

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Sistoro has brotoro


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100% Based

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>Still no major progress made after all this time
I went from loving Nagatoro to getting really sick of it. At this rate I’m gonna be dead before Senpai makes a major move.

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I still don't understand how a manga exists where literally every single female character that is ever introduced is somehow better than the main girl.

They're at least faux-dating.
I get what you mean though, a lot of series do this to keep going.
Most authors probably don't have a goal past, "hook-up".

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nigger are you retarded or just baiting

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Theres been plenty progress and we got plenty very recently and its not going to slow down.
This series is not for coomers

maybe for plebs who can only masturbate to big tits

realistically, how many cocks has Sakura sucked?


>Never see Nagatoro in a sexual way when I first started reading
>Always saw her lewd side as just being an over exaggeration of Senpai’s perception of her cause he’s a turbo virgin
>Anime comes out
>Suddenly a kajillion lewd pics of her and everyone screaming out how she’s their waifu
>Manga has gotten progressively lewder in terms of content both involving Nagatoro and the other girls
I feel like I should be excited by this development but honestly it makes me want to read it less, despite being a massive coomer. I’m not quite sure why

>Manga has gotten progressively lewder in terms of content both involving Nagatoro and the other girls
The only thing that got lewder was Sakura confirmed to be a turboslut

If anything, the manga has become progressively less lewd, spare a chapter here and there.

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We just had a chapter where Naga and Naoto finally admitted to their friends that they really do care about each other romantically, and going forward they're almost definitely going to move past flirting and denial into properly acting like girlfriend and boyfriend. Hardly "no major progress" lately.

Personally I don't mind a slow story pace for a teenage romcom like this, it's nice to have chapters where other characters get to develop or it's just simple fun. I just wish time in-universe wasn't passing so quickly relatively. Hopefully this second year doesn't breeze by too fast like the first year did.

As the war in Korea rages on, Senpai gets a bit of R&R but is unsure if this leave would be any better than the world of death he got used to

beautiful...i read it in his voice from beginning to end

based isekai senpai poster

back in Nipponland huh?

The fans of Nagatoro are disgusting, they are all losers who want to be dominated. Absolute scum.

I was just thinking about you earlier, and lo and behold, a new page dropped.


I always am extremely grateful for what you do, but funny enough I caught a fucking typo. I've proof read this over 3 times and still missed something. Should I delete it and repost it again correcting that one single glaring typo?

I don't mind saving the new one over the old one.

don't let it brother you..........

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I just want to hug Yoshi is that so bad?

Where can I find the whole thing?

Thanks, I'll proof read 4 times now before I post another one.

Sorry for the fuck up, the caption for is now for the corrected image

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>Coomer detected
If youre looking for fap material the Dragonmaid thread is here

Saved again.


Based, I'll read em later.

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>self insert as brotoro
gamobro, i...

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I hate to break it to you user, but all that hard work is in vain. She said shes not into him. Just go back to being fat

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