What went wrong?

What went wrong?

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Dogs eat more than just dog food however

Fun things die when they eat dog food.

>Show's then
Where did it all go so wrong Yea Forums?

>show from 15 years ago

>What went wrong?
The compression level of that image.

Someone post the correct version.

Like homework

Huh? What are you talking about user? It's still 2010. Hope it's gonna be a great decade.

The things people post for (You0's

And both shows are national socialist.

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Yeah, like faeces, which is appropriate for this thread

You were born.

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im with anime like a hound dog
i eat everything and throw up and cant remember what i watched
it enhaces the viewing experience


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I don't know man
I don't think anything will give the same amount of hype as gurren lagann
But it's still gonna be a hype decade for mecha

fun dogs eat fun dog food

They're both great.

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this skipped the part about being sent abroad to fight in a war

Why do they eat homework.

Agreed, anime used to be for MEN, now it's just cutesy moeshit.

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Those all seem like modern shows tho
Although i do agree that MANIME needs to come back.

Like pitbulls mauling children


wtf happened nostalgiabros?? Anime used to be campy and children friendly.

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Dunno bro.

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and the winner of the biggest fucking retard on earth award goes to

>literally the same

Anime is just YA books made into cartoons it’s always been like this

what do you mean

You were dropped on your head as a baby.

that boy needs therapy!

And I bet you haven't watched either since you pollute threads with your forced meme

lol good one user.

Please, user. He's not a retard, just an uncultured swine.

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At first I though this was just a shitpost but on second thought, he does have a point. On multiple occasions have I considered acting in spirit of something I saw in anime but then I'd always have to stop myself, thinking "wait, I shouldn't do this, I'm probably gonna get shanked in some dark alley or something".

my problem with K-on is that they create problems and then "solve" them with a wave of the hand

>guitar is too expensive
>dont worry we'll pay for it
>I dont know how to play guitar
>offscreen practice of like 2 days I AM NOW A MASTER OF GUITAR

>left shit
>right shit
>op fag
>Yea Forums shit
nothing changed

user just put on the skirt already and go down the alleyway cmon I've been waiting years here

Sauce on top right?

>dont worry we'll pay for it
That was after Yui had put in work to raise some money herself
>offscreen practice of like 2 days I AM NOW A MASTER OF GUITAR
That never happens.

Name one single anime with shota horse cock, you cant

yes it does, she literally tells them she doesnt know how to play and starts attempting to learn chords, then like 2 days later shes the lead guitarist

she was the only guitarist until Asuza joined and had to teach her.
also Yui is a savant

>Facism being against struggle
Not according to storm of steel

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>next she has school exams
>she forgets everything she's learned
Nice "master of guitar" guitarist there, not to mention that when Azusa is introduced she gets intimidated when she hears what an actual guitarist sounds like and pretends to have backpain whenever they're told to play together so they can compare. Circlejerk from band members doesn't equate to actual skill btw, nobody outside their club acknowledges HTT as a skillful band, not Jun who only joined later to keep Azusa company neither the crowd in the Live House episode who flocked to Love Crysis.

because in a democratic societies no one ever gets sent to war, and specifically not against their will

old anime is extremely moe though.
all of tezuka's (inventor of japanese animation) art is moe.
all of nagai's (definer of japanese animation) art is moe.
all anime is moe.
all cartoons are moe.
you are moe.
embrace it and watch CB go nagai world and forget about legends of the galactic yawn.

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Dogs are pretty fun

but I thought nothing bad happens in national socialism

logh is very liberal while k-on is natsoc

All those pics are from the same show. Same epi- wait

that moeshit IS marketed to men.

why do americans ruin and destroy everything?

Boku No Pico.


Naruto does both themes better than either.

post the source for all of the anime on the right and before you get all uppity I don't really care

At OP. Cherry picking.

12 years later and people still fall for this shitpost.