Dragon Ball Super

Who is he talking about?

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>OG, entirely OPTIONAL prequel thread
I yawn pompously.

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Where is he going?

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This looks like it was drawn by a fujo.

To your house

You're a Bulmasister btw.

To the place that needs to be SAVED

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>My LORD is coming to MY house

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Bejitabro, btw. And YES, I'll offer my mother (I NEVER touched another woman in my entire LIFE) to my hero...

Your favorite version of Goku?

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All of them. He's my favorite character and the sole protagonist.

Namek-Early DBZ

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I’m locking my doors.

You'd better hope Dr. Gero built your doors, little bitch.

As if your HERO will be stopped by a mere door. He's not a SHITman like Tien
You WILL prepare him a good lunch and you will be happy..

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Why? I'm not a bad person.

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21 is getting nerfed HAHAHAHAHAHAH


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You fucked up.

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>Ten out of nowhere
Goku lost to him twice btw.

The one where he hits his wife and wants everyone to die so they come to the afterlife, without a body, obviously. That is just for a privileged few.

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Didn't read past the first word, tourist scum.


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Based fuck that "character".


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Isn't it obvious?

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>He thinks SHITod can stop FORCEOFNATUREku
Your in for a bad day if you think this

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Quick! Grab a rock! That'll defeat him!

Goku respects his good friend Tenshinhan. Ten is still training to surpass Goku.

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>balled fist
>clean cut

Sex with Puar.

Yup, this is true. They will have an epic fight in the tournament arc when the anime returns.

>Tumblr rat

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>Goku respects his good friend Tenshinhan.
So does Ten with Goku.
> Ten is still training to surpass Goku.
Tenshinhan simply wants a rematch with Goku.

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Cute fan.

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He's a part of my fanclub.

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I was mumbling this exact shitpost to myself today.
GOD he warped me good.


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>3 mb for an image
Fucking idiot.

Let this IMAGE SEEP inside your soul.

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I chorted.

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My wife Chino...

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I'd rather let it SEEP into the top motherfucking ONE reposted image.

Goku is a human and an earthling.

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Kek, even Gokek can't stand his wife.


EVERYONE's wife, Chino...

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Let's take Dragon Ball way from Toei, Shueisha and Toyotaro, let's crowdfund DB, let's give the money directly to Toriyama and hire a decent mangaka and good freelance animators.
We can do it, friends, I believe in you I believe in Dragon Ball, let's kill Dragon Ball Super.

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You know being pompous, AKA obnoxious, isn't a good thing, right Shitrentranny?

Did you know that there’s an official Bulma blowup doll?


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Nobody gives a shit about your disgusting waifu-fetish and pedophilic fantasies, you fucking jobbing, manlet, balding unpaid piece of jannoid. Remove yourself from these "Sacred Halls".

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Your wife is an underage...

REAL new thread:

Was it radiation?

>Prince Bejita gets to fuck this every night
KWAB no wonder kissless TARDku faggots are so jealous and create disgusting cuck fantasies to cope.

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She is cute, user.

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You are fat and ugly.

Got it from his mother..

>disrepecting the CHADnnies
Gents... kill him.

Christ is the lord, Christ is the savior.

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Gmen the pedo rat and every moedog that replies to it.

You’ll get bored of your little gimmick before even reaching 6 full threads, moeshitter.

>Y-youre saving images wrong
Don’t care your probably brown, retarded or both

A rare based post from a Jirenbro.

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>He is here

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>western """art"""

>CHADai Namco willing to nerf 21 for being broken once the CHADgon CHAD CHADterz community stops playing because of her
>SHARTcom and ArcSOY do nothing about L*ke and HC, both of whom are just as bad if not worse than LC21, because neither the cuckolds playing SFV or the trannies on Soive have the balls to abandon their corporate daddies
Moeshit lost
CHADgon CHAD won.

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>You know being pompous, AKA [not pompous]

>can't tell the difference between a drawing and real life
Based SCHIZOrenbro.

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Yup. Hopefully RedditWaifurat 21 is nerfed into the ground and is objectively weaker than actually good characters like Piccolo and Tenshinhan.

Yes, and?

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>Shitrenhomo doesn't know what pompous means

Yes, Belgus Christ is here, he is everywhere. Amen.

Done, roach.

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Nevermind Bejitachad, I kneel.

Fasha is Raditz's mom.

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Up jumped the devil.....One, Two, Three....

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>tourist catchphrase
>no period

>loser faggot talking to himself

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