This is still the best anime opening ever made

This is still the best anime opening ever made.

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can you hear me
so am I

Remember when Sasukefags kept editing the OP to have the Sasuke vs Itachi part be the chorus? Good times

More like best Naruto opening

Unironically soul-kino

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I remember when they had alternate versions of the opening. I thought the Sasuke vs Itachi edit was them changing it again

I've never watched Ousama Ranking but the second opening is easily one of the best pieces of visual media I've consumed.
I'm afraid of watching it and being disappointed.

pure fucking kino

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well done user, Sadness Into Kindness is so cool omg

>assault rock isn't at the bottom

Move they all to S

It really isn't that bad

It's not better than any other OP that's for sure.

It's actually just meh

Honest question, no shitposting, are you all new to anime?
I watched this expecting "one of the best pieces of visual media I've consumed" but all I see is some unrelated rotoscope and some seconds of animating nature in the usual way, some landscapes + clever scene transitions that are not really unique, I've seen the same concepts in other anime openings.
Or are you biased by the story and you think the OP is special because of that?

you're actually just a nigger

Btw, I liked it, I just don't see anything really outstanding

your reasoning is very limited user, as you know good new shows tend to be hot and that's for a reason. People will always like new good things, even if the old ones tend to be better. As for why I'll let you think that one out for yourself.

There's nothing technically impressive when you look at it in mechanically, but it's just really well put together, with really good shots with amazing composition and subtle choices that make it better.
Artistically it's just really good. The music is a perfect choice because it's not overwhelming neither underwhelming.

I've been watching anime since pretty much forever, I'm 31 now, and for me anime visuals just keep getting better and better, sure we have the copy pasted souless of every season, but here and there we get gems like this opening. Not sure if I can say the same about the story themselves though.
Am I biased? Maybe, probably for the opposite reason you stated. I have not watched the show thus I can't be let down by its probably underwhelming plot and characters. Instead I only have the great visuals of the opening.

seethe more stupid retard, your OP is just average

Post a better opening.

sadness into kindness

>Lovers at the bottom
The hell, I loved that OP, and I still hate Sakura to this day.

How long did it take you to figure out the OPs have nothing to do with the future content the anime will adapt? It took me until this OP, which is also when I discovered the manga. I remember I was so excited thinking Sasuke will somehow beat 4-tailed Naruto like the ending of the OP implies

Rank them

>actual things that will happen
>things that already happened
>things that could happen
>fake spoilers
>spoilers but only if you know what you're looking at
>actual spoilers

Check mine out.
I didn't bother with OPs I couldn't remember since I skipped a lot of filler.

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that's just a very good song

Lovers is better

>Lovers being at the bottom
>Firefly Glow being lower than Closer

size of the moon is underrated yeh

Right? It's so catchy

I literally can't understand anyone who doesn't have this at the top it's good on so many levels.

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is that the one from the sasuke retrieval arc ?
let me get a cup of watah is kino and the best stand alone song from a naruto op

Diver belongs in S tier

Newsong should go up

Silhouette and and Line should be moved down.

It's so good it gets referenced in other anime.

Seriously? What a bunch of cunts, it's Jiraiya's opening.

The world that was should be way up above.

don't get me wrong, Naruto is a terrible gateway anime etc, but pre-shippden/pre filler was so fucking good and even parts of shippuden were cool too

Depends for the OP, but for the EDs it's ALWAYS symbolism first.

The best endings are usually stuff like NEET Naruto going for a jog under the rain after being human trash in his room, or Hinata on a bike, or Naruto and Sasuke as wandering samurais being on edge after crossing each other's path but stopping when they realize a frog startled them. That kind of stuff.

I don't like it that much, the themes aren't that good and it's emo edge that doesn't really land for me.

Fighting Dreamers is much stronger.


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6 is clear

the song ruins it imo

It's all pretty good. The only flaw is the fillers are poorly placed really and the fillers aren't even bad usually just too drawn out

>Diver not an S-tier

Why?It's pretty kino and song slaps

>fighting dreamers
>anything but S+

OP 2 will always be peak. I honestly think Silhouette is overrated.

fuck yeah!

It's not even the best Naruto op you fucking retard

Best ED:

diver is great

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shit tier

I like that one, but this one is catchier

I reliz da scriming pein filling laud in mah brein.

>Line in S
>Driver, The world that was, and Swaying all in B
You have fucking dogshit taste.

Decen list

>literally see Sasuke and Sakura procreating Sarada right in the OP
>preggo sakura
>unprotected hand holding
>lures you in with potential NTR
>but it's actually ALL VANILLA
>you thought it was single mom
>but actually father was brining in big bread home working SSS ranked secret missions
>Naruto headpat
>Uchiha moon parallels to the song
>tsuki = suki thing
>Sasuke can't revive the Uchiha (japanese) clan himself
>Shin actually made like 9999999 clones
Face it. It's the lewdest Naruto OP and Abe would approve of it.

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