Otome Game Sekai wa Mob ni Kibishii Sekai desu

Marie is so lucky!
She has them all for herself!

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they're all gay tho

These looks unironically gay compare to a actually reverse harem, leave it to men to ruin things.

man i don't like the bug artstyle they went for. it feels jarring and plastic, especially in motion

bitch no one cares about these faggots

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>harem but for a girl

She is so, so lucky.
I'm sure she will have a worry free life where everything goes right.
Not living in poverty trying to get money to feed 8 mouths.

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I hate jilk and i unironically hope he never goes through any character development, and always stays as julius lapdog that eats those other fags cum out of marie pussy.

Mylene is my wife.

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Cute lesbians

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This was actually pretty shitty on her part, but really the only bad thing she did

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>This was actually pretty shitty on her part, but really the only bad thing she did
So far yes

based fuck that nigger
my queen...

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Not as bad as the quality on this shot though.

bunch of broke losers lmao

she gonna thank leon with her body?

am i the only one who think angie's eyes look super weird in the anime? almost alien-ish

people won't shut up about the eyes, so no

guess i missed the discussions then lol

Fuck you Roland, you never deserved her.

Are you trying to imply everyone else's look normal?

>they all want one woman

nah, theyre all a bit weird, but angie's are extra weird

I honestly don't understand how this seems to be retaining so much interest. The quality is poor and they keep skipping or changing scenes that may not be super important but are noticeable when they aren't there.
I wonder how many people new to the story even realize this episode showed Leon's younger brother and sister.

Is this the Isekai faggotry squad? They look even worse than Fairy Ranmaru and that shit was awful.

>Prince and his gang have gay sex when Marie neglects them
>Olivia and Angie have lesiban sex when Leon neglects them
Which is worse?

marie is their beard

More people seems worse than less people, but it's also true that Marie doesn't love the 5 retards and that Leon would probably feel left out knowing what Livia and Angie are up to.

Rule of thumb, if the balls aren't touching is not gay.


>in universe game designed by famous artist.
>boys are all ugly
>girls are ugly

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>coping fujo
oh no no

Still waiting for LNfags to explain why Olivia tagged along

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Because she wanted to. She was worried about Angelica. Why not read?

You might be onto something. It looks like an artist who only ever draws stuff for a male audience trying to imitate otome art style.

her and angie are fast friends, why cant she bring friends

you don't get to bring friends

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Because she didn't bring the Masketta Man

she's a big girl

Marie's hairless immature pussy

The in-universe masketta man dresses like a pervert, nobody would want to bring him along.

I would lose precious brain cells trying to understand this show, Right now I can't afford to lose any as I am going to trial.

It's not like you had many to begin with

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LNfags spoil me on where this series is going please

I'm not an LNfag but from what I've read from spoilers so far, marie plays an increasingly larger role while, in my opinion, not being punished enough for being the lying gremlin that she is. The harem also grows while Livia and Angie become less important.



From what we see in the anime:

Next ep we will Leon put on a maid cafe with Livia and Angie as maids, but they get shown up by Marie and her harem who put up a host cafe next door. The queen visits, and Leon, being Leon goes "hot milf" and proposes to her, and then gets beat up by the prince. We will see a sub plot about nobles picking on Olivia, and using her to take advantage of Leon. Jilk goes racing to make money, and gets sabotaged by his ex-finance who is in the same boat as angie, but unlike angie makes some stupid decisions like getting harem of cat boys. Leon ends up getting in the race, and smoothing things over, while making more money gambling. Olivia gets used by some corrupt nobles to get Leon to hunt some sky pirates, but it's a plot to kill leon, but it doesn't work since 1. He knows about it in advance, and 2. Luxion, so the sky pirate thing gets cleaned up. In the meantime Livia gets self conscious about being used, and accuses Leon and Angie of just using her too, and treating her like a pet, which breaks up the trio's friendship. Leon lets it happen since he wants to try to get the game plot back on track. Leon gets another promotion, and keeps hating it. There is a "rematch" where the 5 idiots hire some shady mechanics to make them a powerful robot out of the machines Leon wrecked. Leon wants to let them win, but the robot is so poorly made he has to shut it down before it explodes and kills the pilot, so people keep hating Leon for being a jerk. The three settle things a bit, and go to a shrine island and get some slice of life antics, and charms that power them up. On the way home from the trip, they are attacked by a rival nation that wants to take some nobles hostage, and kill everyone else as a declaration of war. They are led by the princess of the country who has a flute that can control armies of monsters. This is the final battle of the series, and anime will end there. probably.

>Julius beats up Leon
I don't recall this ever happening

For mad that Jenna pretty much got a way with bombing leon, the anime skipped stuff.

Granted she still gets away with it, but at least the manga/novel acknowledge she did something, even though it's a slap on the wrist.

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Can someone tell me the final hierarchy for Leno's fiance's at the end of the web novel. Does Angie remain the main wife?

I'll admit I'm more of a manga fag than LN fag, but I think the scene is in both.

It's mostly played for laughs.

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I want to make Marie happy...

Marries the queen and everyone gets demoted to mistress. Has kids with the queen only. Sorry if you liked Angie or Livia.



IDK about the WN, but for the LN it's looking like
>Dierdre a best