Do you think you would be a good dungeon master in isekai?

Do you think you would be a good dungeon master in isekai?.
Would you accomplish the impossible by doing well at a job that requires such high intellect and managing experience?.

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I can't even manage to be a good NEET, and there are 0 responsibilities and I've got several decades of experience.

I believe in you user, you can do it.

What high intellect and managing experience?
Your goal is to keep people out of an enclosed tunnel system

Focus all resources on poison gas
Secondary focus for fire traps
Third focus on smoke and carbon monoxide poisoning

Done. You got 4/5 of the possible intruders gone and done.

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That's in the absolute sense that disposing of intruders and dissuading new intruders is the standard. Dungeon master stuff are usually incentivized to balance risk/reward and maintain a steady flow of intruder traffic without getting your core smashed.

Keep one or two alive to flee.
Be sure he recieves a bag of goodies that's 75% worth of what you gain

>degree in management
Hello, future isekai master here.
The world is mine.

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Yeah, right
What management? Business? Hotel?

Dungeons require Engineering, Architecture & Construction, and military field officer training.

>You and your conspirators create "field boss" avatars to bully adventurers coming into the dungeon

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It's okay, I have great gacha luck

>Hey my fellow B-/A-/S-Rank partymembers, I heard there's this dungeon that's practically untouched because of some mere poison gas. How about we all get ourselves some anti-abnormal-status-equipment (easy to afford for people of our position) and storm the place? We'll get an extra reward for being the ones to complete a first full clear!
RIP. Even if they leave the core alive because MUH "need to keep the dungeon running for endless source of monsters' providing materials/""EXP""/soul-energy/etc." your pride will be completely shattered.

That's for the entrance
Poison followed by heat and oxygen deprivation to filter all living invaders

I am aware of non-living creatures and strong people who can bypass the first round.

>Hah, like clock-work. It's, as we suspected, another one of these typical anti-human dungeon builds we've seen appear once every two decades. Good thing we came prepared with several of the ultimate counter-measure against that, like the anti-environment battle-bubbles, enough for all as well as several spares carried by everyone. These dungeons usually drop some really cool stuff and are even granted permission to get their dungeon core destroyed due to being too hell-bent on killing, thanks for the meal, oh dear dungeon master!
You are just a frog in a well.

If they come prepared, then so am I

Entrance is just a filter against the weak, the unprepared, and the biological organism that ranges from humans, animals, and undead

Second is where the real battle begins.
Due to the difference between handling golemn, spirits, and powerful humans, I'd rather discuss them separately

By the way, your script is cringe.
Keep your lines in 1 sentence

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tourism and hospitality

Also no dungeon shitters make their dungeon from scratch without magic you lowniq baboon.

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>requires high intellect and managing experience
No need. I will use my cheatu skillu and the dragon girl I found.

If you read some books about construction you would find that designing a building makes a great influence on things like airflow, waterways, sewage system, and temperature control.

Information that are absolutely vital if you want a killing box.

>tourism and hospitality
Great. Turn your mancave into a tourist attraction

Love the dungeon master genre
Too bad it's fucking cursed

I feel a hatred in my soul

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Is that ever relevant except some moments where it's needed to overcome the ntr invaders of the arc or mentioned once and never brought up again?
I already know the answer, no need to answer it.

Most dungeons have automatic climate control.

Most dungeon master stories also greatly benefit from doing things manually, because that sort of climate control requires whatever resource they gather by murdering people and/or draining their mana, doing it manually frees up those resources.
From most stories I remember, only keeping breathable airflow is "free".

Why would an author write about something they never studied.

Let an engineer write about this and you would get high IQ stories

The idea of floodgates far surpasses the classic rolling boulder. Temperature and humidity controls can nullify almost all elemental powers. And sewage system is a great way to demoralize invaders and render their food unpalatable lol

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so whats this? is this the story of the healer rapist who can do shit and a half because he mutters the word (heal) in things that have absolutely nothing to do with healing?

Why the fuck i would want to be a DM?that's just too much work 0 reward

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Don't demon lords usually get complimentary lolis?

First useless bump in the thread

Any isekaid gets lolis eventually user

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There's the isekai loli, the demon lord loli, the dungeon master loli, the "visited your first town" loli...
You gotta collect them all.

It's not because you are a DM that you are a DK right?

I fucked up. Are we going to keep pointing that out?
Look at retarded user, he said the wrong thing, haha!
You sick little freak. Don't you know when it's enough? What the hell is wrong with you?
Do you want me to make endless posts about your fuck-ups if I ever catch you doing any?

Let's all be grown-ups and move on already!

How that's different from the average isekaid adventurer? If you are exploring the world eventually you gonna get to fuc... Meet this characters

I was thinking in terms of video games, where certain characters only get spawned if you satisfy the conditions.

The shit part is that you are putting all your eggs in a basket. After a while and some bullshit magic your only defense became useless

In a lot of dungeon master stuff, you outright spawn the lolis if you feel like it and have enough resources.

That's for the entry way.
I am aware of the 1/5 who can pass through.

How difficult is it to create poison gas and fire?

>The dungeon was just a device to revitalize the abandoned city with the incoming flux of adventures

Yep most times they went to shit after V3

Assuming the dungeon itself doesn't filter the poison gas into breathable air, all you need to do is dry something poisonous, then burn it.

A dungeon doesn't actually have to keep visitors alive if it replaces them with doppelgangers.
You can attract even more adventurers to your dungeon by having your doppelgangers advertise it.

I was being sarcastic

Poison and fire have been used since primitive times. You don't need magic to turn a dungeon into a death trap using just those

You can invest your magic for the 1/5 who can pass through

Video games
Fair enough, if i see a fucking game window my plan changes 100%
Must be really dehumanizing if you got isekaid in a world that you know that's just a video game

Yes, underwater maze with laser sharks, rape dolphins and big crabs

They really underappreciated in isekais, a doppel waifu is the best tier of waifus.
Still remember that Witcher episode

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can i get a quick rundown of objectives in dungeon mastering?
do i want adventurers to come to my dungeon and perish so they can drop their loot? but i also want to lose as little resources and men in the process?

Nah, in those cases you always got to realize you knew the isekai as a video game but to the world and inhabitants it's real life. There's always a character to see this and get mindblown like in shield hero or digimon

You want to be sufficiently famous for people to come visit your dungeon.
You do not want to be so infamous that people actively try to exterminate your dungeon.

You want people inside your dungeon.
You do not want them to reach the end of your dungeon.
You like it when people die in your dungeon, because bonus points.
But the more people die in your dungeon, the less it's a place for gaining money (attracting more adventurers), and the more it is a target for dungeon busting (attracting trouble).

Size is generally good for making extra points and bad for making you infamous.

is there anything i gain from people coming to my dungeon? i assume that if they live then i can't get their gear. the deeper they go in my dungeon then the more henchmen/monsters i lose and the more they destroy it (upkeep)

>is there anything i gain from people coming to my dungeon?
Dungeon finances.
Depending on the story it gets called different names, but often it's just "dungeon points", or DP.

Your dungeon generates some points on a regular basis, depending on its size.
The presence of unaffiliated people inside your dungeon generates points, depending on their strength.
The death of these people generates a great multitude of their regular generation. So it's usually worth it to see them die.
Sacrificing stuff (or money) generates points too.

You need points to upgrade or maintain your dungeon, produce monsters to populate your dungeon etc.

(you can also buy Japanese food with these points)

There's a manga where the dm wants to attract invaders to his dungeon because when the invaders die they power up the dungeon core, that's a good reason to create a dungeon.
I tried to write some shit long ago, basically the DM was a mad magician/scientist that was using dungeon cores to archive godhood and he need adventures to kill and steal their mana and power up the cores, he would isekais people to defend his dungeon, in the end he completes the plan and then the dungeon gets destroyed, was going to write more shit then i realized that this was too gay

This autistic balance of risk vs reward is what makes dungeon master shit so appealing
And also the exact same reason literally all of them go to shit

>Dungeons require Engineering, Architecture & Construction, and military field officer training.
>Demiurge is a master tactician, scientist, and carpenter.
You're not exactly giving a stellar argument here.

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Looks like any clash of clans mobile game, you need to spend resources to get resources to spend

I figure the ideal dungeon is one that is in bumbfuck nowhere, that just grows peacefully until your natural DP generation pays for everything you need.
You wall off the entrance and live the perfect hikki-NEET life.

>I figure the ideal dungeon is one that is in bumbfuck nowhere, that just grows peacefully until your natural DP generation pays for everything you need.
That's one of the worst ones possible, they are easy pickings for any weirdo experimenting with dungeons or that wants to destroy cores to level up without breaking any guild rules or whatever.
It's bad because in almost all settings the natural DP generation is fucking awful unless your dungeon is lucky enough to touch a dragon vein.
And even then, that's the sort of late-game bullshit the bigger dungeons are constantly trying to monopolize, so you are fucked either way.

>advertise your dungeon as a perfect newbie-friendly dungeon, safety guaranteed
>someone dies in it, ruining your safety record
What would you do?

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The powerlevels in these dp style dungeon series tend to be higher than average so you will be fucked that way.
Solo A ranker or b rank party destroys everything.

Truth be told, that first trap was a killer.
If it weren't for cartoon logic, Alvin would have died.

Embrace Chinese blessings.

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Heavily depends on the setting.
Anyway, sure you set up traps and shit. You (or your goons) need to reset them and clean them every now and then. Even then you need to be or hire an engineer.
You have monsters? Great, you need food for them, and ways to keep them in check. And wages for the more clever of them if it applies (goblins and shit like that, usually, depends on your setting).
Undeads? Not bad if you're a necromancer, but mind that you still need to keep your undead minions in check (depending on setting, once again).
You need a cleaning crew to (1) prevent nuisibles to ruin things for you (depending on setting you can use some at your advantage) and (2) not alert adventurers of traps (bloodstains in front of a door are suspicious, etc.).

I could go on for hours, but there is no point since this is so dependent on your setting. Sweet, I want to play dm games, now.

This is a /tg/ discussion.

>DK3 will never be

I wouldn't say they average higher, these stories just deal with high power people more often than a normal journey isekai that mostly deals with jobbers and the occasional high-ish power threat of the volume.
>Solo A ranker or b rank party destroys everything.
That's mostly because these stories never go for long enough to have the MC have a 3 digit floor dungeon, which is what the oldfag dungeon masters have at minimum and where those A and B rankers go to.