New Anime starting in July

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>Filters yurifags
Yep, Im thinking he is based

>it's OK when Japan does it

Becasue american culture is revolves around worshiping blacks.

Does what? Make anime? All anime comes from Japan


>nigger worship
Nah I think I'll pass

Does he fucks them straight?


>white people complain about japanese people including black people in their fiction


>Same guy as Ben-To
I will now watch the anime.


>American """people""" complain about japanese people including black people in their fiction

There will be a lot of blacks in Anime from now on.
We have Americans to thank for that.

He looks like a dealer


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Aniplex and ABC Animation are owned by, well, not the Japanese.

holy shit. white fragility is real.


>gomenasai my name is Kemal-sama

It's okay when japan does it.

>4 cute girls and a black man
Okay, memes aside
It's an A1-Pictures original anime
What could this series possibly be about?

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This is the result of all the fuss Americans made about the lack of blacks in Anime.
Why do Americans love black people so much?

Having black skin sure makes it hard to continue pretending that all anime characters are secretly white.

I swear there is a doujin with this same set up

It's Gochiusa, but they're trouble consultants

The series turning out to be actually yuri is even more likely than either of the main girls being in love with him.

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At least the black guy is not voiced by a black


Guaranteed replies

yeah im thinking based

>character having to be voiced by someone of the same race
that level of brain rot hasn't reached japan yet
and are there any japanese-speaking black voice actors in japan anyway?

This is a black thing isn't it?

it's just the black samurai trope. It comes from yasuke the black samurai.

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Thought it was Will ***th from Gintama for a millisecond

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Keep seething mutt.

He should be voiced by pic related.

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It gets even better when those same insecure fucks cannot stop themselves from imagining sex between a black male and non black female if they happen to be in the same country.

Why make the guy a nigger instead of one of the girls? I'm still waiting for my interracial yuri kino.

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Nah, if he was he'd watch the girls get fucked by other men instead of fucking them himself

It keeps happening

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Pity this is clearly a bait thread, this anime looks interesting

Appealing to the american audience :/

This thread is going to be deleted isn't it?

I am looking forward to seeing how the West will react.
I think there will be a lot of negativity from the black side.

Yeah but there will probably be many threads when it starts airing in july
Why would black people react negatively to a black character?

The state of this thread d just reveals the sad state of this board and how infested it is with vermin who came after the 2016 elections.

Blacks are ok of japan does them

t. Jogger

>I told him and Rui's recent slump

What does that mean?
I'm ESL btw

Nobody cared when Yasuke came out, and if this doesn't grab anyone then I doubt anyone aside from the obsessed schizos will care.
Yeah, it's a pathetic state of affairs.

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Based fivehead.

yeah, nigger worshipping "right wingers" need to be expelled from this website.

yeah dropped

Interesting how all the girls in this show are moe blobs while the men look more anatomically correct. Look at how his nose / lips are drawn compared to any of the girls. Almost like they come from two different shows.

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Black brothers love to see themselves portrayed in anime

>yasuke the black samurai
An american meme. He's not among those the nips themselves consider to have been a samurai historically.
The only genuinely confirmed gaijin samurai are a dutchman, an englishman, an italian, a prussian, a chinese and a few koreans.

>black character
>has visible lips
every time

Wait a minute, is that the same guy as Konobi?

>revolves around killing blacks

because of shcizo-like thinking.

The fuck are you retards even talking about? As if this is the first random black dude in an anime.

Female characters in anime: interact with melanated gentlemen like they would with any other acquantance

This is the same mentally retarded guy who makes bbc spam threads on pol.

I'm looking forward to Yea Forums being very exciting.

Anime was a costly mistake

>Interesting how all the girls in this show are moe blobs while the men look more anatomically correct
If you weren't such a retarded newfag and crossboarder you would know that that's pretty common. It's the case of many PA Works anime for example, like Shirobako or Sakura Quest.

I'd like to be that guy if it means I get to fuck big tittied Japanese women and get paid for it

some /pol/-mongs just want to outrage-farm again.

i don't get it what's there to be angry about. it's just a cool old black guy that's practically a staple at this point
what show is this

Only the character designer.

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This anime is unironically gonna be so big on bee bee ocean threads on many boards and we'll have so many buzz buzz sea content on sadpanda and boorus and social media I can't fucking wait

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Why are there no black girl!?
Can't black girls be kawaii!?
How Japan is so racist and misogynistic!


>I am looking forward to seeing how the West will react.
>I think there will be a lot of negativity from the black side.
blacks are a minority in America and blacks that watch anime are minority within that. On top of those two things, you also have the fact that most people who watch anime watch it for the cute girls, when there is a male mc they are usually as bland as possible so that the viewer can self insert and get said mc's harem of cute anime girls. Boondocks was a very blackcentric show with an anime style to it but even that is a niche cult classic at best.

>old georgie is funding anime in nipland

The doujins are going to be great.

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didn't twitter became right-wing or something? /pol/fags should move there

What discord does to a mf
Cursed app

You like girls with ooga booga traits?

Will they be making drinks with honey in the cafe?

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>Da' Samurai

They could call the drinks "a la miel"

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return to monke user

A seaside branch!

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Is he the luckiest weeb in Japan?

I see what you did there

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>lycoris recoil
What did they mean by this? (Yes I know its a flower that has n nothing to do with herb)

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Nice i love the boondo- oh wait

>blacks killing blacks

japan is far worse than america when it comes to nigger worship

this guy must have some small dedicated fanbase of japanese guys into cuck porn and the thought of that is hilarious

I hate Americans.

paper americans arent real americans dilate faggot

all the nsfw content is already ruined

Well, as far as the setting is concerned, it's not as messed up as Western movie.

Needs heart pupils edit.

>kill them
>there is more of them
Hitler's magic at work, again !