This is the best anime has ever looked

This is the best anime has ever looked

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Shit bait

Animation peaked with Kimetsu

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Looks like a fucking video game cutscene, because that's what it basically is. Forced and dishonest animation, and proof that just throwing more money doesn't always result in a better outcome.

Insane visuals

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Not even the best thing done by Ufotable

>bad CG
>awful choreography
>no gravity
lmao even

>A fight between a character who is obsessed with doing things flashily
>”Why is this fight scene so flashy?!”


Watch the hf movies you fucking moron.

No matter your stance on ufotable, it's pretty nice to know that when they release their shows, despite being TV anime, it feels like a movie experience visually

I hate shonen but the first shot was great

I hate modern anime so much it's unreal. Greetings from Mauritania

It's insane that they made something as good looking (but very different) as OVAs from the golden age, on a tv budget and schedule in todays industry. I don't really like ufotables shows that much but I hope other studios follow in their practices

I wouldn't even call the Kimetsu train movie, movie quality...

This is the best anime has ever looked

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It is objectively good CG still looks like shit but the rest is correct

>I don't really like ufotables shows that much but I hope other studios follow in their practices
They literally can't. The only reason why Ufotable gets away with it is because type-moon shit and Kimetsu are extremely profitable franchises, so they can spent all of their resources on them. Another reason is because they don't rely on feelancers and only use in-house staff. However, that comes at the cost of not being able to produce many anime at all. Just look at Mappa who shits out anime after anime because they rely on feelancers instead of their own in-house staff. Problem is, quality can differ a lot when you do that and the overall production and planning is mostly much worse in those cases as well. Resulting in an inferior product.

based Yea Forums friend

Too many anime has always been the problem with the post-10s industry

I'm still made Ufotable never made more Toriko besides the Ova

Kimetsu's action scenes are really lame because the setting/background might as well not exist. It's just interchangeable CG props. Ufo without Hirao is shit.

>your shitty video
>pic related

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I mean they look fancy but they rarely has good choreography and it's hard to follow sometimes.
Remind me of michael bay shit.
HF, UBW and even KnY S1 were good though I don't know why this season looks so weird.

>still images
Where's the "animation"?

Agent Aika had much better action scenes than it needed considering it only existed to show panties.

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That's why it's popular.
The series ended with a wet fart, but the anime is flashy and colorful which makes the lowest common denominator lap it up.

I forgot this even had another season. I was barely maintaining interest in the first one after Boar and Zenitsu showed up, but then OH MY SUN BREATHING chosen one bullshit popped up and i lost the last vestiges of interest i had in it.
It a little sad how much KnY is carried to popularity solely on its animation quality.


I would state how bad the fire looks but they covered it in so much blur you can't see it.

>I can't see the fire

im a fan of the slashing swords and quick cuts from shows like Champloo and Shigurui. i cant handle this style of flashy showy fighting

The actual movement of their bodies is not that impressive in my opinion. I'd even say JJK and the sakuga moments of Attack on Titan have better body movements. The only thing Kimetsu has is the flashy weapon effects that fill the screen and the wilder camera. Animation is how things are moving, but people mistake particle effects and attack energy or whatever for animation. Retards

wtf is this, this belongs in a ylyl thread lmao

Bro, are you okay? Mocking how blurry it is because they clearly want to hide the low quality.

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KINO. Also best directed episode of the year even if 86 contrarians cry about it.

Last week's One Piece was better


It's pretty and flashy but kind of shallow, no real fight choreography.

Not even close.
This. Kimetsu only had good post-processing effects, the animation is average at best.

>all flashy lights and camera shakes = good animation
Nah, the actual fight animation / choreography is mediocre

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>I'd even say JJK and the sakuga moments of Attack on Titan have better body movements.

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Yeah when you take away the flashy effects, the animation doesnt even look that great.

>Actually, popular things BAD, and me smart because not like popular.

But to be honest Im not a huge stickler for good fight choreography or animation to begin with.
At the end of the day, I just want something that looks cool, which KnY does.


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Popular things tend to be mediocre in general

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That's cute.

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This is what actual good animation looks like, Kimetsufags

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>KnY is carried by animation
>KnY is carried by flashy effects

Dont believe me? Go read the series like I did. If you did, you'd realize how bland the story really is. I still like the characters even if they're pretty one-note

KnY is the perfect example of "if it looks good & has a story I can follow, I'm hyped for it"

This is bait but at least there's choreography, sense of momentum and the screen isn't filled with excessive anime attack sparks or intentionally blurred. Animation like this is more impressive than Ufotable's CGfest

Mob psycho better

Garbage bait kill yourself later tonight but no, anime can look even better, but that doesn't matter here because there are various styles and tones of anime out there that you just can't compare to each other as being superior.
Kny has the advantage of looking great and having fun music and action in scenes like this one. This is the only battle shonen that made me feel "hype" in fights, even when I know at least the MC will be fine at this point in the story.

>various styles and tones of anime out there that you just can't compare to each other as being superior.
This is /v- I MEAN Yea Forums
This Yea Forums, shitposters just love bait threads and pretending they read the manga no point in giving them any yous

I hate how fights which in the manga happened in pretty confined space and with a small scale suddenly happen in a gigantic empty space and all attacks are super large scale when being animated.
I don't really know how to explain it, it's like suddenly distances all become 10x bigger for the sake of animating more stuff.

Holy shit Naruto got this bad?
What happened? Who was fired? Before at least it was decent animaton


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Reminder people who call KnY bland simply want to hate it for being popular but can't think of anything else bad to say about because it's just a really well executed formula and genuinely good manga that has a clear beginning, middle and then ends with dignity unlike most shounen.


>anons fall for the most blatant bait thread over and over
what happened to this place? I've seen 8 threads like this one today, is it a dedicated discord tranny group or something that keeps doing this?


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Pretty much anyone who actually reads knows that the story doesnt really hold up all too well. Some of the later fights arent that great either.

>do I fit in yet?

too bad the story is so fucking boring

Cool bait.

remember when Yea Forums wouldn't shut up about this fight?

>is it a dedicated discord tranny group
Actually yes it is. They coordinate these things that's why they get many IPs going on.

There are other extremely profitable franchises out there and there will be more in the future. And in regards to in house staff, I hope more studios curate a good team of in house staff, that's what I mean by follow their example. And because the ufotable quality is so consistently high it means they probably have good production schedules, which I would also like to see other studios take notes from. Everybody in the industry should be looking at ufotable, and especially kyoani, and trying to implement similar systems. Unless they're a studio with their own sufficient system of course like science saru or whoever