One-Punch Man

Back cover of the new volume.

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The only thing coomrata is good for nowadays

Blessed backcover

>so horny he keeps adding his own female OCs to the series and drawing them whenever he has the chance
murata and boichi are probably the horniest fuckers I've ever seen

I kneer, dograta-sama...

How does he keep getting away with it?

Murata haters?! What is THIS?!

>not even close to how she looks when clothed

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Wow, this looks really off.
Fubuki's head is too tiny for her body, and Tatsumaki's legs are waaaaaaaaaay too long, especially the lower part.
Is Murata okay? These are rookie mistakes.

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Murata being too lazy to draw feet

What a shame.

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its called perspective and not being able to understand it is a sign of autism

unironically looks like my sister which has shit body.
boner assassinated forever.


where is Do-S?

Remember when Tatsumaki looked like a hobbit? Now she just looks like a short woman.

Remove fattie.

Indeed. He can draw some cute feet

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Look at how big Mizuki's thigh is compared to her torso.

This is from a volume ago.

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I love Lilly.

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Ah yes, the angry asexual brat doing a sexy pose randomly, as they are known to do

Delicious soft feet.

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Next One Hurricane WHEN??

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Saitama ruins every doujin he's in.

This is an awesome drawing, have you got anymore?

it's so fucking hot

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>Next One Hurricane WHEN??
I'm still waiting on a One Hurricane vanilla with fubuki and tatsumaki. D-os got a 10/10 one and she's just a side character. We need healing, after how disappointing Garou turned out.

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There was this in the same volume.

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Really awesome! he really is a great artist.

Does he make you uncomfortable? A baldy? Looks like you need to get a grip.

He's really distracting, yes. Like porn of Princess Peach with Mario in it. I just don't want to see them when I fap.

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Beautiful Fubuki underboob, time to fap

Black is slimming

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Tatsumaki is unironically too fat here. She's smaller than that.

>porn dialogue

You are unironically too gay here, user. You used to be straighter than that.

>Tatsumaki is taller now
Why does Murata have to ruin everything?

Cover ruined by that fat pig on the back

Tatsumaki is the most inconsistent character in the manga when it comes to proportions.

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jesus fuck

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>NTR and BLACKED in the same image

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Look at that fat fucking pig. God damn that's hot.

What killed the hype?



Mizuki is beautiful!

>fatty ruins it

Do we know about the new redraws in this volume?

too much hype

>those three in the back

Smurf, you're mentally ill.

Does it have an extra chapter?

I will fuck your fat sister so you can continue to be a neet. You are welcome.