Machikado Mazoku

Is Shamiko possessive of Momo as well?

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Proper ep 4 subs here

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Of her tummy.

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They're jealous on very different suble ways

Shamiko tends to get upset but won't say it out loud, due to some sort of inferiority complex. Momo realizes it

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She gets jealous whenever Momo talks about the events of her life prior to meeting Shamiko with other people. Momo is possessive of Shamiko, but there's plenty of that on the other end as well.

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Just mahou shoujo mana transfer, nothing to see here.

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Momo's emotional maturity is inferior to Shamiko in a way. Momo when defeated becomes dejected as she withdraws herself, and she couldn't rebound on her own, while Shamiko will pick herself up time and again and keep trying without giving up.

ryo maid

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The only proper one should have all possible spellings

I wonder if Momo is much more dependent on Shamiko than the other way around. Shamiko's character growth has seen her becoming increasingly confident and competent while Momo's emotional immaturity has only become increasingly evident.

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Is this yuri

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Just typical kirara. Can't call it fullblown yuri. Shoujo ai maybe? But then there's vital male characters such as Joshua and Shirozawa.

>Shoujo ai

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How much does the cafe charge for the 'touch the tail' menu item?

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More than Momo's smile.

it's yuri by the japanese interpretation of that word.

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At least 1 liver.

Thirty pieces of silver

>dang uncultured westerners, needing girls to literally scissor each other to pick up on the subtext

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no shit? that has been an explicit theme and joke since volume 4.

The west needs blatant handholding to even register that as "shoujo ai".

typical kirara isn't explicitly lesbian. or lesbian at all beyond "haha what if girls kissed?".

I am not sure. Momo's importance to Shamiko also comes with how the two of them are inexplicably tied to Sakura. Shamiko is literally sustained by Sakura.

Ryou and Ogura's relationship took off like a rocket on the other hand.

cute smolsenzos travelling at mach 3 to visit her cute descendant shadow waitress yuko at asura cafe.

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In other words, Mikan and Momo were hurling literal horse shit at the wall at mach 3 and see if it'll stick.

>Shamiko is literally sustained by Sakura.
it's the other way around. how are you speed reading this badly?

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>it's the other way around
Sakura siphons what pathetic amount of mana that Shamiko has to spare just to reach out to Shamiko in her dream. Her literal core is the very lifeforce that is keeping Shamiko from dropping dead from the curses that she's living with.
>how are you speed reading this badly?
How is it that you so utterly lack reading comprehension?

How to control your vassal.

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Don't get cocky, shadow mistress.

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This situation continues to now, where Sakura can only try to hint Shamiko about the demon registry, with her hoping that our little dunce of a mazoku can retain anything when she wakes up.

grab her by the peach!

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Make Tama Great Again!

I'd vote for Mikan, the country needs to be brought back to it's zesty citrus roots.

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Its at least pronounceable in Japanese.

this season is missing some angry shami's

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Shamiko no!

Who said Shamiko did it?

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>Her literal core is the very lifeforce that is keeping Shamiko from dropping dead from the curses that she's living with.
maybe when she was Yuuko. she'd probably survive without the core as Shamiko.

Not enough

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you know that "shoujo ai" is a term invented by insane western degenerates and has nothing to do with Japan, right

I'm pretty sure Shamiko tops

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>Shamiko 1 week after using the laptop

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That's the correct definition in any case. People in the west used to understand that as well.

Worse, it DOES exist in japan, but it has nothing to do with yuri

I want to submerge myself in リコ's fluff

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Get it?

I love her voice

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Not more mature, just different. They can deal with different things. Shamiko is passive typically and holds her feelings inside, she can't allow herself to feel or express her own selfishness, burmt that also leads to issues.

Pls stop falling for this shitpost every thread. You have to know it's a shitpost by now surely.

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no momo, that's not what shamiko meant when she said she wants to scissor

I honestly don't remember if I posted this one already

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Citrus juice for Shamiko

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