The more people fail to complete a quest, the higher its rank will become in isekai

>the more people fail to complete a quest, the higher its rank will become in isekai
>meaning the reward the customer needs to pay also increases
Who would want to participate in such a corrupt system? It will eventually lead to the guild conspiring with adventurers to make quests' prize skyrocket and villagers needing to sell all of their assets for a simple herb gathering.

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The guild's existence itself is the definition of corruption. Why do all adventurers need to join a single guild for recognization?

Won't adventurers get demoted for failing quests?

Was it kino?

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They use newbies.


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Why don't people hire adventurers by themselves?

>Why do all adventurers need to join a single guild for recognization?
Same reason guilds are a thing at all: preserving trade secrets and being a trusted intermediary.

Any modern isekai thats actually not a Wikipedia infodump session or muh power fantasy?

It says right there that quests have a minimum rank requirement.

Then there should be multiple competing guilds.


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The guild can give them fake ranks.

If there's enough of a clientbase to fight over, sure. Or maybe a particular example is enforced by royal authority and given a monopoly.

So can someone tell me which program can I use to download manga? FMD doesn't work anymore.

Well? I'm waiting.

She should have possessed a dude instead.

I usually assume that guilds are funded in secret by the king, because having a bunch of powerful adventurers running around acting as mercenaries is bound to start trouble. Having an organization that regulates them makes things far less chaotic while giving him a makeshift police force. If some powerful asshole who could wipe out the king's army comes to town and decides he doesn't follow the adventurer rules, the king can just go "this is your job to take card of" and have the guild throw like 10 of the top adventurers at him.

oh no, she's hot

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If there's enough demand the existence of guilds isn't a problem really. Actually justifying the existence of enough demand is something most fantasy settings that have adventurers as an actual profession (rather than something a handful of people are doing) struggle to do.

That applies to neither historic guilds nor isekai.
What are you talking about?

>"Shall we go cheer for you?"
>Han Soo-Young looked at me with her hands on her chin.
>“I’ll prepare a lunch box too. Ji-Hyuk, you definitely like tuna kimbap, right?”
>"No, it's okay. Don't bother.”
>I waved her hand, wondering how she knew I liked tuna kimbap.
>"If you came all the way to cheer me and I don't even pass the preliminary round, it'll make me look really pathetic. And I'd feel bad for you guys."
>“I think I'll like you no matter what you look like, Ji-Hyuk.”
>Han Soo-Young was still looking at me with her hands on her chin.
>She giggled as she saw me speechless as if I had been caught off guard.
>“…Give me a signal before you say something like that.”
>“I won this time, right?”
>I nodded helplessly at her question.
>“Yeah, you won again.”
>I turned her head away from Han Soo-Young, who was smiling at me, and this time, Jin Ye-Seul was looking at me.

I'm so fucking lonely bros

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>What are you talking about?
Something you apparently have no idea about.

That's why I am asking.

Korean stories seem to have the most direct girls. They love flirty approachable college students.

Are there any horror isekai out there?
I have yet to find one.

Yandere sister isekai?

There needs to be more sister isekai in general.

>defining feature is getting away from reality
>>but we need more where reality follows you

I'm not saying I dislike imoutos. But there is a conceptual problem here.

Tensei serves your purposes to a degree.

One Turn Kill Nee-san got an anime

There needs to be more sister-fucking isekai in general.

Doesn't need to be an isekaied sister. Isekai-ing is a great excuse to fall in love with your isekaijin sister.

Why should a girl fall in love with a second-hand brother?
You are literally used goods.

That isekai about an ojisan returning to the modern world with a zombie outbreak?

>They love flirty approachable college students
While isekai writers love whores..

You will get pic related and you will like it

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Final girl isekai one shot

It's a possible good start to a harem, although even if a reincarnated mc does eventually do it, it's almost always going to be something he resists at first. If he doesn't then she's going to be told to wait until they are older first, instead of deciding there's no need to wait when he could have her and maybe get her friends before someone else does.

Is this the series where MC ran away from home to avoid marrying his sister?

Ghost/demon spooky nonsense or slasher/jason/the thing isekai?


People have no other choice.

There needs to be more sister-fucking in general.

Please never post it again.

Protagonists betray.

Still mad that didn't get turned into a series, that oneshot was great. Even had a fun sequel hook.

either of those could work
as long as its scary (or at least tries to be)

>Putting video game tropes often devised for player convenience in organic fantasy worlds

Royal assets.

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Are there other settings besides Overlord that discuss a questing black market like the Workers?

>Village Girls

Never betray

The DV has gone a bit too far

Does anyone actually like that isekai? I only ever see that single page.


There are a few other pages that get posted. But the manga adaptation is so slow that there is neither stuff to discuss nor a lot of pictures to post.

Isn't this the isekai where the artist is a huge komi-san fag?

>Does anyone actually like that isekai?

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Something about seeing the springs in the mattress makes that last panel way more perverse.