Whats the appeal of this character?

whats the appeal of this character?

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What's the appeal of this thread?

I just want to be more like him and less like Waver.

Fan service for the homosexuals

His voice and charisma

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True embodiment of a king

he should have just killed saber and gil along with assassin and won

He's just your average shounenchad

to see him fuck twinks

We just had this thread

He should have fucked Waver and turned him into his catamite


Charming character that helps weaver develop, pretty basic concept, isn’t it?

>have a million pretty boy characters
>nothing wrong with this
>have a single masculine dude who isnt treated as an ugly bastard

Well to be fair it's Alexander the Great

Dunking on Albanians

in Japan, beefcakes are gay af

>only in Japan

especially in Japan
also pretty boys are straight as fuck (in Japan)

Waver is a pretty basic bitch character so who cares

so this is what keks do to countries...

He is 200% based and shits on sabercucks.

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saber won the grail war twice, be delusional somewhere else

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Is this really just a cope over the fact that the average asian struggles to get buff?

The typical asian has an even worse understanding of fitness than the typical westerner. They have no concept of what a real gym is, and they would be clueless if they ever found themselves in one. Their diet is low protein. And something about their arrogance makes it impossible for them to look up and follow popular and successful routines like westerners can, because of course they clearly know better.
You have their government funded prodigies that have been carefully selected and trained from childhood, but that's it. And even these guys might be out of a job if WL ever gets scrapped at the olympics, which is a real possibility.

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forever the king in my heart.

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user, it's not an asian only thing. For a long time, even in the west, that stuff is associated with the gae too. What do you think the bear slang means?

He, Iri and the two psychos are the only characters in FZ who aren't either miserable or stuck up their own asses.

Not really, movements such as those started precisely to break the stereotype that only effeminate men could be gay

Gay ass pic.

>their arrogance
That's pretty fucking rich coming from you.

Being the token Ootsuka badass. For a Fate character and for Pre-TBF Butcher, he's pretty damn cool and the only half-decent character in Zero. Now, compared to the other Ootsuka characters, he's pretty low in the rankings, sort of a worse version of his Ahab.

Being the only well-written character in a bad series.

Gil won the fourth war, retard

Not in yaoi they aren't. It's more like they're bi.

So the west can associate both feminine and masculine men with gays (to be fair there are also a lot of straight masculine men), but in Japan, feminine boys can either be straight (because genetic twink build) and gays (traps), but masculine men are seen as gay exclusively?
Why is that?

He’s so far up his own ass that he huffs his farts as copium though. He says that he knew his dream wasn’t real and still lead his followers in search of it, which is why his empire broke down the moment he died

>Yes I'm guilty of being an arrogant retard.
Fixed it. Suits you better.

>You couldn't appreciate how impressive it is.
Oh, it's impressive in it's own right. Just still doesn't get rid of the gayness (and the bulge kek).

He's self aware and he still can enjoy the company of his lessers. He's still a fuckup in many ways but he's no Gilgamesh.

Bear is slang for a specific type of homo, you can easily turn it around and say being slim is associated with gae too because of "twink". It's not really equivalent to Japan associating muscles with faggotry out of cope, a closer comparison would be something like how muscular guys are stereotyped as low IQ arrogant jocks in America.

>He deleted it
Kek. Guess was right.

The point of his character was to be some kind of blend between hubris and humility. It's what makes him so easily likable and detestable depending on the person. And he knew his dream wasn't practical at all, but it was still possible.

I didn't delete it, some janny did. I didn't even get banned for it. At least people replying to it means it will always be visible.

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Whats the point of the war if seiba wins always? Just do the lottery and then hand out the prize.

Are these 'jannies' in the room with us right now?

The three knight classes being overpowered was intentional by design. It would allow one of the three big families to be more likely to win against any of the four random shitters who got suckered into the ritual.

Have you ever browsed /fit/? It's one of the gayest boards on this site.

The average westerner struggles to lose fat, different problems same struggle.

>best seiba
>only seiba NOT to win her war
>some pink twink survived it instead making him the closest to a default winner
Not fair.

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FZ shits on UBW so hard

My king


So what was the plan if someone who joined actually used the Assasin class corectly?

The assassin class sucks ass-ass. Keep in mind you were only supposed to get one hassan, not fucking 80 of them. Magi are able to protect themselves with barrier and detection methods - not enough to stop a powerful servant but satisfactory to at least prepare for a wimpy assassin. And if the assassin's master was ever targeted directly, their servant wouldn't be able to do shit about it.

The other classes were practically doomed to fail too. Caster is absolute trash when all of the knights, especially saber, have high magic resistance. Having to absorb mana from the environment/people for ineffective magic beam spells is a terrible strategy. Ironically Bluebeard did better than Medea in direct combat because he focused on summoning cthulu abominations with a meme magic book that generated its own mana, of course that was the only thing he knew how to do since he wasn't ever meant to be a real caster (him being in the war at all was a fuck you joke played the grail).

Berserker is a madlad who just flails around wildly until his own master eventually collapses. Fate loves to write exceptions to rules, so both Lancelot and Heracles were considered master combatants who still retained a bit of agility and sanity even when gripped by the madness of the class, but in theory other servants wouldn't be so lucky. And nearly every servant summoned as a berserker would be stronger in a different class - obvious saber for Lancelot, and literally anything else except caster/assassin for the big man (although archer would have let him autowin the war).

Rider is a bit more viable. It has lower stats than the knights, but it typically has one or two extremely powerful noble phantasms, as well as high mobility.

the 3 families are not the smartest, there is a reason they hoard all the knowledge and rig the grail wars if they got any realistic competition they would get destroyed look at how hard kirei fucked them over

He's literally me.


Siegfried is the best servant

It provided one of the best Master/Servant duo in Fate.

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My sides are in orbit.

Just sneak around and shank someone, have the servant run out of Mana because its master is already dead

Their stats are way too low, some high tier magus can theoretically pop them off,


Don't mind me just posting the best boys

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