Will there be a reboot with S-tier animation and a rewritten Anime-only ending?

Will there be a reboot with S-tier animation and a rewritten Anime-only ending?

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no refunds

I'm simply asking to trade in sirs

nah, you'll get rebuilds in 15 years

no refunds

>rewritten Anime-only ending

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If I become rich through my autism I'm going to hunt down everyone to remake S4 with S1-tier animation
I can dream, we just need da money

All sales are final

why would you waste your money on that?

just admit aot was never good and move on

>S4 with S1-tier animation
>rewritten Anime-only ending
better write post-timeskip from scratch and have the heroes of shiganshina develop properly
if romance is still a must, resolve most of it during the TS

This. If you're going to throw away money on "Never gonna happen" shit, at least do something actually good and make Haruhi S3.

Titans are particularly hard to draw mechas and nip talents for Handdrawn mechas are dwindling by the year.

It's honestly a miracle that WIT managed to mostly have handdrawn high quality mechas in complex action scenes, and that was mostly because 2013 SnK was production IG's pet project with all their best talents, and even in S2 and S3 quality progressively declined and they used more and more 3DCG.

Considering S4 has much larger scale battles and the rumbling you're going to have a hard time getting that handdrawn in the future.

Also changing the ending needs rewriting most of timeskip which sucks almost as much so... idk, not worth the effort

>Will there be a reboot with S-tier animation and a rewritten Anime-only ending?
No. You need to move on.

Fuck it, I'll rewrite armongs character. It needs to be perfect. I can't have another fucking series ruined by a shit ending. It's fucking frustrating.

You might as well ask for a reboot of the manga at this point. Not gonna happen.
Just accept when something's failed, learn from it and move on.

Has anyone else here seen the almost 2 hour long video explaining why the ending was actually genius because Eren never changed at all and he has some cringelord VA'ing the panels from time to time with horrible acting. I will just say I watched it to hear what he had to say, but as already mentioned the entire point of the argument as that Eren's character never developed, he was always just that bored kid who wanted crazy stuff to happen and THAT'S why he did the rumbling. Not linking it because it is low effort trash baiting for views and doesn't deserve people watching it even to mock it

If FMA and HXH can be rebooted, why can't snk?

Just move the fuck on. How many months are you crying about some shounenshit everyone lost interest 10 years ago?

>why can't snk?
Because it's shit.

Haven't seen the video and never will because I don't need youtubers explaining the story for me but that kinda was obvious given the last two volumes no? Especially with the school caste references and the interviews

It's just that isayama gave eren more compelling reasons to use the rumbling than it and decided to keep eren as a mystery box for the longest time, also Isayama didn't make it clear enough that Eren's full rumbling was really not a pragmatic/rational thing and was excedingly cruel

Yes user
Baby is coming and it's gonna change everything.

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Why baby of secondary character matter? Congratulation on farmer for being a father tho, I hope paradis has paternity leave

>Just accept when something's failed, learn from it and move on.
Kinda hard, is difficult to accept that something collapsed on itself right at the finishing line like SnK did. For example, all the other failed shounens became bad like 4~5 years before they concluded, while SnK was Mostly good up until chapter 120, and than collapsed so suddently in slightly more than an year until if crashed with no survivors. It's kinda """amazing""" how hard it sucked in the last stretch

Moving on is trying to fix what should have been ended correctly. It's like drawing the mona lisa but the face is just two dots and a paratheses

>is difficult to accept that something collapsed on itself right at the finishing line like SnK did.
it didn't tho. it was shit all along. You thought the ending would have the final answer that tied everything together, but the author was just making shit up as he went until the, when it was obvious the whole plot sucked

>SnK was Mostly good up until chapter 120
It wasn't really. You just didn't see the signs.
It only survived so long on shock value, a handful of fan favourite characters and empty hope for "deeper" endings that were never going to happen.

Red flags were there since RTS at the latest and characterisation collapsed around chapter 105-115, so you had a good 2-3 years to get ready for the shit ending

I admit that a slight decline started after marley arc, yet is not the first time were the final arc is not as good as the prior ones (expecially since Rts and Marley arc were Peak SnK) but there was easily room to have a proper ending. Heck, even after 121 I would say that isayama could easily save the ship from sanking if the guy didn't lost his passion along the way.... But sadly... There isn't worse Hack that an author who lost all the passion and start getting burned-out.

>SnK was Mostly good up until chapter 120
SnK stopped being good the moment Eren turned into a titen.

Oh i agree yeah he could have salvaged stuff and done a satisfying enough ending, i'm just saying there was reason to be suspicious before the final arc

>HxH stopped being good the moment the NEN was i troduced
>assasination classroom stopped being good the moment a yellow teacher octopus was introduced
>Tokyo Ghoul stopped being good the moment the protagonist became a ghoul
>berserk stopped being good the moment Guts started swing a big ass sword against a cobra looking demon
>kny stopped being good the moment the MC learned to fight demons

There are new retarded takes you want share with us?

The next step is a western live-action. it can be done...in about 5 years when western media is scraped off the SJW agenda.

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Titans Titan it was about titans until timeskip, Season 1 captured really well how dangerous these titans truly were a real threat going against would mean that someone would die.
Fear or titans, they were not joke.

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Wouldn't mind so long as they do something like alita battle angel

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CSM stopped being good when Denji turned into a chainsaw

Season 1 had the benefit of a longer schedule due to WIT being a new studio and AOT still being quite small in terms of popularity. Also Season 2 is the best looking Season.

Big difference between the two.

>just admit aot was never good
ok faggot, name me your favorite anime so i know what you consider "good"

Yes. Cry more about it, shonenshitter

No, why would there?

Wouldnt it be great if snkucks all killed themselves?

I find them pretty entertaining desu

It already has S-tier animation

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the ending was fine stop coping

Because the original adaption didn't cover the source material.

>t. white cuck

FMA didn't get rebooted, the 2003 anime caught up to the manga, and the author thus wrote a plot for the anime to follow rather than let it meander around with filler or just end until more source material was written. Brotherhood follows the manga to completion. SnK's anime follows the manga, which has been completed.

Both HxH 99 and FMA 2003 were weekly anime that ran for over a years, SnK has always been a seasonal anime in individual cours (except S1 which had twos...) with complex battles made by a small studio initially and never was at risk of catching up to the manga...

So there's no need for a reboot then. The anime is modern and follows the manga without needing to stop and wait for more source material.

You are cruel asking this, Satan
You know the japanese only care about Japan, not gaijin, and Japan never cared about SNK, no one watched the anime after the manga ending, there's zero hype about the animation which is why MAPPA is doing those 4, 40 minutes episodes for the finale instead of another set of 12 eps or a movie, they just want it all to be over already.
It truly was like GoT, already forgotten a day after it's ending

>MAPPA is doing those 4, 40 minutes episodes for the finale instead
Unconfirmed rumor, although it's possible considering a 8 episode seasonal broadcast would be weird

That's actually easy to fix, they just have to call them especial episodes, kind of like OVAs

they should adapt the AU fake previews for the last 4 episodes

They care about gaijin money

>One 15 second fight out of the whole season
About right


>considering a 8 episode seasonal broadcast would be weird
No it wouldn't. The old BRS anime did just that.

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That’s like one single exemple I remember when I searched for that

How kino would it have been if Floch got titan powers and became a real threat?

ok and?

Is there any other?


I feel like in 20 years they'll "remaster" anime from this period by retracing shitty cg and retexturing stuff

Just let go, user. Try reading something else. Coping this much is simply unhealthy.

You guys might be the most pathetic fanbase on this board.

Why do you hate us? What did we ever do to you?

Shitrenfag cope is truly eternal