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He is unironically yonko level

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One Piece generals are the worst generals on Yea Forums.


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>Nearly every play is 5 acts


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Gentlemen, I would just like to propose a toast to the bingeCHADS who were smart enough to not fall for the weekly piece meme. IMAGINE actually suffering through the nightmare pacing and not waiting until the arc is over to then fully enjoy Goda's masterful writing in all it's glory. Is there anything more cucked then waiting for a chapter weekely, knowing full well there could be some week break, some shit subplot nobody really cares, some "asspull" that will only make sense 100 chapters later? Couldn't be me. You don't have to live like this! Choose life anons.

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I miss Tashigi. She should have been in Wano

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I like reading week to week though. If you don’t then maybe you should just take a break for a bit

What purpose would she have in Wano aside from sword autism?

>Gomu gomu no ōzarukami shu
>ōzaru pistol
Oh fuck

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>Sword autism
That's enough got me, plus I miss the Smoker Tashigi duo


Dios mio

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Getting repeatedly raped by Orochi (AKA literally me)

So apparently we don't see Reiju and Ichiji but Brulee saying is them?

some people have the constituency for it, but if it's just annoying and painful for most anons, they should just wait. No need to suffer like that

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>some shit subplot nobody really cares, some "asspull" that will only make sense 100 chapters later?
But those still exist whether you binge or not.

Tashigi with loose hair and no glasses looks hot as fuck

The problem is that when you bingread you see how many fake outs and fake climax it has.

If Tashigi were in Wano, who would she have jobbed against?

never happened




It's already more than shit character like the kappa, Hiory, Yamata, the fucking foxmonk,...

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> Reading Dressrosa week by week with its large number of breaks and not like that much
> Reread it in full later and many of the things in it are not as drawn out as people say and it's great
Week by Week distorts a lot when reading, it's even worse if you watched Dressrosa in the anime as there's apperently 40+ Rebecca flashbacks. Glad I waited and had other shit pop up during the Big Mom ship escape part as it was fun read. Also fuck Shonen Jump for skipping from Skypiea to Impel Down in 2010, none of the volumes were caught up so I didn't know any context to that arc till later

I still can't believe this fight will end with no Rocks flashback. Oda is a fucking hack, why introduce Rocks if you aren't going to explain shit about him.

>or drake
So he can fall worse?


>and many of the things in it are not as drawn out as people say and it's great
That's because you speedread the parts you don't like.

> sword lover
> shigure was probably forged in Wano
> possibly connected to Kuina, Denjiro/Kyoshiro and Wano itself
> helped the SH in the past
> great chemistry with Zoro

> not in Wano

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So literally just Kiku as a womanlet?
You're gay, my man.

Nope I think Dressrosa as a whole is pretty fun. Hell fights even last a couple pages in it.

Not him but Dressrosa was fine. Barto, Law, Doffy, Robin dress etc were pretty fun. Wano is a drag

>made people forget about the fat fish

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Can south America please explain why they are like this?

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Asspulled Ace>>>>>>>>Sabo
Smoker>>>>>>>>>>>>Coby Stu

They just love edgy shit

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They are a special people

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> His whole arc is Pirate Wacky Races
> Turns out it introduced a game pivotal to the creation of an infamous pirate group
> It also introduced a pirate legend related to the sea that relates to the main antagonist's fruit

Post the Roger Nika transformation if you havie it. that one is godlike

I care about Jinbe a ton more.

They have a dysfunctional government and all of them are essentially narco states so that explains a whole lot

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This is done by Hispanic Americans (which are close to 40% of the US pop now).

This is cringe. Luffy's like the Joker.

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People don't understand that Luffy beating Kaido will make him the strongest guy in the OPverse period.

How bad will the meltdown be when Yamato inevitably joins?

Post Luffy shaking hands with Akainu

I'm still mad

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Never ever.

The closest you'll get is the joke of people thinking someone looks like and is a Shimotsuki, where Tashiga looks like Kuina while Zoro looks like Ushimaru and Ryuma

>We live in a society Koby

Oh no no no...they keep getting btfo

Carrotfags on suicide watch

You'll see his fatass when vegapunk appears

The days of Gear 5 edgy predictions.

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No because Kaido fought a lot of people before and Luffy has a god fruit. Sure I can beat a boxer guy after this one fought against 30 other opponents before me and I bring a gun

>Referring to Kid by his actual name
One job, Hispanics.

> Yamato Already There not with Kidd
You'd think they'd get the scene right

Give me two reasons why people like this character

As long as she's not alone. Still leaning more on Law and Hancock-tier ally.

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>yamatofags are spics
why am I not surprised

What is sanji doing

Tranny self insert

Will there be an arc where Luffy tries to work out gear 5, considering the considerable toll it has on his body?

user there's a whole subculture of wrestlers there who wrestle as copy righted character. There's a lot to unpack.

>still leaning on my headcanon instead of reading the manga

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Arm pits and big tits

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Thank God we avoided this. Doesn't even make sense with accordingly that it hasn't Awoken in centuries.

That's not how you spell Dragonball.

Not giving you a (you).

Bubbly yet honorable personality
Cute design
Incredible seiyuu

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So what I do is I keep up with the threads and I have a general idea of what's going on and I'm aware of the hype moments as they're happening so I can enjoy the raw hype in that regard
But I don't consider these skim throughs my true reading and evaluation of the arc as a whole
That I save for the reread upon arc completion

Don't hurt my brother Akainu

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Because she's going to join.
I like any character who will join.

Is that Franky in the back to Luffy’s right? Holy shit what happened

>Incredible seiyuu
Other than the obnoxious yelling.

I mean there will be a breakdown but honestly based on how disingenuous some of the anti-Yamato arguments have been I genuinely believe that a lot of the naysayers are just shitposting for yous so it probably won’t be as bad as you expect

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no because G5 is the only thing keeping him alive at this point, after this battle he will "die"(he will obviously be resurrected somehow) and lose his powers

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>there are still people here who think Yamato isn't joining despite the dozens of story panels setting her up for joining
Some of you really deserve to be bullied for being this obtuse

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Even Carrot?

And I love it

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>if you read the weekly manga in the weekly magazine that focuses on serialised style narratives weekly, you're reading it wrong

Bruh, you're just conceding that Oda is objectively a bad writer then because he can't work within the format he imposed on himself

That ones not far off as Luffy's final move is like the Buddha bringing his palm down on the Monkey King Story. ( As Sengoku also did that to Luffy)

So you’re admitting she is incredible? Wow nice comeback user

Carrot will join the grand fleet

This. A lot of them will pretend they were never denialfags and some simply falseflag.

Franky and Jinbe look fucking awful in that.

They just love edge

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Did I say otherwise? I just have to turn down the volume when she's yelling out Ace or Momo.

They're in the pic you replied to

Repeat after me when I say Redon you say faggot Redon

Why do you guys want luffy to lose his powers? It doesn't make sense

yes, I concede that he is awful for this format, but that doesn't make him a bad writer. The story is still amazing

Weekly is a bad format.

No one is joining the Grand Fleet. Stop this nonsense. It's already been told that the seven get into catastrophic trouble in the future.

Based garp not giving a fuck.

Who said that?

for me, it's GEAR REVERSE

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Neat redraw. That's all I'm going to add.

> People thinking Sabo is going to be Ace in a second Marineford
> Forgetting what happened to the last revolutionary the government got their hands on

The minks will join the grandfleet along with the Samurai

>Post Luffy shaking hands with Akainu
This one?

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I want to humiliate this sword geek so much

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She is a good character unlike the red scabbards. It's enough.

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its literally the same audience in both threads, comparing horse shit to cow shit

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Have there been ANY new spoilers since those few lines from like 3 days ago?


Yeah, but there's a better quality image without Shanks.

South America and Mexico is like the wild west

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It's one retard (probably you falseflagging as a concern troll)

You missed them, they're in the previous thread

She is joining them and sailing with them. As Oden, not as a Straw Hat

That's not going to be apart of the Grand Fleet.

I've seen better chases in Mutterica.
Chicongo and Detroingo are more dangerous than Mexico. At least the gangs there have some level of organization beyond pure feral level chimping.

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Man Scabbards are SO bad they made me miss fucking Tashigi. I know Zoro will end with Hiyori since they will wank NotJapan arc all they can but holy shit

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Unironcally based for what Shanks did.

>> Reread it in full later and many of the things in it are not as drawn out as people say and it's great
I had the opposite experience. Binging Dressrosa just accentuated how bad the pacing really was. I finished it confident the arc could have been trimmed down to 60 chapters or less if the fat was cut.

damn that was akainu?
>dead criminals don't commit crimes

> Pirates and Marines joining up to get rid of all the celestial dragons so they can war without their interference

What does that even mean
Oden joined Whitebeard and Rogers crews

I'm pretty sure that after the final war is over the straw hats will continue to sail for new adventures when all the oceans are combined

You just know.

>Either Luffy or Kaido wins. Whatever.
>Blackbeard comes out of nowhere
>Oh no!
>Luffy dies (again)
>Law revives him
>Law dies
>Blackbeard becomes the greatest (shittiest) shonen antag ever.

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Kaido is the strongest 1v1 fighter in the verse. He is by far the strongest individual.

Akainu is ruthless yo

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I guarantee this is why she has 90% of her fanbase and they made up reasons they pretend to like her for after the fact.

They wouldn’t stop being pirates and they definitely wouldn’t want to be herald as heroes. They’d want to be chased which I’m sure the government who at the time will be completely revised will do.

It's so obvious it's gonna happen, It makes sense narrative wise

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