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Why do people dislike season 2?

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Lost steam and almost everything that made it great in the first half.

Probably because there's only one season.xwkmt

>season 2
The second half is just shonen bullshit turned up to 12. Midget-weakling bojjboi turns into the strongest in the world with zero effort and the pure evil (not even that cute) villain is forgiven for no reason.

It's cours. And I like it. Has best boy and most of the best scenes save for episode 2 and Dorshe's fight in episode 9.

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probably because the last 2 episodes shat all over the rest of the series

I like it despite all the Miranjo stuff. It has some parts I really enjoy.

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Second last was shit save for the last scene but the last episode was great again unless you are a cuck that believes they should have done a shitty anime original ending to erase any possibility of a s2 to ever being made only so that Bojji can reign over some tiny shithole instead of a great kingdom.

Did they ever explain
1. Why Miranjo got shot
2. What wish she made initially

1- I think that guy just did it for fun. He was smirking and mercenaries in that world seem to enjoy killing people.
2- Her first betrayal to the demon was when she brought Bosse to him after telling him she'd never ask for anything. I think the only wish she made was after she got shot and asked the demon not to let her die.

2. None. The demon already fulfilled wishes for others which is why he was ugly, it was never hinted she secretly wished something before as I see it. The betrayal was about letting Bosse make a wish later and then even later again to stay alive.
It might be that her disappearance was seen as betrayal too, since they played together as kids. I haven't read the chapter yet, the manga part about this meeting and friendship is longer than what we see in the anime.
Regarding 1. unless it's gonna brought up again later (like if that guy was a survivor of the Gyakuzan or something) I assume it's about honor.
Even a dirty merc would look down onto someone who betrays and attacks their own kingdom and kills the family of the person they claim to care about.

>The demon already fulfilled wishes for others which is why he was ugly
Ah I missed that. Thanks. Probably some throwaway line. I should have remembered that it said "This is the second time you've broken your promise", with the first being Bosse's wish.

>Even a dirty merc would look down onto someone who betrays and attacks their own kingdom and kills the family of the person they claim to care about.
This makes a lot of sense. Thanks again!

I didn't dislike it, but it did bother me that Miranjo and Bosse are basically the beginning and end to everything. They're the ones who started the conflict and it's basically only resolved because both of them decided they didn't want to commit to it anymore. Arguably their resolve only wavered thanks to the positive influence of Bojji and friends, but it still feels like agency was taken away from the heroes when they serve such an inactive role in resolving the conflict.

>forgive the bad guy
The OP theme was amazing tho.

What is a cour even? Nothing really changed and there was no break, they should just call it 1 season, 23 eps, that's it.

Healing ruins everything

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>t. unloved by his mother

It's just used to tell for how many seasons it runs, but yeah, you might as well just clarify whether a series consists 12 or 24 episodes.

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I don't

>What is a cour even?
French for season in the actual definition of that word, so a ~3 month block of the show. And it is 1 season, with 2 cours.

Dumbass is my self-insert. My heart was filled with joy every time he appeared on screen.

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Your orders, Bojji-sama?

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I like him too.

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Actual S2 when? There's so much good shit that happens after the anime ends, I want to see it all with motion and voices.

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If you go through the endless amounts of underworld fag art you even find pics with Oyab and the other new characters now that Japanartists are reading that part.

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Sadie/Mehi is more wholesome than it has any right to be.

I am usually bored with pairings in fiction but the two exceptions are those between characters with a true friendship and those that are between weirdos, the latter is surely the case here.

>Actual S2 when?
It's gonna be a long long time. I wish i could read jap because all the later chapters seem really interesting and capture the feeling I had when the anime first got announced. I do hope that we don't get monkey pawed if season 2 does get announced.

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I wish we had raws. The text is actually quite simple and the mangaka prefers showing over telling so you don't have much text to begin with but we have no raws save for the latest few chapters thanks to the online release policy.

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I'm so excited for it. There are so many scenes I want to see animated.

>implying it isn't just ouken's ass

that's a highlight, yes

how do i find the raws

The ass is fine too, but I most of all I want to see Ouken running like madman while fully armored. I also really want to hear his voice when he's being commanding and angry instead of gently speaking to his brothers.
Blessed Ouken, please rejoin the plot of the manga.

Someone said they were available on manga.line but you can only access it with a JP IP/proxy.

>running like madman while fully armored
God me too I would kill see the part were he runs through a wall and shit.
I wondered about the voice as well. So far he sounded like a character from a bishounen fluff series because we only heard him speaking to his brothers and being nice, but I assume he will rather sound like Karna otherwise, who has the same VA but a colder voice.

This and I want more Despa, too.

Despa is quickly gone though, there might be more ugly god scenes soon than Despa and we still don't know when he will appear again.

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I wonder if we're going to find Despa doing surprisingly well, managing the underworld in spite of his low expectations, or if we're going to find Despa regretting having so much confidence in his brothers. Despa sure has said, "everything will be diajoubou" a dangerous number of times.

historical revisionism for imperialist japan

He is always saying daijoubou and then he is getting drunk and punching others at night

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The more I see about clown the more I like clown.
Unironically already a far better antagonist than Bosse that indecisive sad sack. Wonder if he will kill the god or if he is one of those that stays out of all affairs that aren't directly related to his job.

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You'll get yours, clown.

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Geslan's knight might kill Zaki, if the Lightfags can't get him under control. I'm sure that knight has to be really strong.

Yeah I wonder. The god is so retarded he might focus on the judge so it would be easy to kill him as long as you are fast enough.

I really like the clown, too. He's something else.

I fucking love that art. Desha's hands are strangely beautiful.

>Why do people dislike season 2?
I'm fairly certain nobody particularly does or anything, its just an issue of kids being le ebin trolls. That's just how Yea Forums is now.

I honestly haven't seen a single non-Yea Forums person disliking the second part. At best they dislike that one beast fight episode with Hilling or aren't a fan of the outcome in episode 22 but that's it.

So many people draw gorgeous hands on Desha, whether they look big and strong or they're more on the elegant side.

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Daily reminder that Ouken would have lost if they fought. That's why Touka refused to let that confrontation happen.

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I won't accept that. The Rankingfags stopped the fight because they knew the clown would lose and Ouken would bust in and murder them all.
The clown also needed to be around later to make racist comments about God Clan retards.

Clown telling Ouken that he and his brothers are the retardspawn of a god, when

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God I hope, I want drama.

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Or he just had plans for the clown and he didn't want Ouken to kill him.

>Ouken just solo running to the vault's core
So why didn't people just raid that place to get their super weapons and wishes granted? I assumed it would be protected by magic or something, making it inaccessible to humans unless they are guided, but a single retard managed storm the building and disable the guardians. It should be easy if a bunch of mercs worked together or some king with a bunch of his knights.

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Never noticed Kage holding his finger the first time I saw that pic, but now that I do, it's so cute. Something about the big veiny hand vs Kage's little baby hand holding onto it. Same with his elegant and graceful hand around the devil girl's head and how delicate his fingers are curling.

I can't wait to see this scene.

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Lovely slender hands too.

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