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The rare happy Amou

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Another bad, boring episode today sadly.

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I thought Yea Forums finally dropped this.

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This was retarded. THAT'S his big trauma? He killed some asshole who were going to kill children? Wow... what a pathetic MC.

Yeah what a bitch. I thought they were going to at least kill the kids, but it wasn't even that.
>I-I shot someone!

I thought he got remade as a cyborg and was afraid he was no longer human.

Even that would have been less retarded.

>alarms weren't already blaring everywhere at this point
Why the fuck is the security at this base so shit? So many frodos here.

It would have made a little sense, since let's be honest, he should have been blown to bits. But if Jesus Yamato can survive a point blank Gundam explosion to the face with....

yeah I thought they were going to kill everyone besides MC and other important characters, this made me lose all interest in MC's side now Brad and Ghost is the only interesting plot points

>I killed some guy that was trying to murder us all and now some kids are afraid of me waaaahhhh
They give us a lot of reasons to not like Amou.

this was the best security team in the business too...

>Traumatized by killing a dude
>Literally just killed another dude
It doesn't really make sense. If Amou was traumatized by killing someone, then he should have wanted to avoid killing.

Especially since everyone was basically "Fuck, yeah, Amou. You saved the kids!"

After all that build up and the preview from the previous episode, I was expecting the kids to be shot dead as well. So much for trauma, Amou goes ahead and killed another on the field with no issue right after joining back up with the team.

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cool american flag

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My memory is fuzzy, but I think fucking SEED was consistent on this of all things (hilarious). Sure Jesus Yamato got superpowers that let him win without killing anyway but still.

really cool scene

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To be fair, he killed a lot before actually realizing it. And even that was handled better.

Yeah, the part where Gai told Amou to activate Windows in Spanish was the emotional climax of the episode.

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>fierce mech battles never got to him
>killing some guy that was about to mow down a punch of kids gives him PTSD
What a little pussy.

I'm actually this close to deleting this. The mech battles WERE cool, but only because of GHOST. So far, the second part has been 100% trash.

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The whole setup with the show initially being "every enemy mech is a drone so MC doesn't need to actually worry about killing anything" made me at least think his first kill would be like, significant or something. But instead both his kills so far have been against cartoonishly evil soldiers

Ghost was the only thing that made part 1 bearable, and even that was executed questionably.

Why are they even to hack into the systems from a fucking from by the FRONT gate in the first place? This system should be completely isolated from whatever their master control is.

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>fucking from

Mechabros, why no recent mecha series can hold a candle to stuff like Gundam 00, Zegapain or even Valvrave? It saddens me so.

I liked Back Arrow.

Back Arrow was fucking CRAZY, and I loved every second of it. We saw someone literally get punched out of existence. LITERALLY.

>But instead both his kills so far have been against cartoonishly evil soldiers

Because they're human like Amou. It's one thing if a human destroys a weapon with a mind of its own. It's another for a human to kill another human.

I pretty much have fantasies of gunning down someone that tries to rob me or something. I can't comprehend this mentality at all.

Yeah... technically it's worse to kill the weapon. The weapon is more or less programmed to do evil. The human chooses it.

>When Finoir and Young Zetsu come back from the dead to give Rudolph a last FUCK YOU
That was a wild ride and I am still feeling it to this day.

Mechs were remote controlled.

So did Amou bang freckles or not?

No, it's not even that. They pulled a Jack Rakan and willed themselves back from being literally erased from existence and turned into data. An actual "Because fuck you, that's why!"

Back Arrow was mechakino.

Surely girl gundam will save the mecha genre.

If he wasn't a faggot, he would have. Considering his disappointing performance this episode, we have conclusive proof that he is.

>He killed some asshole who were going to kill children?
The guy hesitated to shoot Amou because he was a kid

>willed themselves back from being literally erased
Even BirdMan was there, what an amazing ending. Sad about the series being a huge flop.

Also very sad. The story was quite good, and did a lot of original spins. Sad Japs mostly have shitty taste.

That might have been the intention but the directing made it look more like the water sprinkler bothered him (which is retarded).

Doubt freckles is even interested in him. Shion would probably be dumb enough to like Amou.

Freckles being some scientist instead of a cute tomboy mechanic was the worst thing to happen this season.

holy headshot almighty

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>scared kids looking scared
>amou went all noscope360 on the attackers in the tunnel
My sides, fucking Amou. I was expecting him to be the one blowing up children looking at his emo return.Well this one has passed, Amou will be acting a bit emo in a couple of fights again before easing in noscoping real human beans in mecha.

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Take me back to when thinking Amou was some kind of cyborg was the best discussion.

I know nobody cares about the plot anymore, but I assume this is kind of a big deal.

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Try killing someone point blank for the first time and see if you don't react like you're going to cry, Yea Forumsutists.

Congrats. You're not normal.


kek arrow is worse than Kyokai Senki, also was a megaflop in every aspect.