The greatest antagonist in the medium

The greatest antagonist in the medium

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OP here. Sorry I attached the wrong image by mistake.

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Two pics of literally me

>wahhh there was 50% chance that mom didn't care about me.
uhhh sure.


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What's your opinion on orange juice?

>frequently crossdresses
>wants to die
What did Urasawa mean by this?

orange you glad I haven't actually watched YYH so I'll assume that's a reference to freshly squeezed orange juice is top tier but apple stomps.

he only crossdresses frequently in your doujins, user

I still laugh at the part were he crossdresses as his sister and no one realizes he's a man not even the cop trying to fuck him.

It isn't the HERO HUMAN named SQUEALER that I see here.

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Of all the examples for realistic intelligence you could choose in Shounen like Detective Conan and Attack on Titan, you had to choose Hunter x Hunter.


>realistic intelligence
>Attack on Titan

I'm pretty sure there's no monster djs, there's not even that much shipping except for the two tumblrinas that made tenma x grimmer fanarts

shame since Johan is hotter than anime traps with completely female bodies

T-word, 41% etc

Would straight anons fuck crossdressed johan?

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I've only ever fucked women and yes.

The cops mom does

No fuck off tranny

johan liebert if you read this im free on Thursday night and would like to hang out. Please respond to this and then hang out with me on Thursday night when I’m free. I am sorry for what i did please come back to me on Thursday night.

When the Rhodesian Ridgeback howls at the moon and the fish are ripe for removal from the three dicks, You will see an old friend in the land of snow and thunder.

>Attack on Titan

i will be on the lookout for dogs and fish.


Isn't the original the boy's abyss one

I know this is bait but is still funny how they choose the most empty villains that's literally only liked by fujoshits


i would plow johans brains out but he is a pretty shitty antagonist
from what i remember it was a failed eastern german spy program that was headed by a nazi that the soviets managed to catch and somehow he escaped with his sister from the orphanage or something
did i remember it right?

this story is so garbage, really shows the standards anime fans are used to.
Go read a book if you find this good

Nihilism is bad

>not even the cop trying to fuck him.
Maybe he did, that's why he wanted it

It’s a book adaptation

No. Depending on your perspective that title belongs to either Yang Wen-li or Reinhard von Lohengramm.

Name your favorite anime, oh you great book reader

>Maybe he did
No he didn't, in another monster he gets interviewed and he knows the whole of nina and johan and still thinks that nina was trying to fuck him even though it was impossible

Not even close

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I liked the manga and particularly enjoyed the inspector redeeming himself from total retard to absolutely based in just a few chapters but I don't get the overall hype over this.
It has some amazing cinematic panels too I guess but the story wasn't really mindblowing.

Loot at this panel. So cool

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The fact that is canon that he's still alive and doing his life after all the shit he did is the funniest thing

That's how the world works. Good people die and bad people keep living.

We live in a society.

>chroloo good
>breaks the setting harder in his fight then any oh my rubber meme could possibly comprehend
You guys never fail to make me laugh.

I thought his backstory/psychological profile or whatever you'd call it pretty interesting and I guess even impressive in terms of writing if Urasawa/his editor really was sort of making it up as the story went along instead of having it planned it all out beforehand, since it all comes together pretty well. IDK if it's actually true to reality, but it's pretty compelling.

But just an okay antagonist in terms of what he actually does onscreen. The story definitely got more interesting when he was around, but then he sorta disappears for a while after the crossdressing arc and the story kind of meanders and loses it until the finale, which is good.

They maybe had other characters hype him up too much too and some of the shit he allegedly did gets a little riidiculous.
>wrote random first name in Death Sandbox and I knew exactly who he was talking about and knew I had to kill her (also he apparently wasn't even doing it for himself but for his politician bitchboy friend. Why. Why go to that effort)
>OMG Johan knew my mother used to take me into the basement filled with pictures of herself and beat me in front of a beautiful doll with long hair... but I never told ANYONE that!!!!
Come the fuck on. I get part of the story was him having this reputation as an Antichrist figure but then he's actually just a suicidal wreck, but some of the dumber hype above could've been trimmed and the story might've been better for it.

>Attack on Titan
>realistic intelligence
Bait desu


Speed D. Reader..... Johan gaslight that guy by making up his own bullshit backstory and convinced him it was real. Theirs been expirements in real life where to took someone and used a bunch of mind break shit to gas light them into thinking they committed a crime.
He's a master manipulator, That's how he got the lower class criminals to do what they wanted. Besides if I wrote Elon or Bezos into the sand your first thought would be the big guys and the Banker was in a huge scandal at the time and in the news.
Johan was doing it all for the rich politician because he still needed that one old guy to tell him where frazeta was hiding.

>Johan gaslight that guy by making up his own bullshit backstory and convinced him it was real

lol I'm not sure if I missed that, but if I did it'd make a lot of sense. It was from the early part of the story so I guess I might've just taken it at face value.

I stick by the sandbox shit being dumb though. That was something he definitely actually did in reality and that somehow actually worked like three separte times. How many serial killers in Germany hang out by the random sandbox anyway?

Based hunterchad.


>Hunterxhaters are illiterate

I love his art but Urasawa has literally never done anything good. All his work is dumpster-tier and full of wasted character designs.

Boku no Pico

If you think Johan is at all written well you're 100% an easily impressed pseud
From start to finish the reader is told how Johan is some mastermind manipulator who can convince people to kill themselves after talking to them for five minutes, almost mystical in how deeply evil he is
And all he does when he shows up is look aloof and say some cryptic deepity and the story ends without him accomplishing anything significant all
Monster is peak Urasawa, 99% buildup and zero payoff

yeah, great character designs such as a generic adult and generic blonde adult. Fucking retard

Strong start but after a few episodes it quickly turns into a really lazy "Dr. Tenma's leisurely cross-country vacation" show with zero tension or stakes and no one is really a villain because they all have mitigating circumstances or have since repented.

Oh so you were indeed a dumbfuck, with shit tastes even in hentai lmao

I don't even have to look at the image to know that this post was made by a hunter x hunter faggot.

Sex with johan

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no it's not lmao
I don't pick favourites, I like good ones that aren't shit like Shinsekai Yori