DanDaDan #55: Moe Moe Tri-Beam


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This manga turned into hentai real quick

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Hell yeah!! Everything in it's right place

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oh no, evil eye discovered the power of reddit upvotes!

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Based godji is a prodigy.

Ahhh the first time a girl holds your hand! those are the boners you never forget

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chapter end

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this kind of prodigy?

seems it's about to be, yeah

ok, next chapter the evil eye will be tamed after a long talk and internal debate.
Nice chapter this was.

Spoiler tag that shit user

i feel like jijis powers and resolve of getting them is taking a lot longer than everyone elses. wonder why

The only way to defeat Evil Eye now is by Momo peeing on him
Make it happen Tatsu, I know you want it too

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truer than true love

It looks like Momo has water on her mouth so no peeing (yet).

I think she's just going to spit hot water on him.

It started great but it gets worse by each chapter.

Yea just like your penis

Oh no who could have possibly foreseen this

Enjoy the shounenshit which gets carried by its romance but has very little development and the guy still acts like a complete wimp.

We will. Enjoy getting a hernia from seething about comic books

That's exactly what people read this for

That's my boy

>tfw no Okarun bf

the pair of idiots

Huh? Where did she come from??


she lives in the house since a couple of chapters ago

She lives there speedreader

Does she still have water on her mouth?

She sensed Okarun

>"make sure not to touch any cold liquid"
>literally next page he gets splashed by her drink

a deus ex boba if I've ever seen one

Yes and? This happened the first night jiji was there too

Just have a balloon of hot water on his back, if he tears his clothes off the hot water will explode on him

>We still have a chapter next week
Does the author not take a golden week break or something?

it's the same for all J+ titles, afaik
and weekly mangaka are ahead 3 chapters at any time anyway, so he can still take the week off if he wants to

You need your perm back, kid.


Okarun is husband material confirmed.

They had a better setup that time imho

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Okay and???

That would cool off in like 10 minutes genius

I'm gonna be honest. If there will be more teasing I think I'll get tired of it.
At this point the deal is sealed and he should speed up the progression.
There is absolutely nothing wrong with making them a couple in the middle of the story. It doesn't have to be in the final arc.