One Piece

Chapter 1048 : 20 Years
- Momonosuke keeps pushing Onigashima to avoid Luffy's attack.
- Kaidou transforms into a fire dragon, the technique is called "Great Flame Fire Dragon" (or something like that)
- His body touches Onigashima's horn that was still whole and melts it like butter.
- Luffy uses an attack called "Gomu Gomu no Bajrang Gun" (Monkey God Gun).
- Kaidou uses a new attack called "Shoryu: Kaen Hakke". (Ascending Dragon : Eight Trigrams Flame)

- The scene changes to the interior of the castle.
- There the samurai want Kaidou to be defeated.
- Kawamatsu remembers what happened after Oden's execution 20 years ago. A flashback begins.
- Kaido finds out that Oden has a son.
- Kaido goes for Momonosuke and eliminates all the townspeople who stand before him.
- We see how Oden's castle has burned down.

- The Wanokuni Daimyo band together to fight Kaidou and Orochi.
- We see a vignette of each Daimyo, they are Tonoyasu and the 3 samurai that Yamato met in the cave (including Shimotsuki Ushimaru).
- They are all defeated.
- They start enslaving people and the country falls apart.

- Back to the present, Orochi is still on fire.
- He tries to take Komurasaki with him.
- Denjiro arrives and cuts off Orochi's head.
- We see that the wishes of the people are already flying through the sky.
- "May Orochi disappear" or "I want to escape from this hell" are some of them.

- At the end of the chapter, Luffy and Kaido are about to confront their attacks.

No break next week

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I hope Wano kino will keep going till 2024.

I unironically want to die, time to stop reading this retarded arc

Luffy is gonna defeat kaido in chapter 1056

Why? It's word play again. 1056 has 56 in it.

56 means gomu and also 56 is luffy's number it's written on his shirt in luffy falshback

So fight is dragging out to chapter 1056

What do you think of my super crazy,wonderful, extraordinary,mind blowing, theory.

Denjiro has been gone for like 13 months if you ignore that one tiny panel of him running 8 months ago.
He cut one of Orochis heads, got offscreened for more than a year and returned to cut off his head again.

Can I get a GODA?


Why do all of you Latinx folx insist on discussing One Piece in a language you barely speak? Aren't there Spanish-language imageboards for you to use?

I want Katakuri to sit on my face

Actually it's the hito hito no mi now, so the arc won't end until chapter 1110 ;)

Unironically kill yourself then fellow redditor


>Kinemon's attack is called Homura Saki
>Hiyori is called Komurasaki

What did Oden mean by this?

Should be O MY RUBBER NEN to really push the irony.

who would be the more expansive slave, nami or robin

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Isnt boa litterarly alvida 2.0?

Unironically I want this. Wano has been my favorite One Piece arc of all time.

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>The sake I brewed to drink with you, Straw Hat Luffy
She's in

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IIRC according to the slave list DF users get a special price so probably Robin no?

Why the fuck are they artificially dragging this shit out? Just make the attack fucking hit!

*blocks your path*

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Monkeygodbros... we won.

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but she is looser and older


Trying too hard redittor boomer

5 minutes

>Can I get a GODA?
WTF, oof course not, hes a fucking hack, so hack that Orochi´s DF only served one purpose: stretch the arc, its the plot plot device no mi and thats really a hack thing, Oda is a retard.

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>Luffy about to defeat Kaidou
>all the main story plots are converging with Orochi dying, the Wano citizens sky lanterns carrying their hopes rising up to them, and Luffy about to punch Kaidou
>Zoro fans had all these grand expectations for this arc
>he is lying "dead" while Luffy does everything and the rest look on to witness the end of the battle
Holy shit, what an awful end to the arc for Zoro. I don't see how any of his fans can recover from this.

Yamato is fucking boring. Just another Bartolomeo type character.

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Zorobros... how do we spin this to make it not a complete disaster for us?

>''Give it to me user''

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This really doesn't apply here unless you're counting a very select group of shitposters.

Oda is the Adam Sandler of manga, holy shit



Adam Sandler is doing another movie with the Safdie brothers so I'm okay with this

Give what?

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Since conqueror's haki basically just became a better armament haki, could "hearing the voice of all things" basically be conqueror haki's advanced version of observation haki?

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It’s Garp’s birthday. Wish this absolute unit who Luffy will never hold a candle to a happy birthday.

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Just want to remind everyone that Yamato uses lipstick

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Now it makes sense that redon posted this pic yesterday for kaido's birthday

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Happy birthday government lapdog! Kill any runaway slaves lately?

It’s adorable

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Zoro is the tiger that will... defeat the dragon Kaidou... right? I'm starting to lose hope guys...

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He already killed one dragon, user.

See you next thread when the panels get leaked user

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Reminder that there is not a single character that can pose a threat to luffy at this point.
Who cares if luffy can't stretch, he just needs a haki punch

>When Sengoku literally said the reason why Garp refused the position of admiral is because it meant that he’d be directly underneath the celestial dragons, and therefore their lapdog

>b-b-but God Valley!
Not enough context behind that fight.

I like these spoilers. at this point pretty much the only thing I care about in Wano is Kaido, so I'm interested in seeing more of his prowess and flashback snippets
looking forward to seeing the design of this fire form

>King's final attack was a reference to Kaido's fire form

I never thought I'd be saying this but at this point i'm more interested in the bleach anime than the next op chapter

Holy fuck this is reaching Bleach tier pacing. Just fucking end the fight.

>Monkey God Gun

Are Gear 5 Sun Monkey God Awakening posters the biggest plotchads in /opg/ history?

>At the end of the chapter, Luffy and Kaido are about to confront their attacks.

Wano is literally the best arc in One Piece

Luffy gets to overshadow Zoro again! He gets to defeat a real fire dragon while Zoro had to settle for some fake one, hahaha.

Kill yourself.

Pretty disappointing arc for Zoro if this is how it ends for him. I get some of his fans had super high expectations going into Wano for him and it didn't really meet those expectations, but him being "dead" at the end for the final moments while everyone looks on and sees Luffy defeat Kaidou while the sky lanterns rise up is pretty disappointing. This whole Zoro death sub-plot feels so unnecessary.

Do you guys prefer the old art style or the new one?

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His crazy fans thought that because he killed that dragon in Punk Hazard, and that in the past Ryuma killed a dragon over the skies of Wano's capital, that Zoro would do the same to make it all come full circle. But here it was Luffy that did it. So much for all the Ryuma comparisons.

Post Bonney

I think OP's artstyle was at its best around Skypiea

New. Old looked like shit.

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I honestly prefer the new style. Even when I was first watching one piece I didn't really enjoy the style. The only thing I prefer the older animation for is that it isn't being shit out on a weekly basis like the new one is so there's a lot less sloppy art

I prefer the new simply because I hate stories where time goes on and characters never change.

I mean he scarred Kaido, tanked a blast from both emperors that was intended to hit all the people on the roof and defeated King. It’s not like he’s done nothing

Old style but with the new thick lines filter Toei got.

At least he got something, Usopp fans are starved for something good. Zoro got so much action on the roof and with King that you can't be too sad about him being out of the fight now.

Old. I feel like new makes it look like your generic shonen, while old captures One Piece’s charm.



I'm tired Robbie

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Piss off

>another week waiting for wanamek to reach its climax


Nah, that week when Gear 5 was released, /opg/ looked like an iffshoot of twitter/reddit with the peak fiction bs

Where the fuck is Oda gonna cram in mihawk vs zoro at this point?

Usopp has the Elbaf copium, Zoro's entire samurai thing hyped up Wano for a... Slightly above average showing

I hate the new thick lines filter honestly. The fake ass jitter looks like shit.

This is why I think they should just skip fight scenes in manga. Just do everything else way better and let the pros at the anime studios handle the fights. It's the only time it's worth to watch them.


Old. It's much more expressive.

Retarded wojakspamming twitter immigrant, kill yourself.

Mihawk won't be alive by the time Zoro is ready for him. Any character that hyped up to be that strong is set up for your real big baddies to make them look like nothing. Shanks will be that also or long john silver.

Never. Shiliew kills Mihawk, and Zoro becomes the world's greatest swordsman by avenging him

Cry more retard, I'm not the one spamming peak fiction like a twitter retard