Why is incest so popular in the anime and manga of grorious Nippon?

Why is incest so popular in the anime and manga of grorious Nippon?

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Why is incest so popular in western pornography?

it is?

Because incest is normal

I have no proof whatsoever but believe its a psyop pushed by ((them))
The whole step-X category being a slippery slope
I first noticed it being everywhere around 2010 or so

Because incest is the best.

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And yet it's mostly nip media that gets brought up by westoids when it comes to incest despite the millions of views on incest related videos on popular porn sites in the West... really makes you think

>The whole step-X category being a slippery slope
Only exists because credit card companies apparently refuse to get involved with the "real" stuff. So in this case, it’s the opposite.

If the "what are you doing step-bro" quote, which is understood by pretty much every westerner on the internet is any proof, then yes, I'd say so.

Stuff like marrying your cousin or branch family member was always a part of nippon culture. The incest fetish is just an expansion of that

>why is real life taboo so popular in fiction

it's popular everywhere retard

That, it's not a slope leading to incest, it's there because people are already into incest but can't have it.

yeah why's that?

>t. von Habsburg

The feeling of immorality often enhances the experience because it feels naughty and taboo.

because it is based

You may not like it but there's literally nothing wrong with casual sex between siblings to find out what one likes and dislikes.

Source, please?

"Watashi no, Onii-chan", one of them.

thanks user, it was a good fap

Step-siblings is not incest. They're not related by blood you disingenuous faggot

you seem to be an expert on what incest is

This becoming accepted would cross a line that we as a civilization are not prepared for. It would probably lead to a massive shift in gender dynamics at the very least, and extinction at the worst.

Hate to break it to you but it doesn't have to be blood related to count. A sister's still a sister. Just because one shitpile has sprinkles on it doesn't make it any less of a shitpile

Just admit that your incest fetish is actually a blood fetish.

Actual retards

Incest is pure.

That's used by one studio that goes by that fetish. Everything else is just keyword stuffing. Here's something that all men know and is treated as secret knowledge: Porn titles are bullshit.

>Ties starts a new yandere incest series
>It's Daughter/Father this time

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I'm pretty sure is popular all around the world and in any media.

there's a big difference between a taboo subject as a basis for a common porn fantasy, and commonly including that taboo in 90% of mainstream children's media

i blame the low birthrate. people with sisters are generally grossed out by sistercest, but most japanese men are only-children, i.e. they never had sisters. and they don't have time for fucking or even meeting women outside their 100 hour work week. so it's just an exaggeration of the "childhood friend" fantasy. superficially, with no true sister experience, what's more appealing than a woman that is already in your household and has every reason to already have affection for you, with no effort on your part?

the fantasy of living under one roof with a really close fuckbuddy

They should have casual sex with strangers instead

>people with sisters are generally grossed out by sistercest
counterexample: me. Actually anytime I hear someone claim they super never ever played doctor or dare or some other sex-inducing game with their sister I assume they're lying

>people with sisters are generally grossed out by sistercest
It's the opposite. Only people with sisters are able to engage in sistercest.


You're right, but that wasn't my point. I'm just saying that the incest trope is not a jap exclusive and the demand for it is widespread in the west too.

>procreating will make us go extinct

>Step-siblings is not incest
80% of Japanese "incest" doujins/manga would disagree.

I have a sister, never played any sexual game with her, but I did have multiple sexual and romantic dream with her, which I greatly enjoyed.
Including one where she shits out a fleshy testicule looking egg on my dick while I'm fucking her.

>I have no proof whatsoever
sasuga shitposter

Family is family buddy

The appeal of a sister GF/wife is the fantasy of bypassing the elaborate bullshit ritual known as "dating" and get to the good stuff. It's the reason the "childhood friend" but with the added appeal of being highly taboo.

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Research who Mindgeek are, what companies they own and what their motivations are.

Incest is wrong.
But there is nothing wrong with having sex with your sister.
So having sex with your sister isn't incest.

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If I was Araragi I’d also want to fuck the Fire Sisters.

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A girl looking that smug means she probably like to suck otouto dick.


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They have boyfriends

>80% of Japanese "incest" doujins/manga would disagree.
I can remember only half a dozen "step-sister" incest manga, I can easily find you 200 full sisters

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When has that ever stopped anyone?

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It's still incest if he's unconscious.

close family marriage has existed in a number of past societies in the past. Egypt and Hawaii for example.

I dont have sisters or female relatives but I think it may be a somewhat common thought in males. Cant speak about females thou.

You ever seen Pakistan and that's just with first cousins, and don't get me started on the war of Spanish succession.

Explain momcest?

orphans innit

1st century census records from arsinoe estimate sister marriage at around 20%

da jooz

Mindgeek is a jewish owned and run company along with most of the porn industry so this is a reasonable explanation for once.

the step parent/step sibling is a cop out
theres virtually no difference between the west and japan when it comes to incest porn