Boruto: Naruto Next Generations

Post your favorite sahara wataru stories

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Hello, is this the Boruto generals?

So if white zetsus are people trapped from the godtree overtime, where are the boobies? Did the godtree eat the womans boobs too when turning them into zetsus. SOunds like bs to me.

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What happen if you focus chakra in your penis?

What happens when you focus all your taijutsu in your penis?

Why ??

>Boruto so dead that we've fallen back on degenerate doujins

How can we save Boruto?

Is kishimoto a degenerate?

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Why didn't Sasuke used his izanagi to prevent his Rinnegan from being destroyed?

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He might not have known how to use it

he loves feet, look at all the sandals everyone wears in Naruto

First you axe it, then you reboot it better than ever.

Denki should date Boruto

Bleach for this post

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Volume 17 comes out today, will it keep declining from 16 or bottom out?

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>Do not repost

>Those saggy tits on a 12 years old

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Could he still restore his Rinnegan with this or is too late?

I'm just learning that Obito/Tobi shares his seiyuu with fucking Aoki from Hajime no Ippo.

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Just takes a little bit of healing jutsu and it'll be back

t. narutard

>200k views on this garbage
I need to become a naruto youtuber, I could be rich...

>Iwa had an arc.
>Suna had an arc because of Urashiki along with one episode with Deepa.
>Kiri has two whole arcs.
There is no excuse. There HAS to be a plot reason for why we haven't had a Kumo arc. I theorize that Kumo might be an arc for the manga.

It's not worth selling your soul over user. All these anime Youtubers are dead husks of people

It'll be the final filler arc of part 1. Where Sarada gets her third tomoe, Mitsuki masters sage mode, and Boruto learns lightning chakra armor. Kawaki will learn basic fire ninjutsu

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Everybody on neo team 7 can use shadow clones except Mitsuki

Everyone on neo team 7 can use lightning nature except Kawaki

Everyone on neo team 7 is related to snakes except Kawaki

Also everyone on neo team 7 has a dojutsu except Mitsuki

Madara had his, didn't he?


Everyone on neo team 7 is male except salad

Everyone on neo team 7 is capable of committing war crimes except salad

Everyone on neo team 7 has attempted to murder someone in cold blood except salad


And everyone on Neo Team 7 has a transformation except Sarada.

Everyone on neo team 7 has a penis except Sarada

Sarada is prepared to take down Boruto in cold blood

Everyone on neo team 7 has won a fight besides Jobhamaru

>The Uchiha of the team is the less murderous one.
You can thank Sakura genes for that. Although, it means it will also take Sarada longer to unlock her true power.

Everyone in the Sound 4/5/6 has a penis except for Kidomaru

We know she isn't. Technically, Kawaki was the only one in Boruto's circle who had the balls to do it. Even Sasuke implied he would waver on it.

Orochimaru has never kissed xer wife

What wife?

>I theorize that Kumo might be an arc for the manga.
The manga likes to stay in Konoha or at very least the land of fire. At best, Code could have a base in Kumo since their current one is compromised.

The white haired lab assistant

Karin is a transsexual and that’s why Sasuke didn’t reciprocate her advances.

Based transphobesuke.

>except Sarada

I dunno user, i've never met a woman that looks like this.

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Haku loved Zabuza platonically but Zabuza saw Haku sexually.


Kumo is based, they are literally the best village, it's fitting Boruto has to deal with 3rd world shitholes problems.

It's a passive ability that triggers whenever you're in danger. So yes, much like how Danzo avoided death, Sasuke could've avoided his eye being destroyed.

You have it reversed.

You have to prepare Izanagi for it to activate. Borushiki took Sasuke completely by surprise.

Do not reply to her, please.

We are all white men here, user.

Not having a dick doesn’t make somebody a woman.

RtN Sasuke is the perfect man for Karin


>except Mitsuki
Who said that? He used on Sumire's arc

Get out. We're shotachads here

What the fuck delete this please