Apparently such a race analyst and data maestro

>apparently such a race analyst and data maestro
>can rival Takumi before and after Project D growth
So why the fuck didn't he drive for the team himself? Does he just enjoy larping as Christian Horner or some shit

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it's pretty clear he's more interested in data and analysis than actually driving

>Christian Horner
QRD? Who this?

Boss of red bull formula team


Heh, who even watches Boremula racing these days?

>So why the fuck didn't he drive for the team himself?
Maybe he's only good at being an autistic data whisperer and a race strategy analyst rather than a driver?

More people then ever because of the Goyflix show.

>only good at
He clearly proved multiple times
>he's just as fast as Takumi
>beaten the Evo team
He is supposed to be amazing at driving, not just data crunching.

Welp, is that Michael Schumacher guy still racing?

last year's championship was kino as fuck though

Yes his brain got transplanted into the Mercedes of Lewis Hamilton winning him another 6 world titles.

Which Formula 1 team would Ryosuke be Team Principal for?

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Why exert yourself behind the wheel while you can sit behind your laptop and sip tea?

probably because he feels like he's getting too old for this shit.
that and he's a total brocon who doesn't want to ruin keisuke's self esteem by outshining him on and off the streets at every moment

McLaren or Merc*des.

F1 is healing since 2021 after based Max Verstappen BTFOing black globohomo carbabbby Lewis Hamilton.


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Its' actually the opposite. Viewership went down by almost 50% in the past 10-12 years. They cooperated with Netflix to counteract the loss of viewers. But it's going back up again thanks to last season and the defeat of the great satan.

His son is, but he's been shit this year.

I blame Mer*edes for the loss of viewers the had to sell F1 to liberty media and make DtS to keep F1 alive

The drop in viewers happened because Bernie sold the sport to paypig channels

I never got the appeal of watching cars move around a track for dozens of laps for 2 hours

everyone now because the Great Satan of Mercedes has been defeated

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And Merce**s domination from 2014 - 2020
Even Ferrari didnt dominate that long

He would be like Ross Brawn

>So why the fuck didn't he drive for the team himself?
So it would be that much greater when he returns in the most kino race of the show.

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would Carlos Sainz be depicted in anime with dark skin?

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Wait, people liked shinigami arc?

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I liked all the arcs because I read the manga while listening to authentic eurobeat and 90s metal


Fuck all of yous.. Future GPX Cypher Formula is the best anime involving cars

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Lescholars, what are we reading?

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killyourself kraut

>cute girls in fast cars, what's the worst that could happen?

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It's one of the best arcs.

I'm reading Bartender

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>>cute girls

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10/10 in England

post listening

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Is this why she is always wearing a hat?

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ngl seeing that GT chick lying on the couch with all the back/neck support in her post-crash interview gave me a weird sensation. fascinating how a seemingly minor air time could fuckup a person's spine that badly

By the F1 committee basically overturning Hamilton's lead


He wanted Takumi and Kyosuke to nurture their talent.

By the end of the series, he mentions multiple times that Takumi and Keisuke have surpassed him.
Also, considering that he lost to Takumi in the first season, I'm not sure how he's supposed to be able to race against bullshit like the Fujiwara Zone.
Then again, Takumi almost loses to a kid with no racing experience so Initial D is pretty inconsistent.

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Takumi didn't lose to Shinji. He overtook at the end, but blew his engine since they set it to low RPM mode for this race specifically to excel at the last sections. He just crossed the line backwards.

That's why I said almost loses.
But at least I can see you actually watched/read Initial D. Judging by the other posts on this thread, it doesn't look like too many people on Yea Forums knows anything of this show beyond the memes.

The fact they didn't end the series on Takumi vs Keisuke is so fucking cucked

At the end of Initial D Keisuke goes onto professional circuit racing, and in MF Ghost Takumi is a rally racer, so it's not entirely out of the question unless something happens to Keisuke in MF Ghost, I haven't gotten too far into it yet

Takumi beat him on Mt Akina, which was home turf
it's quite clear that if Takumi fought him on Mt Akagi, Roysuke would win
that's why Project D challenges people at their home track, to best them in their element
Takumi beat Shinji at his home track, even if he crossed the line backwards, which showed that he had grown as a driver from the beginning and no longer needed the homeground advantage

>in MF Ghost Takumi is a rally racer
was, but then he suffered a Stirling Moss-tier injury and is now just an instructor

He's supposed to be smart and successful; dabbling in pointless illegal races is far beneath him. It's like watching bum fights as a guilty pleasure or even organizing them versus actually participating in them.
Takumi went to Europe and became a mediocre rally driver who was forced into an early retirement. All those "legendary nights" amounted to nothing.

>most kino race of the show.
This user knows whats up. I actually wished the story was more interesting than "lol takumeme plotarmor" shit. That's why I prefer Wangan Midnight, even if the anime is cut down short and deserves to be longer.

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>no man this is the car that got me into-

Why the fuck did Shigeno have to cripple Takumi? I don't get it. He literally didn't have to.