Dragon Ball Super

On-topic thread. Discuss the implications of U6 being inevitably omitted from the rest of DBS.

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Why was there a DBS meltdown a few days ago? What happened?

Thanks for a real thread.

Go to /trash/ and find the /dbs/ thread.

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It's sad to me that so many supposed /dbs/bros would rather use the SHITgang thread than my non-moe one. Is there really such a large fifth column of catalog-rats in our ranks?

I finally saw the Broly movie and I really wish this incredible visual spectacle could be spent on something with a more compelling story. The fighting looks stunning but most of it doesn't really mean anything. One would think Broly would have different reasons to be mad at different people: Vegeta for being a spoiled prince, Goku for crying nearby him as a kid, Freeza for killing his father (I knew Broly was gonna beat on him before watching but I thought Broly knew Freeza killed Paragus, turns out he doesn't and just attacks him because he attacked everyone he saw). I really wish there were more personal stakes and motivation involved.

We just have to wait until that thread gets deleted.

Sadly yes.

Non-SHITgang thread? Home.

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Knowing the moderation in this place, it won't. And someone is just spamming pictures of the stickgang in there, so that the thread stays bumped.

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Strongest and undefeated.

Why nothing happens to that spammer, I'll never know.

When is the anime coming back?
We need it to bring old those people back.

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It will never cease to amaze me that one of the most iconic and popular anime franchises in the world cannot afford a fucking anime series anymore. Why?


>He wants to see Cell 2.0 and NARUTOnolah

When our emperor will return?

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I'm sure he just evades his ban. That or he's a janny himself.

Just like J.

...But enough about Beerus.

Because it is (unfortunately) on-topic. That isn't to say the jannies don't intentionally try to fuck with this place, they absolutely do. There's tons of examples of raiding moeshitters being left unharmed while wardens trying go G them get banned.

After the movie. It will also skip all the filler non-canon shitnga arcs and go past EoZ.

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Probably not any time soon. I don't think Toyotaro cares for Freeza very much (considering he's only used him in adaptations of RoF and ToP) so his chances of appearing in the manga are slim. The best chance at new content Freeza has is either in the next movie after Super Hero or FighterZ 2. Both of which will come out in 3-5 years at best.

Well there's also Heroes I guess, maybe they'll have some AU version of Frieza in there.

Why would you want COMEDYRELIEFza back?

How could GT be fixed?

I like flamboyant guys

More screen time to Goku, less screen time to everybody else.
Also more SSJ4 Vegeta.

CHADgetabro btw.

This. He's clearly not a threat anymore.
>could've destroyed the Earth, but didn't
>only wants the Dragon Balls to do silly, harmless shit like increasing his height
Goku and Bejita don't even care about him anymore. He was only brought up by Bejita in the Broly movie because he was part of the plot.

Don't make it the Goku Time to begin with.


Stardust Breaker.

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>Fanfic name

>Canon name
Gentlemen… this is BASED.

>[headcanon name]

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Special beam cannon

What about it makes it special?

Yes. The threads became too popular, so Moeshitters and crossboarding rats flocked from all over.
That and you also have Tardkurats who are only here to hate on /DBS/ and spam moeshit.

>Super turned it into just a regular ki blast

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WOOOOOW!!!! Just take a LOOK at KALE-CHAAAAAAN!!! I sure do love KINOper!!!!

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How CUUUUUUUUUUUUTE!!!! When do you guys think they'll get MAARRIIIED?!!

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What do you think about current Dragon Ball movies in comparison with the older ones?
Are they an improvement, a downgrade, or is it still the same to you?

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Z movies were better.

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I like how they kept who the victims and who the perpetrators ambiguous here, but never have I seen this movie. How is it named? I watched them all but have never heard of this one.



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>and go past EoZ.
lmao you've been saying that for a decade now

Can't wait until they start doing arcs that last 1 day in universe time but 2 years of our time.

We've got 3 "modern" DB movies: BoG, RoF, and SBroly. Personally I'd include "Yo, Son Goku and His Friends Return" as well.
Only SBroly is any good, and only the fight scenes and animation at that - the story is garbage that includes retconned shit from Minus, and it completely distorts the image of ZBroly.
It's "Plan to Eradicate the Saiyans" if I recall correctly. It's an OVA, unlike the other movies which were either theatrical releases or TV specials.

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And why do you think that?
It's the original Plan to Eradicate the Saiyans, and I agree with your statement. I think that the two races were at fault, Bejita wasn't around so he only heard stories (winners write history), and Lichee is biased because his people got butchered.

Some Z movies are so damn shit (Bio Broly, Slug, Hirudegarn's one), the super movies look like improvement over them.

DB? Irrelevant gag manga.
DBZ? Goes to shit after Frieza.
DBS? Only good when Jiren is on screen.
GT? Good all the way through, tight pacing, the definitive DB experience.

>No cucklin
Better than actual DBZ

The story was admittedly not very good in Broly, but the story was never really the strong point of the Dragon Ball movies now, was it?
It's all about the setting, the characters and the battles.
Even beloved movies like Fusion Reborn could barely be called a story, you can sum it up in 10 words or less.
>Dragon's Wrath
Oh come on, those were great.


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I can’t tell my left and right apart.
Shitrenbro btw.


>Even beloved movies like Fusion Reborn could barely be called a story, you can sum it up in 10 words or less.
Yeah, the strength of the DB movies was their visuals. But Fusion Reborn, and similar movies, had inoffensive stories to back up their visuals that didn't compromise established material like SBroly does. It's especially bad because Broly: The Legendary Super Saiyan was the one DBZ film that actually did have a good story.

Who are you supposed to be? Tao Pai Pai? Master Shen?

Fusion Reborn is just the Buu saga but with CHADolf Hitler added to it

There is no character with more impressive feats than Tao Pai Pai.

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I'm bald, I love little boys and my wife hates me. You figure it out from there.

No, can't say I can think of any DB character that fits that description. Should we play charades?

There are no married characters that are bald and are hated by their wives in Dragon Ball.
The only guess I could throw in the void would be Tenshinhan (likes a little "boy" and is bald), but he's not married.

Halls divided.
Catalog invaders imposing their ways upon us.
Gentlemen corrupted and unable to fight back.

>There are no married characters that are bald and are hated by their wives in Dragon Ball.
>The only guess I could throw in the void would be Tenshinhan (likes a little "boy" and is bald), but he's not married.

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Kek, funny pic.

Shut the fuck up bitch.

That's CHADillin for you.

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Oh, you meant Krillin? But he's not bald, and his wife loves him. Plus I can't think of any time he displayed love for little boys. Maybe when he thought Upa was a girl? But Krillin was also a small child when that happened so I don't think that really applies.

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>Shut the fuck up bitch.

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K, b.

Krillin isn't bald you retarded faggot.
He shaves. Go watch/read Dragon Ball all over again.

Krillinbros, we'd better run!!!

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Bejita's second wife on the right, Goku's fifth kid in the middle, and Krillin on the left.