Should anime witches be dumb or smart?

should anime witches be dumb or smart?

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both. Different characters,of course


Both: smart about witching and dumb about everyday life.

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They should be dorky with nice legs

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Moderately dumb.

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Slightly dumb.

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Erica's lazy, not dumb.

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She's an underachiever type of person.

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smart and laid back

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whatever you call this

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they should have nice tummies

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they should have nice hats
this user is learning

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both at the same time


this is called "sex"

>still no season 2

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those girls in elden ring crawling on the floor were hot

They should have :3 expressions

I thought the foot looked like a drooping ballsack
is it just me?

Street dumb booksmart witches
Street smart bookdumb sword or hammer swinging bfs

They were boys though

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>smart about witching and dumb about everyday life
Kinda like

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Can anyone stop her?

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She's unstoppable.

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Why edit out her panties?

For fun.

Dumb as a brick.

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Smart and psycho.

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Love this OVA series (TV series is crap).
Good BD upscale when?

I'm watching the OVA series right now and loving it. I would definitely buy Blu ray if they released one.

>should anime witches be dumb or smart?
How about pantyless?

Forgot image...

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damn dumb witches need broom correction

I came here just to post this

Peak female

Akane's birthday was yesterday.

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Like real witches, so we can learn if they're dangerous and know what to watch out for.

cute anime girls should ALWAYS be dumb

Akane deserves to be skinned alive for what she did to Inukai

You did it to yourself, Inukai.

Witches should be forbidden from wearing panties

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it was an improvement

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Mahou Tsukai Tai! OVAs and Princess Tutu are the reasons I always check Junichi Sato works.

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I don't care, they just need to be properly feeting.

All girls should be cute and dumb

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Also forbidden from wearing pants.

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Nothing wrong with witch pants, user.

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The should be clever, clueless, and overall cute.

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kek, same

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I agree.

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Thank God it wasn't just me, I was almost afraid I had a gutter mind.

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